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Here you go! Another christmas present! My top loading rifle is awesome! I will be posting this around christmas!!!!!

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ok seriously did seleziona just drop off the face of the earth or something, because i had a good idea for a mech to make a semi auto knex masuer c96 and sent him a message for a collab but its been three days now and no reply someone if you know where he is or are willing to do a collab on my mauser c96 pm me or comment below. Cyborgold1 out

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Christmas preview


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Trench Knife

I got a request to make a trench knife, so here it is!

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Bye! (Not)


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Which one should i build ? Answered

i cant choose between seleziona's xm8 or brammetje's m4a1 casv.

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About How Many Members are on Instructables? Answered

Hey, i was just wondering about how many people are on instructables, i guess I'm just kinda curious about this...

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Five star ratings?

Okay, I don't know when this happened, but both my ghost 2.0 and striker have five star ratings! Has anyone ever seen that? (i know it's a bug, but whatever...) I don't know how long it's going to stay though...

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ANOTHER faker????

What is with this? There is an imposter of shadowman 39, and axiys, and now, another one. Me.  If you ask me, this is probably just one guy, thinking he's funny. Well, he's not. Just wanted to put that out there. Here's the link to him: SeIeziona (his name looks exactly like mine, but it has an uppercase i instead of an L)

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Sorry guys...

Sorry, I'm getting less and less active around here. I'm not telling you I'm leaving, I'm just not going to be answering all your comments, and I'm not going to be around much. BUT, I'm still going to be posting guns every once in a while :) If you want me to build anything awesome, you can tell me your idea here. That's it.

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Who wins?

Well, me and knexsuspensionmaster had a little friendly contest to see who could make a better car! So, I need your opinion, so go check out his knex vehicle, and my Vexion! THE VEXION! Knexsuspensionmaster's vehicle! This is based upon performance, durability and looks. Seleziona: 8 votes Knexsuspensionmaster96: 2 votes

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I posted it! (the reason I'm posting this topic is because I made this instructable a while ago, so it won't show up very recently on your recent stuff list.)

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Seleziona's Top loading rifle review

This is my review of Seleziona's Top loading rifle review. The gun in the picture below is not mine. Range:                7/10      45 feet Accuracy            7/10      No barrel Reliability:          8/10      The barrel lines up well with the ammo Reloading:        13/10     VERY easy and quick Ram:                  10/10     Black rod with pin guide  Mag:                   7/10      Holds moderate amount of ammo, inside walls are not smooth Trigger:              9/10      true trigger positioned well Handle:              7/10     decent handle with a decent connection Stock:                 8/10      strong stock, a tad uncomfy  Sturdiness:        9/10      blue rod thick well made Over all: 85/100   NICE JOB SELEZIONA!!! GO SUBSCRIBE TO HIM!!!

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What kind of guns do you like?

Well, i want to know what kind of guns you guys like! Knex or on video games, i don't care, just tell me! I like any kind of shotgun, bazookas, and bolt action rifles. Lei? (you)

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Ghost 3.0 or Z35?

What's better, Seleziona's Ghost 3.0 or the legendary Oblivitus's Z35 K'Nex guns?

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What is creme brulee? Answered

Well, i was at a restaurant and an item was creme brulee. What the heck is that?

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Can you block users from commenting to you? Answered

I was just wonderin'. Anyone got an answer?

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where is my comment number? Answered

Well, i check my amount of comments a lot by clicking on my name in comments and whatever, and this time i noticed the comment number was gone!!!!!! Please Help!

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This is a new knex round. It is pretty heavy, so it really packs a punch. So far I have not made a mag fed gun for it so I'm reaching out to you guys. The round is called pain ammo. It's main component are these things, ICU or  Inventory Control Unit, they keep merchandise at the front of the racks. Here is the link click me or you can pick them up off the floor in stores. I get them from REI. I like to use these rounds for target pratice because of their sheer knock back power. When useing these rounds it has a feel able but minamile reciol when it is fired form my moded  Seleziona's Break Action Rifle (link is  original's link is So if you make a mag for these rounds mention pain round in it somewhere or pm me.

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Why does my instructable keep unpublishing? Answered

I made this instructable of an F2000, but it keeps getting unposted for some reason! im not doing anything, it just does that by itself!! Help please!

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How do you add collaboraters to an instructable? Answered

PLEASE HELP! PLEASE! I want to know, i want to add a couple people as collaboraters to my instructable! Please help!

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Perfect war gun V2

Hey! i'm back with the V2! Okay, this gun fixes all the problems of V1 like: It know has a mag for the pump action part (that shoots 2 blue rods at a time!) the turret doesn't fall off any more looks cleaner it's got a scope and better sights uses quite a few less pieces (not that different more comfy trigger for all three guns are a lot more reliable So, i might be posting, depending on what you guys think, and i need a name for it! Happy seleziona day!

