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Ball cyclotron powersupply? Answered

I'm planning on making a ball cyclotron as my project and i need a high voltage power supply for its working, can i use any type of high voltage power supply like a ZVS powered flyback transformer? Or is there any specific conditions for power supply to make the cyclotron work?

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L293d and extrnal powersupply issue !!

My main problem here that i have a doubt that tinkercad can go somehow wrong ! In this connection that i think is right , the l293d burns beacuse enable pin has higher voltage than powersupply pin or vc2 . But in conncection the 9v battery is with vc2 not the enable and the multimeter shows that , is there any thing can be wrong ?? (Enable is connected to arduino directly to send pwm values )

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What powersupply or charger should I use?

It is for a battery pack for a cordless drill made of good sony high drain cells from "died" makita packs. It is for another drill then makita. I found this bms: Should I use an Imax charger, or a regular notebook charger, about 19-21 volts?;=item43cbb93aaf

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atx power supply? Answered

I 'accidentally' loaded the atx power supply with 10 amps. It is requires 4 amps to work, I am worried that the protection circuits will be blown. Would it be safe to use now with a 4 amp supply now? I live in the U.K.

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I Hacked a PSU

So I replaced the cheap power supply on my Compaq so I could upgrade my video card. Anyways I'm left over with this 200W PSU and I have no use for it. I opened it up and I see components galore and a 80 MM fan. There is also a bridge rectifier and, some really big transformers, and two giant blue capacitors @ 200v, 470uF. Do I have to remove the PCB to discharge the caps before I start salvaging or is there a better spot. The Chinese that made it also made use of a lot of white hot glue. And the soldering on the PCB just looks plain bad. You guys have any thoughts of what I could do with it? Besides the lab powersupply instructable?

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what is the turn ratio for a 220v to 36v transformer? Answered

I've a transformer core like a MOT(tall but slim) and i want to make a power supply for my zvs driver with it. so what should be the number of turns on the primary and the secondary if the input voltage is 220V AC and the required output is 36 v (min 10A). also what should be the gauge of the wires to be used for winding.

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How do I manually turn on a computer powersupply??

I want to turn my old 480 watt computer power supply into a bench power supply, but I have no idea how to turn the thing on without connecting to the computer. The power supply is a 480 watt Reactor. I heard there is a standby 5v, and will turn on full power when you give it some logic input. Please post. Thx

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DIY dimmable multichannel LED powersupply/driver help

OK I was looking in to replacing my T5 lighting over my reef tank to LED.  LED's are apparently more efficient, blah blah blah.  They appeal to me because of the DIY element, I can customize my color scheme pretty much however I want it.  I did some sciencing and some mathing and I figured out how many LED's I would need for my tank.  I knew that I would need some sort of power supply to hook these up to to power them.  That's when I discovered all the little things I had to buy to power my LED's.  The different colors require different voltages, and have different mA's so they have to be seperated to similar channels, or have multiple drivers operating at different voltages.  The dimmable counterparts of these devices cost more money,  and then I have to decide between analog or PWM, and then actually buy potentiometers(more money).  Which just leaves me to want to just make one on my own.  But I'm going to need some help.  I know the volts and currents required of my LED's, but I don't know what parts(resistors and things) I will need to get from the wall to my lit up LEDs. I imagine I'll need to get some sort of a power supply or adapter that plugs into the wall.  From there I'll need to convert the voltage from AC to DC. Then a controller for each channel.  Each channel contains an inline dimmer and LED's.(6 channels) with a max of 50v. I'll need to print at the very least two circuit boards and make a housing for each. I've attached a diagram.  It includes the electric potential and electric current requirements for each channel and gives image to my post.      This is all I can do.  I don't know what I need to make this, and I need help.  Please reply. Edit 1.: OK so I guess I need a rectifier to convert to direct current then I need capacitor(s) (don't know how many or of what value? I don't even know what value capacitors come in) to smooth out the current, and then I need voltage regulators on each channel.  however, I do think that since I want my channels dimmable that having potentiometers might do the same thing. With the different channels coming from one power source, I'm not sure how to make them independently dimmable(and varying in mA and v) without affecting each other.

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how to choose the proper power supply to ESC? Answered

Hello , it's my first time posting here and i hope i have help i have a brushless motor with ESC rated as 30 A max i tried to connect it to a 12V- 125 A power supply but the ESC was burnt i wonder why did this happen ? i was told that the ESC will take the current it needs from the power supply and there are no problem to connect them together can anyone explain what happened to me?

