Floating radio power usage?

I am building a floating radio to take on a float trip. I do not know much about power usage. I was going to use a car or deep well battery for power. I was wanting to run (4)-6X9 speakers, a amp, a 10" sub, and possibly some LED lights that would beat with the music that could be shut off during the day. Is this to much drain on the battery? The float lasts all day and I was concerned about draining the battery before the trip was over. I was told by the local Marine shop that once I start adding amps andor subs the power would drain much quicker. Any suggestions on stereo, speaker, sub, amp, size or the number of things I could run would be appreciated.

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Type and size pond pump to use? Answered

I recently installed a 25 foot long river that runs from a pond at the top to my tiny preexisting pond at the bottom. both ponds are very small and I only need a small amount of water running through the river. What size and type of pump do I need to pull water from my bottom pond to my top pond (about thirty feet)??  

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I want to build a model of a hydroelectric dam. Ideas?

1st grade project: how does a dam work? model showing river, valley, dam, lake ,etc. Cross-section of dam? Any ideas or similar projects appreciated.

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Make a chocolate river for a school project?

Hi All, My sister is making a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory project for school, and I want to make a real flowing chocolate river. I understand it would be very difficult to do this with real chocolate, so I was thinking I could use chocolate milk. Anyone have any idea on how I could do this? Maybe something with a little tank underneath and a water pump in it or something. The box we are creating this is is a plastic shoebox, but only half of it can be used for the river. Any help is appreciated! Adam

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What in the world is this???

Found in river in florida

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Building materials for kayak?

HI there I was wondring if anyone has ever considered/ tried building a solid bottom kayak out of recycled plastic (maybe a bin)? I loved the ease of carrying and price of my inflatable kayak but hate how easy it is to puncture in running water. I'd like to make something thats light to carry to the water and can stand being bashed around a bit. I was thinking of cutting some pannels out of any plastic I can get my paws on, stitch and gluing them together to form a sort of pea pod shape and then lining the edge with some of that foam stuff they make floats out of. Any thoughts?

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Whitewater kayak into a good fishing kayak? Answered

I am looking to buy a kayak. I don't want something too long, or too expensive. I am planning to buy off of craigslist. While on craigslist, I noticed that whitewater river kayaks have ALL of the features that I want in my fishing kayak. Limited size, plenty of space to move, alot of storage space... I was just wondering if I could buy a whitewater river kayak, make a few modifications, and use that as a lake fishing kayak? The only modifications would be fishing rod holders, a paddle hoder, and maybe a container inside to hold bait and tackle. Thanks for looking at this, freeza36

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I'm going "hike camping" for the first time soon.

At summit lake near Coplay lake and Surprise lake in Pierce County. Its about 2.3 miles from where we're parking the suburban.

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New water power, 'reverse" archemedes screw from Germany and gravitational vortex from Austria

I think the gravitational vortex is a few years old and I only found the Reverse Archemedes Screw yesterday. Would anyone like to do instructables on them? It seems both are attempts to make hydroelectric power a bit more fish friendly.  They say the reverse archemedes screw is very efficient too. Check them out and see what you think.  I put videos about them in this playlist http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FD3B655FED590244 While I am here, why do the screws shown not have the auger and shell of the screw all welded together? Perhaps it is just for cleaning reasons?  Or maybe it is just  too difficult to make a "spiral staircase" inside a pipe? Anyway, it looks like excellent projects for someone.   The reverse archemedes screw is totally new to me. I have seen videos of the austrian system before. If they are fish friendly, lets make them popular. One question, how do the fish migrate up the river? Brian

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hay guys i need some help with a project?

My friend and I want to take a trip downriver but have no money we also know that many of you are experienced with fiber glassing.  The kayaks we would like to build would be sea kayaks or close to them they need some hatches in them in order to access storage areas and its important that we be able to get a bike on top of the kayak without causing too much instability.  we have a pretty good idea how to do it i was just wondering if any of you guys had any better idea or suggestion on where we can get cheap fiberglass material and tips on building it.  thanks a whole bunch.