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Why can you go cross-eyed, and not the other way? Answered

You know you can put your eyes inward, why can't you put them the other way? This is a weird question, but whatever...

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How many Of your instructables are rated under 3*?

How many of you instructables are rated under 3*? I have 2, my ASCB, and my Handgun. They suck. How about you?

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Is It Worth it to jailbreak my ipod touch? Answered

 I want to know if i should jailbreak my ipod touch, i have version 3.1.2. If one of you guys think it's worth it can you send me a link to a video or a tutorial on how to do it? Thanks. 

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Knex Heavy Crossbow VS. Knex Tank Bow

Okay. Two really new guns. Both of equal awesomeness. A perfect match in a war. What do YOU think? Who's gun would win?  kNeXFreek's Tank bow? Or IAC's Knex Heavy Crossbow?

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What happened to search by top rated?

Well, I Went to go and check what the top-rated thing in knex was, so I went and put in knex, pressed graphical search, and rating wasn't there to click! All of the other stuff was though.... It's really weird. Maybe someone else should see if they have this problem...

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How do i get more than 2 players on a ps2 slim? Answered

Well, as you may know, the ps2 slim has only two slots for controllers, and i want to know how you get more than just two. Do any of you people know? Thanks

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What is your favorite knex gun you have ever made?

 hello knexers! I got bored so I posted this forum topic. So! I want to know your favorite knex gun you have ever made, and tell me why you like it!  My favorite gun: The H.A.W.C 

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Where is the search bar???

Well, instructables just changed about a week ago, and they added and changed some things. But there is one problem I have. It's that I can't find the search bar. I've been looking for it for a while, and I'm really starting to get frustrated, so I asked a question. Can you guys help me? I want to be able to search for stuff!

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Well, all of a sudden, I'm not able to comment! I click reply to someone, and it doesn't work. I click add comment on an instructable or a forum topic, and nothing happens. The only thing that really works (i hope) is when I click reply to a comment on my comment counter thing. Can someone please help??

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What replica next?

Well, i have a new replica coming out right away, and i want to know what kind of gun is should replicate next! I need ideas, and don't ask me to make these huge guns like the M249 Saw, or an intervention, I want to make a medium (eg, AK-47) to small (eg, mini-uzi) sized guns.  IDEAS?

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PARTY! Edit!!!!

Okay! I got an idea for a party topic, all knexers allowed, and cool bas3 wanted me to post it, soooo! YEAH! OKAY! THIS IS A PARTY! Post all the spam you like, and for sure put up your guns in here! COMMENT A LOT! I WANT THIS TO BE GOOD! I am the host. GO CRAZY!!!! Remember, we need:  spam guns links comments FUN! There is now a buffet table!!!

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How to fix a broken band hero drum?

Well, I was playing Band hero, on the drums, then one of the drum pads stopped working! (it was the red one) You have to hit it REALLY REALLY hard to actually make it work, and i can't live with that. If any of you had this happen or have any ideas on how to fix this, that could really help. Thanks.

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Christmas Knex Guns!!!

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Okay, so i wanted to make a list of all the knex guns coming out at christmas, so could you tell me them? I would like a list, (i think i already said that) soooo, give me a comment! List: STLR Seleziona's top loading rifle KFSA Knex freek's semi-auto TJASTR2 The jamalam's gun TBBR2 The burrito master's gun  PP19 Logic Boy's gun Silent assassin's secret replica Another Replica by Killer~Safecracker Dutchwarlord's bullpup t.a.r. 21 Raikou-san's new slingshot Mr.muggle's oodammo caliber sniper rifle The Dunkis' oodasault V3.6 (maybe)  Owen mon 82397's gun Ksc and knexfreeks repeating crossbow collab Knex mad's new turret breach loading gun Kinetic's pump action sling gun (maybe) Erikos kostariko's sr-v3 (maybe) Master dude's MAR 2  Which ones are you waiting for? I really want the KFSA, and the TBBR2!

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How do i put pictures on my computer without restarting it???

Every time i put pictures on my computer, i have to restart it again. Even when i put my SD card into the slot in my computer it doesn't detect it, but then i restart it and it detects it. I want it to be able to detect the SD card without me having to restart it. Help anyone???

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I'm stumped...

You guys, I am having trouble thinking of something to build. i have no idea what to build, and everything I am making isn't really working out. Do you guys have an idea of what i should build?? I'll give a go at anything!! (within reason :P) One more thing: Should i rebuild my Steyr Aug A2, and put a grey firing pin on it, and post it?

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Yay! I've hit 100 subscribers! So this is just a message to all of my wonderful subbers. Were you one of my 'Every 10th subber'? Here they are! 1- Viccie.B1993 10- Toadman1996 20- Killer~Safecracker 30- Coolbas3 40- Seleziona 50- Cj81499 60- DJ Radio 70- Visper123 80- Bassclarinet23 90- KillerK 100- Sdds Thanks again to all my subbers! :-D So. Who are your 'Every 10th Subbers'?