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Westinghouse model SK-19H210S operation

When the TV is turned off should blue Led switch to  amber  ? or is no led  the correct operation ? When  TV is powered on it measures   116 Watts /.9 amps  on(blue led) When TV   is off measures 48 watts / .4 amps   (no led).  (shouldn't it be almost 0?) Thanks Sean

Question by seanob  

Lm317 to a 48v ac powersupply, or how to lower the voltage 10 v. Answered

So i have this transformer that puts out 48v ac. I want to make a variable power supply, and it should put out 7 or more amps. I could use lm317 with a bypassing transistor, but lm317's maximum input-output voltage differential is 40v,  so what should i do? If anyone has ideas how to lower the transformer's voltage 10 volts that would be great.

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What kind of motor for backyard railroad?

I am looking into making a backyard railroad. I was wondering what kind of motor and power supply and where to get it. In addition does anyone have any ideas in motor speed control and mounting it thanks! I love instructables.

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Problem with my variable regualted dc power supply.

I have a used variable voltage regulated power supply that does not work ; when i turn it on, the Volt meter tops, and if I switch to ammeter, it shows 0amp, if i plug a voltmeter on the female banana plugs there's no juice... I've checked the fuse, it is not damaged. i've also checked to potentiometer with my ohm-meter looks like it's working normally. I don't know what is wrong with it... Do anyone have any idea ?

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how to avoid ground loop when use one powersupply for multi guitar pedal? Answered

Hello . I going to buid a guitar pedal witch have 2 boards in a box and use a power supply to power both of them.But i dont know how to wire them to avoid groound loop problem.Normal i will do like the picture below .Do i need to cut any wire to avoid the noise ?? Thanks for advance! sorry for may bad English!

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Power supply (6 servos)?

Hi guys! I do have question on power supply for my multiple servos. I need a power supply that can provide an enough voltage and current for my servos. Do you have any recommendation for my supply? Throughout my reading, i've found that each servos requires 1A so if i have 6 servos means 1A X 6 = 6A at least to support my servos

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This is similar to my other topic, but I think it's worth a new topicmy company will be called electroni-C (pronounced electroni-see)I came up with cool marketing groups and product names, such as:electroni-CHIPSflavors: original (a bunch of generic boards that makes breadboarding easier, such as a 555 board, potentiometers that actually work with bread boards, a couple of mini powersupplies, jumpers, breadboard to aligator adapters, etcspicy: A lot of power stuff, like powersupplies, not just for breadboards, but for real finished projects, such as a circuit similar to mintyboost (but not the same, it'll be like a DIP package)optical (better name needs to be thought of) various LEDs, led drivers, optical sensors, and some logic to make everything useful. LED displays with integrated resistors for 5 volt (useful for less solder joints and less mess on a breadboard.caffine: motors, H-bridges, relays w/ saftey diode, servos, etc.Electroni-COOKIESNames are TBD, but here's what they are. They are called cookies because they are bigger and come in a box (oppose to a bag like electron-CHIPSdecade resistor control boxdecade capacitor control boxdecade inductor boxa big power supplyelectroni-CUSTOMIZEcustom PCB and plexi etchingelectroni-CASEcustom enclosures (basically a generic enclosure that has holes and squares cut out specifically where you want them)electroni-KITS (better name that begins with C needs to be found)H-bridge12volt regulated powersupply9volt regulated powersupply5volt regulated powersupply3.3volt regulated powersupplyR/C equipmentpulsing music LEDsthe resonator (just you wait!)lucid dream machinethe diode calculator (using thousands of diodes and switches for input, you can make a calculator, plus some resistors for the LED display)I will also carry some basic components such as resistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc..suggestions are appreciated!EDIT: website is in development.. uhhh.. by mehere's the site, all pictures were done by meI would like my own URL, but eh, wacha gunna do for free

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DIY airconidition running on 18 Volts?

Hello, i'm building an mini airconditioner for my room. i have a box with 2 computer fans on it, one for input air and one for output air. the box will be filled with ice, and it should work. for the powersupply i use an old printer powersupply, which gives me 18 Volts. but my question; im not realy sure if i can run the computer fans on 18 volts for a long time. i tried to run them for a couple of minutes, but im not  really sure. who knows?

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does a short circuit occur when we give a power supply to a rechargeble battery when the battery is connected to a motor

Actually i'm connecting a dynamo/generator to a rechargeble battery and at the same time the battery is connected to a motor.Does any shortcircuit occur

Question by pvamsi  

can i charge 6 volt battery with 12 v 4 amp power supply?