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Major Boat Voyage

Ok, My sister is getting ready to build a hardwood boat. She's an art student and it will be a semester project. She's planning to use Mahogany, Oak and Cedar. She's shooting for a 22' V-hull with a partial canopy. Whatever she does, she always does a great job. I have no doubts as to the fine craftsmanship that will go into this vessel. THe problem is, she's in New York City, and it will need to be moved to west Tennessee or central Arkansas. I could just build her a trailer, but that would be boring. I want to float it to it's destination. How would I go about floating it that far south? I am a fairly good nautical pilot, but that is a massive trip for such a small vessel. I would have about 4 weeks to do the trip, and could probably trailer it a short distance fom NYC to get started. Any Ideas?

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DIY Table Fountain help

I'd like to make a do-it-yourself table fountain with a whisper power filter fish tank pump. any ideas or websites that might help? i'm thinking i'll glue a bunch of flat river rocks in, like a 'vase' kinda thing that the pump will fit in. and then put the rock 'vase' & pump in a 4-6(ish) inch deep glass dish and fill that with water and more rocks............ any input would be great!

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flowing river and moving waterfalls Hamms Scenorama ?

Hi  I am trying to make somewhat similar to Hamms Scenorama beer display, with moving waterfalls and flowing river.  heres the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtTNlgw-X-g The concept i have grasped is that the forefront picture is printed in clear plastic,  the problem is the moving part picture , should i print it in clear plastic too or shoud it be translucent paper (cloudy like ) or is it the other way round ? any suggestions would be appreciated , thanks all  

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Partial solution to trash in water? Maybe.

 Hey everyone, I had a couple of ideas for getting trash out of our storm drains/oceans/streams/rivers, the first one, this one has a couple of flaws: This is a very basic idea to skimming trash off the surface of water, a net. Preferably one with small holes to limit the amount of trash flowing out of it with the water. BUT, fatal flaw: It can also catch wildlife in it, and I'm still trying to figure out how to work around this. Any suggestions? Second, a filter of sorts for storm drains/streams: Imagine a metal mesh wedge, kind of like a snowplow wedge, that would go in front of drains and such (I'm thinking more for the type of streams and drains that have those big tunnels going under roads and sidewalks and emerge on the other side). The wedge could allow water to flow through, but direct trash off to the sides to collection tanks. I'll try to illustrate it below.                       - - - - - - - - <0 (the lines would be the stream, then the wedge, then the drain/tunnel opening. I couldn't do the tanks...) I'm eager for any suggestions/tips, improvements, and thoughts on these!

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water table/play area

So I recently took my 3 year old to the children's museum in Indianapolis, which was great, but what really stuck out for him was the water table/play area. I think he would have been happy chasing boats around that table all day. But it got me to thinking that i could build one of these in the backyard (scaled down, of course!). I've been looking for plans to accomplish this, but everything I find is basically an elevated tub or plastic tote. The project I'm envisioning would be on an incline so the boats could follow a set path. Initially, I was thinking it would be shaped like a ring, so he could climb under it to be in the middle, but I think a rectangle would be simpler (and walking around the table would be good exercise for him!) The path would (on a gentle incline) circle around the perimeter of the rectangle, so boats would eventually end up near the starting place. He could then pick up the boats and set them on another circuit. Probably would need a pump to pull water from the end back up to the starting point, which would provide a current to help the boats along.  Any ideas or suggestions that could help this project along? Potential issues? One thing I'm not sure about is how to handle the water depth on the incline. I forsee the water rushing down the incline to quickly, leaving just a trickle to attempt to carry the boats along, leaving the boats "beached." Maybe there should be no incline at all and rely on the pump to provide the current? I'll attach some images of the super fancy versions we've encountered in museums, just as example of my inspiration.  

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My history project needs papyrus. Any help? Answered

I'm working on a project for my history class about Ancient Egypt.  I'm going to be making a Nile River scene and I need to know how to make miniature papyrus plants and reeds.  When I say miniature, i mean like Lego people sized.  I need this project in soon, so answer away!

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How can i Start Kayaking... Where i can find a sea kayak blue print

Dear experts and friends. me and my friend planning to do a expedition of country (Bangladesh ) cross with kayak within 60 days. problem is: 1. In here we dont have any expert of kayak. because we dont have any culture of kayaking. 2. Thats why we cant find any instructor here :( our bad luck. but we are not hopeless. we want to do it. 3. In here its quit impossible to find a good kayak which will suits us. 4. We are planning to make it...but how ,still we dont know :( thats why we are looking for help. 5. For this expedition what we need to carry and how we can manage ....no idea :( 6. What measures we should take 7. What will be the first step to do this and more...... Why wants to do: We love Adveture Now we are doing sort of cycing and Trekking ... we want to introduce Kayaking in our beautiful country . Basically Bangladesh is river base country ...About 800 hundreds Its situated bank of Bay of Bengal. This rivers are dying because lack of knowledge, very few knw the eco system (even me ) careness But we believe if river die people will die :( To promote value of river. To help ecosystem To poke government to save our river. and more........

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Spooked-Ducks? Answered

I was by the river today, and observed the usual gang of fat-ducks being fed bread. One lady got bit (much to her surprise and my amusement) whilst trying to hand-feed. Then the mob were spooked by something and all went for the river. I noticed a small hawk, but given that it was much smaller than the ducks I didn't see it as a threat. OK maybe the ducks took a cue from the pigeons, but I wouldn't expect a small hawk to go for a pigeon either. Opinion?

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Building a 25 foot set of stairs?

I would like to know how to build a one run set of stairs (25 foot) to be used as access to river.

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Turbocharger to generator conversion? Answered

Hey, I was just wondering, could we turn a turbocharger into a generator that would produce electricity as water flows into one gate and out the other?  Similar to a hydroelectric generator using the mechanical energy of flowing water through a turbine to produce electricity.

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most large ( i mean VW size) transformers core rapping is what kind of metal? Answered

Found a big tramsformer, with no ID, mostly buried on the river bank. hoping to cash in if it is cooper

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Diatonic or Chromatic harmonica??? Answered

I recently purchased a Hohner "Big River Harp" (harmonica.) It is the key of C. I need to know if it is a chromaic or diatonic harmonica. Im not sure what either of these are. Help???

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What is the best technique for spinner fishing for trout in streams and rivers? Do you cast upstream or downstream etc?

Do you cast upstream or downstream etc? Any other stuff i will kneed to know.

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How do I weave or make a cast net traditionally by hand using a shuttle and sheet bend knots?

What I would like to know is how to make a cast net traditionally using a shuttle and sheet bend knots, the problem is that I dont know how many initial loops to put on the metal ring in clove hitches, and where to put the spacers, any ideas?

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How to make ram pump work inriver?

I need to use it in a river without a water fall and I don't know how to get rid of extra water which pump pumps out... Can pump maybe work in water?

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Can decomposed granite be mixed with cement for use as structural concrete?

We have a mountainous property with no sand and very little rock other than granite. Can I use decomposed granite (as fine as sand and small pebbles) as aggregate, instead of river gravel and or sand?

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Uses for Old Basketballs & Soccer balls

I have access to loads of old basketballs and soccer balls that are always floating in the river by my house. (they get washed into the river from people's yards whenever it storms) They're usually fairly worn and dry-rotted from sitting in the sun but most of them still hold air. I was trying to think of some type of outdoors, maybe flowerbed/garden related, craft I could use them for. I'm looking for practical uses or even artistic uses. I've thought about cutting them in half and making hanging planters, but we don't really have any places to put hanging planters in my yard. If you have any ideas or inspiration, please do share. Thanks!

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Do scrapbook rub-ons work on stone?

I want to put pre-made rub-ons onto river rocks and then "set" them with acrylic spray. Will this work so the image does not rub off the stone? Has anyone done this for a craft project? Thanks for answering.

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Ugly Ducklings

We consume millions of plastic bottles a year. In San Francisco there was a mandate to stop using bottled water in government buildings because the tap water here is good and there's no need to transport water thousands of miles just to stay hydrated. So it's nice to see an artistic assault on the plastic invasion."Many cities repopulate their urban rivers with ducks and swans to somehow clean their visible sewage waters. This installation hopes to clean the reality of the ducks which inhabit these sewage waters by adapting rubbish into their formsDuring a whole week plastic bottles will be floated over River Segura. The bottles will be bird shaped, aquatic species, and will form groups and families. All materials used in this installation will be recycled materials and will try not to disturb the inhabitants as much as possible.If the animal cannot adapt to its environment, the environment must adapt to the animal." original post with lots more pics

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Fishing Techniques/Bait/Lures

Its that time of year again! The beautiful days to go fishing are here! For all you fishermen, I just wanted to know your techniques, your baits, or your lures. This can be for any type of fishing. Surf fishing, deep-sea, fly, in the river, ice, anywhere! I am curious to see what others are doing for their fishing trips!