Hello every one can i charge my 6 v lead acid battery with 12 volt 4 amp powersupply once i did it burn my supply  why?

Question by chnaveed.alam    |  last reply

What should I add to my gaming pc? Answered

Well these are the specs of my gaming pc so far: Ram: 2GB ddr2 Graphics card: ATI display adapter (0x954F) Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GH Hard drive: 80 GB Powersupply: 300W Is this type of pc really considered a  gaming pc? Please tell me! Thanks!

Question by solarblade90    |  last reply

Can I wire RGB LED flex ribbon with cat5?

I made 4 custom light boxes using rgb led flex ribbon, can I power and wire these using cat5 cable or is that too thin for 6 amp 12v power supply these things are going to? the longest run from one box to the powersupply will be 20 feet

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L293d and extrnal battery issue !!

My main problem here that i have a doubt that tinkercad can go someway wrong ! In this connection that i think is right , the l293d burns beacuse enable pin has higher voltage than powersupply pin or vc2 . But in conncection the 9v battery is with vc2 not the enable and the multimeter shows that , is there any thing can be wrong ?? (Enable is connected to arduino directly to send pwm values )

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Connecting a Gameboy to my Mouse.

I got a lot of Gameboys, (I bough em cheap to do some hacks) My Logitec mouse uses 5V ofc. My Gameboy needs his 3V.   So far I have heard that I should therefore use a 200ohm resistor. The question is, can I hook the Gameboy directly into the Mouses powersupply? Or do I have to add a second usb cable for it's power? Also, do I even need the resistor?

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How to get 9 volt from a computer power supply? Answered

To save some energy i thought it would make sense to remove all those small powersupplys. They all transform pricey power (24 eurocents per kw/h here) into heat. However, in my computer is a powersupply that actually is very efficient, also, if i take more energy from it, it wouldn't have much more loss. Right now my computer uses about 54 watts if idle (i selected the components to be as efficient as possible). My DSL-Router uses 14 watts, but i guess most of it goes away as heat in it's own little PSU. The DSL-Router needs 12 volt and my computers PSU can deliver that, and since the DSL-Router is only needed when the computer is switched on i plan to use the computers PSU to power it. I have a pair of speakers with an internal PSU and AMP. After opening them i saw that both are on separated boards. The PSU gives 9 volt to the AMP and gets quite hot while doing it. The problem: as far as i know there is no 9 volt power connection in the computers PSU :(.

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Will a computer power supply run efficiently on a 12V power inverter? Answered

I am planning to buy a modified sinewave inverter just to power some basic stuffs from a car, but one of my main problem is that i want to power 2 sensitive devices on the inverter. I have a 450W computer powersupply Will it run smoothly or will make hissing noise or will get fried after minutes of use same goes with a 19" inch LCD screen some help here would be  much appreciated thanks

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I want to build an in-home speaker setup with ipod/phone jack? With the stuff I have have below, would that work?

I have a cpu power supply(specs below), 12 in Subwoofer, 1000watt amp, and misc. smaller speakers. With what I have can I make an in-home sound system? Plug in to the wall and i want to be able to connect an ipod, or phone,etc. I know there will be other parts needed, Im concerned with the parts I have working together first. Anything would be helpful. powersupply- input:100-120/200-240V~,7/4 A, 60/50Hz output-235W fuse rating-5a,250V

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protecting from EMF?

So i am working on some high power geophysical transmitters which are being damaged by back emf. can anyone help me with what would be the best way to protect the instrument from this. we are mainly blowing the switching IGBT's. the transmitter is supplied DC from a 30kw powersupply, feeding a set of IGBT's which are switched at a selected frequency usually 0.5 to 2hz at 50% duty cycle into a loop of wire ranging in resistance but usually around 1 ohm. we run this at up to 150A at 150V and our loads can be very inductive, usually 300mx300m 25sqmm copper wire. im thinking diodes or caps for a bit of protection. im open to any ideas

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how do i read this stuff?

I have played around with motors hooked up to batteries and thats about it. i know a few things about electronics but i am looking to do some projects that involve circuits. i dont know how to read it when it is in a drawing. it looks to confusing to attempt. all those lines crossing and all those symbols. i have a book called electronics for dummys but it doesnt give to much detail. does anyone know how to read this stuff and can help me? is there any sights on the internet that would help me. remember i am pretty newbish. so it needs to be in newbish form. lol. the drawing below is from a powersupply that i would like to build. thanks ~Josh

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iMac Flat Screen nod to lcd monitor ?