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Automated plastic waste collection device

Does anyone have an idea about collecting plastic waste from lakes and rivers?If you do share your ideas it should be a machine which is automated to collect plastic waste from water.

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How could one make merperson-like elbow pieces? Answered

In many myths mermaids and mermen, sea people, nymphs river lords and ladies, and ocean gods and godesses have fin-like flaps of skin on their elbows to help them move through the water. If anyone knows how to make this or where to buy it, please tell.

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fixed view 3d room posters

I want a 3d scenic view in my room from a fixed position. To be more clear, i sit at a particular place in my room. From there i need a view (3d), say , as if im on the banks of a river. Is there a software which asks for the variables and transforms the picture or will i have to do it manually on picture editing softwares?

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Maker Fair: McMADSAT (Make And Do, Show And Tell) Glasgow Scotland Now DEFINITELY on Saturday 14th March 2009

There will be a Maker Fair in the Glasgow Science Centre ( http://www.gsc.org.uk ) on either 7th or 14th March 2009.This will be the first of the kind in the UK (as far as I can tell). There is lots of outdoor space, including two shallow pools for model floaty things. Indoors we have space for at least 10-15 table areas.Although we will be right beside the river I think safety concerns for this first effort would mean the river is not available. But we can all drift out to admire the incoming seaplane which is based there.This is an open invitation to get in touch and say you want to come and show us what you have made, share skills etc. Let no one say that UK kitchen tables are not cluttered with projects every bit as loopy and fun as those elsewhere. Maker Kids welcome, the more the wootier.

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What 4.5 million LEDs looks like

Over in Japan, 4.5 millions LEDs have been lit up for a holiday fantasia that runs through March 8. To see all these LEDs color cycling must be amazing to see in person.As a matter of fact, I'll probably be out in Japan next year, but not early enough to catch this.An estimated 4.5 million light-emitting diodes offer an amazing spectacle at the Nabana no Sato theme park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, on Saturday. The annual winter light show is scheduled to run until March 8. Kyodo. This year’s theme is flowers. The water illumination is out of this world. Here the beautiful sound of the river with vivid color changing-the-art LED technology enables a production of 64 billion colors. The rapidly changing colors actually look more like the flow of the river in front of our eyes. The pond is located in the heart of the Village but can be seen from all over the place. Link via Gizmodo

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Ice Alaska: Ice

Ice for the competition is collected form gravel pits around Fairbanks. In the summer gravel is mined from old river channels. The resulting ponds contain little organic material. Additionally during nine month winter, temperatures range from +40 to -60F (+5 to -50C). These factors combine to create exceptionally thick clear ice. The following are pictures of an iced over gravel pit.

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The Greenwich Foot-Tunnel

You might not know it, and you may never have walked through it (I have), but you may well have seen it. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel opened in 1902 and runs under the River Thames, it's a popular spot for music-video. As such, I'm offering patches to the first 5 people to post a video-link featuring the tunnel. Denying you one, here's an example 3:20-30 L

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Maker Fair, March 2009, Glasgow Scotland

I am hereby launching what I believe will be the UK's first ever maker fair. National Science and Emgineering Week is in March and the Glasgow Science centre has agreed to give space to the event over a weekend then. I now need to recruit makers to come along. I am looking for people who will convey the spirit of the Instructables community to a public who have never heard of it. Are you willing to share your skills and sense of fun? I would ideally like a few big things for the outdoor area (between the Glasgow Science Centre and BBC Glasgow building, beside the River Clyde). Messy, big and/or mobile are ideal for this space. There is indoor space for about 10-15 table based activities and there are two shallow pools for anything that needs to float. we cant use the river. We should aim for a variety from wood technology, electronics, mechanicals, aero, watery, construction kits (lego, knex etc), structural and just sheer mad engineering loopiness. If you, or someone you know of, would be good for this, please contact me, so plans can start.

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i need post cards for my sons 3rd grade project on geography citys & states in the USA learning through postcards .

Through the flat stanley they ask for postcards from different citys states and there local history of places building mountains lakes rivers places of geographical significance .. thank you for reading my post and email me if you need more information on where to send them if you can.

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3d computer generated sculpture

Hey guys im reading this sci-fi novel. "Spook Country" there is a cool idea in it. the technology sounds just possible. A computer games artist has made a three d picture of the dead river phoenix which can be viewed via a helmet and uses gps to have the image only appear when you stand near where he died.So you can walk around the non-existen dead actors body..What a notion. Is it possible.

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Is there a better way than gyros and compass? Answered

Hi All, First of all I'll describe the project I'm working on Then I'll Highlight my probelm 1) Description:     - Now There's a boat travelling on a river. There's a satellite Receiver on the boat so passengers can watch T.V. While Travelling. The river is not straight and there're situations where the boat needs to turn 180 degrees. What I was trying to do is to have a gyro or compass beside the Satellite Receiver and detect when the satellite is not pointing to the right direction (due to the boat going on cureves & turning 180 degrees) and undo that rotations so I can keep the Satellite receiver pointing to the right direction ('cause if not so then they'll lose signal and No T.V any more :() 2) The Probelm:    - I tried to use Gyro ArduImu V3 but the readings aren't helping much .. some times it's wrong and the yaw drifts a lot :(    - I tried to use compass but it's not tilt compensated .. meaning that if the compass is n't on horizontal position it'll get different readings! and when they pass below some high Power Electrical lines the compass Gets crazy :( I hope you got the description & the probelm. Is there anyway else to do it? Or if there's any recommendations I'll be grateful :) Thanks in advance anyways  kind Regards --- Ahmed

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Kayak customizing suggestions wanted for recreational bare-bones 10 ft. sit inside boat.

This new kayak has a seat, foot pegs, and cup holder. I would like ideas for installing a glove compartment container (similar to what a car has) inside of boat to hold personal protection items carried during my nature paddles on calm lakes & rivers. I have purchased a deck rigging kit, but have not decided on layout yet. What ingenious suggestions do YOU have?

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Building a boat? recycled materials? any ideas Answered

I am mad about boating but have little to no funds and live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Have struck on the idea of building one...it would have to be small and lightweight canoe/kayak do you think it might be possible to make one out of recycled plastic? for instance a few round bins? I have read the stitch and glue methods and wonder if it must be limited to wood...any ideas? it a tough one i know but it dosage have to be a thing of beauty just enough for fun down river.

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How can I get a solid chunk of Pyrite / Fool's Gold? Answered

I am currently in need of some Pyrite, but in the amount of at least 1cm sq. It is in the river system everywhere locally, but only as very small sparkles, I have never seen a large rock of it. Does anyone know if I can smelt it into a larger block? Does it have any special properties that I don't know of? ( Is it magnetic for example ) I could buy it from the gem store, but this will defeat the purpose of the project. Thank you for you help :D

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How can I lay cobblestone type paving over a pre-existing concrete slab??

We have this ugly patio slab mid yard and thought to dress it and its ajoining pathways up with cobblestone style paving such as we saw in Spain. I'd use river rock or round stones from the home DIY stores but do I lay cement and set the stones in or some sort of outdoor thinset and grout? How should I prepare the slab surface (its plain old cement/concrete and too big to smash and remove)? Please advise.

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Waterproof solar powered speaker system

Hello- I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate marine speakers and an amplifier into a standalone system to take on river trips. Ideally, the setup would also be solar powered (or at least have the battery and MP3 player be solar-rechargeable) for long trips. I would appreciate any advice as to how I would go about determining what kind of battery, amp, speakers, and panels would need to be used. Also, any advice on wiring the setup to hook up to an ipod that would allow music playback and ipod charging would be great! Ideally, the whole setup would be under $100. Thanks!

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Bray Entertainment New Show AMERICAN MAKERS CASTING

Hey Instructables! My name is Michael Kelly and I'm one of two casting associates at Bray Entertainment. I am casting a Television Show about Inventors and their amazing creations for Bray Entertainment--the Co-Creators of 'Pawn Stars'. The show "American Makers" is already sold to a major Network and the wheels of production are quickly turning. We love what you all do and if you think you have an invention that is revolutionary enough to be on our show, give me a call asap at (212) 993-8528. We are looking for anything and everything and anyone and everyone. Michael Kelly Bray Entertainment 80 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

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