Hi all honored members, I got imac G5 17: and iMac G5 isight 20" that burnt down logic board and powersupply. I believe the lcd still in good condition. So if anybody can enlighten me with the steps to make those 2 "paper weight" become a useful LCD monitor, I will be very thankful. I come across article about doing that for iMac 17" but it was written in France and really not a clear step by step guide like I use to see in here for idiot like me. Looking forward for help from you all honored members to make a good use for my beloved old iMacs. regards, avataroftech

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LED Voltage? Answered

So recently I had an idea to make a steam gun by heating steam with a NiChrome wire driven by a 9v battery, anyway, to keep it safe and so i knew when it was on, i decided to add an LED to the circuit. I went to to see which resistor i needed. From what i understand, the resistor limits the CURRENT across the circuit. So, what i want to know is whether the Led will work with the first attached circuit and not bun out from the voltage, and whether the nichrome wire and led will work in circuit 2. EDIITTT: Well, after a few answers, i'm realising i cant run this off of a 9volt, so, what small powersupply could i use?

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N64 security screws

Does anybody know how to open up an n64 without buying a special screw driver? I'm going to make an instructable on how to make a cheap, good, desktop power supply out of the n64 powersupply. If you look at it's specs it's pretty good for it's size! 3.3 volts at 2.2 amps and 12 volts at .8 amps. I'm going to but a boost circuit in and get 5 volts too (didn't want to use a 7805, if you're going to be using the 12 volts you want all the amps you want, plus what project uses 2.2 amps of 3.3 volts?). Plus I'm going to make it so that you can still use it as a power supply for the n64, and it won't be ugly.

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cnc router stepperworld controller- need how to wire help ?

New to this site, I really need someone  to help me figure out how to wire a  3 axis stepperworld FET-3 controller to 3- rapidsyn division american precision motors model 23D-6137H 11.2 VDC .44AMP 6 wire=  BL, W,  R, G,  W/R STRIPE,  W/G STRIPE do not have powersupply yet , please advise I am looking at a 24 volt on ebay. Below are pictures of motor and controller   can upload more pictures . [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] thank you , marty

Topic by mrmartyman7  

Why does my led strip only light if I push the middle led of every section ?

So basically I have a 3528 12v led strip (monochrome blue not rgb) ,I made a portable power supply of two AA 6V battery boxes which I connected and then I connected those with the cables connected to the led strip ,I tried this with soldered cables on the leds ,clip on connectors to just 3 leds then up to 9  to see if it works ,but the same problem persists ,the LEDs only light if I push the middle led of each section  (which is 3 LEDs ) , I also tried this with a 5050 led strip and the problem still persisted. What might be the problem? Is the power supply not enough? The powersupply in question :

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Led fading aquarium? Answered

Hello, I have a fish tank, and it has a TL light above it. I made blue Led's above the fishtank. My idea was: - You get like from 8 AM. - 8 PM. the TL ligth (or some led's i have to make) - From 8PM-10PM the blue Led's - And then it all shuts off. - And then the cycle goes aroud. But the thing is, the TL is 220V and the leds are powered by a 8V AC powersupply, I made a diode bridge, so it all works, But my TL ligth will just shut off, becose it has a timer on it, And i have to turn on/off the blue leds myself. So, does anyone have an idea how to do this? maby some extra white led's so i can power it from 1 cicuit? Greetings. Ingmar (Im from Holland, don't mind my shitty english)

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I'm building a power supply for a cnc router powersupply. The output has to be 36 volts at 12 amps. I'm going to use 6 of the 25.2 volts, 2 amps transformers at radioshack (I have a coupon). When I rectify it it should be about 36 volts. Couple questions about transformers 1) don't transformers essentially short out an AC socket? I don't wwant to start a fire. 2) how can I have a LED indicator that indicates that each transformer is working? I don't want to use a huge resistor, because that seams inefficient. 3) how big of a filter capacitor do I need? I have a 33000uF capacitor, think it's a bit overboard? I know I need at least 4800 uF for just stuff like motors, but the only capacitors I have that works above 50volts is that capacitor. 4) can you connect AC in parralel? Can someone draw be a diagram?

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I am using a MOSFET with a remote control momentary switch to turn a 1.5v mini DIY motor, which in turn controls the movement of a tiny plastic mouth to simulate speaking.   My issue is this.....the MOSFET I have calls for DC 3v-5v powersupply.   When I use 3v, the battery drains very quickly.   I've found no such thing as a SMALL 5v battery in the U.S., so I switched to 6v and it works just fine, but I am worried I will damage the MOSFET.   Here is the spec info from the seller (we are using Version A - DC3v-DC5v).  Product Description 1. Working Voltage: A: DC3V-DC5V     B: DC3.5V-DC12V  Optional                                   2. Max Load: 1A (have better load less than 700ma)  3.  Working Frequency: 433.92MHz   Working Current / Quiescent current : 7ma/H  4. Frequency Deviation: more or less than 0.2MHz  5. Working temperature:  -20'C- +80'C  6. Receiving Sensitivity: ≥-110dBm  7. Output State: A: Input DC3V-DC5V  Output DC3V-DC5V 

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Can I power a 5M 5050 RGB led strip with a pc PSU?

I would love to control an RGB led strip with an Arduino, it would look great on my desk. I would love to know wether I could power this strip using an old desktop powersupply. LED strip: PSU: I want to be able to either power the strip directly and control it with an arduino using a mosfet, or plug it in to the box to control the colours with the ir remote that comes with the strip. I probably won't use the entire strip at once, but I think I'll use 3M or less. It would be great if you could help me!

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Is this the right way to make a 2 MOTstack and is this the right way to ballast it with a MOT? for a tesla coil?

I just want to be a 100% sure that i did this right before i plug this thing in, because i don't want to kill the transformers or myself :D So if you guys could confirm that i did this right (or not and if not why) i might feel a bit more comfortable :) thanks for all the help! love this community and tesla coils! explanation: powersupply: 2 mots with the secondaries placed in series while the primaries are paralleled ballast: 1 mot with the secondary shorted (both ends to the core) and grounded to the mains ground the neutral wire from the mains is directly connected to the 2motstacks first primary while the hot wire from the mains is connected to the ballast it's primary and then to the 2motstacks first primary finally i taped one 2000V terminal to the wooden box and the other 2000v terminal to a 4ft PVC pipe that acts as a chickenstick Did i do this correctly? here is the picture with explanation from what i did

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jfet strangness NEED HELP

I just got some npn jfet transistors in the mail and I'm having problems. My setup is a +5.5 volt, gnd, -5.5 volt powersupply. I hooked up the LED to a resistor and going through the drain and source to the +5.5 volt and gnd so the LED lights up. Whenever I apply the negative voltage to the gate the transistor should turn off, right? well whenever I do nothing happends. When I touch the gate with my finger the LED turns on (no current) so the LED turns off. Sometimes when I touch it again it turns off (LED on). sometimes it just turns off when I touch it. When I touch a grounded (real ground, for like anti static stuff) aligator clip it does the same as my body. When I touch the -5.5 volt with one hand and touch the gate with the other nothing happends. Sometimes by how far away my finger to the gate the LED goes up and down in brightness. My questions is how can I turn the transistor on (so that the LED turns off) when I apply a voltage to the gate?

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How to make a homemade z board using arduino uno?

Hey Frnds! Well the quetion is clear from the heading. There is going to be a science exhibition in our school and we think that a homemade zboard can be a very good thing because noone knows about it in our school. (how sad it is....).           I'm a beginner in arduino but i figured out that we will store the values of S1 and S2 in two different varibles. Then test for which one is bigger. Then if S1 is bigger then we'll turn the motor forward else it will be turned backward. I know there is some mistake in this program because how we'll stop it if we want to. And i also dont know about the hardware of the z board. Can any one plz help. Like with the Motor Specifications, Force sensor values, powersupply, wheels ( are the rear wheels both free of each other or they are joined). Plz comment if you knwo any thing. I am in real help. Moreover i was going to buy a motor driver sheild from here :  Is it compatible with arduino uno? Is it the same that is on 

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Does Chromesteel disolve during copper-electrlysis with Coppersulfate?

Hi I want to refine some copper and change it to copper-dust-particles by means of copper-electrolsis in a bath of disolved coppersulfate. Since my copper is in smaller bits id like to have some sort of etallic basket to hold the scraps. I think i would like to go with a chromesteel-mesh i connect to the power. The mesh/basket contains my scrap-copper and the anode-sludge can pass thru the basket... The basket (anode) and the copper-cathode are connected to the powersupply. Now my question: I think the chromesteel shouldnt get disolved as long as i dont crank up the voltage too high or let it run without sacrificial copper at the cathode. If i would do that, it would start to split the water used in the solution and produce H and O. Bad. Also would slowly eat away the metals too. Bad^2 But as long as i have copper to be disolved at the cathode, it shouldnt do anything to my chrome-steel-basket, right? Thanks for inputs from someone who knows it better than i do :)

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