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My ipod is jailbroken, What now? Answered

So i just jailbroke my touch (it was very easy), So i want to know different things, like how to get wallpapers on my touch, how to get free apps, games, videos, movies, and whatever. Soooo, if you don't want to tell me (laughs) then you can send me a link! Thank you whoever you are!

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Who wins? Contest results

Sorry i couldn't get them earlier. I've been doing lots of stuff. Here are the votes: MP5K (winner): 7 votes EBR (second place): 4 votes Motaboi's F2000 (second place. TWO SECOND PLACES? Ya man...) 4 votes Vector (third place. Hey, Gtrain won twice!) 3 votes. EVERYTHING ELSE GOT 1 VOTE. PRIZES WILL COME SOON! :)

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My ipod touch won't restore...

I PHONED APPLE AND MY IPOD IS BROKEN! I HAVE TO PAY $200 TO GET IT FIXED! Well, I was trying to fix my syncing problems, so i put it into recovery mode, and hooked it up to the computer. I pressed restore, and I thought it was going to work until it said "preparing ipod to restore" or something like that. And then an unknown error occurred, error 1611. I tried restarting the computer, and i reinstalled iTunes. Nothing is happening or changing. Help please!

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What's your Nerf arsenal?

Well, no one really talks about nerf guns here, and I thought I may as well bring it up. So, just like knexgunbuilder's topic on what your knex arsenal is, I want to know your nerf arsenal! Just to tell you had had three more guns: the Recon CS-6, a Nerf handgun, and some other gun that was really cheap. And also, my vulcan isn't automatic any more. (it's a long story, so don't ask)     What's yours?

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Uhhh, Soo Stupid!

Well, i'm not allowed to play knex for a while, cuz i shot my 11 year old bro. Let me tell you the story: I built a cheap block trigger, with  a red firing pin (sorta like the one in the picture) and shot his hand from a good distance (6 feet) and he started crying. Get This- The gun had two really stretchy elastics on it, and it couldn't even shoot across my room! I shot my hand from 0.5 feet and hardly felt it! Now my knex is taken away!

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How widespread is the knex communtity in the REAL world?

On the internet, it seems every knexer out there is like in the same neighborhood. But really, how far away are we? Post your country! America NYPA-New york shadowninja31-Washington (state) Shadowman39-Tennessee bigdyaln91-Ohio TheDunkis-Minnesota jollex-Louisiana DJ Radio- Louisiana Smilee-Minnesota Killer~SafeCracker-Oklahoma knex_lover-Washington (State) cj81499-New York Canada Seleziona-Manitoba I_Am_Canadian-Manitoba ( Duh) United Kingdom ( do they have states or provences?) Hiyadudez The Jamalan Thailand knex_pls Ireland knex gun builder Austrailia agent harmsy

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Perfect War Gun

Well, The Dunkis asked for a perfect war gun, so i made one. This thing is packed with innovation (not really), it's got a new way to hold shells, a different way to put a turret,  and a thingy for the ratchet that i put on my ASCB. It is complete with: A slingshot a turret  a pump action gun A trigger that activates the slingshot and the turret a separate trigger for the bottom A turret that doesn't use the tube sort of whatever The only feature this doesn't have is a mag for the pump action part Yes, the on the last picture you can actually see the face that has brought the world happiness :)

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Why do people go vegan and vegetarian???? Answered

Well, if the two things in the title are the same thing, don't bother telling me. Now, to the real question!  Well, my question today is said in the title. THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! Why would someone not eat meat at all, just for this unknown reason? Or why would someone not eat anything at all from an animal? What I'm trying to say is, some people will think I'm wrong, but it's okay to eat animals. But some people think it hurts the animals blah blah blah so they don't eat meat. The real thing im weirded out by is people who don't eat anything from an animal!!! If you eat nothing from an animal, YOU ARE CRAZY! (my opinion....). Taking an egg from a chicken doesn't hurt them or anything! Or milking a cow!!! WHY DO PEOPE DO THIS?

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Don't Press The reset button while saving your PS2!

 So.... I was playing NFS most wanted on my PS2, when I picked two markers from the blacklist rival number 12, when I noticed that I didn't pick the pinkslip! (I didn't get the car). So it started saving, and you know when it says do not reset or switch off the console while its saving? Well I was like Reset Blah console blah blah blah. So i pressed reset. Then came regret. I started to fret. You wanna bet? So i pressed the button right. everything was going well until is started loading....... Then it said: COULD NOT LOAD, DATA CORRUPT. Or something like that. So whatever you do don't press reset while you are saving! OR ELSE!

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K'nexers tributes! - Update- All places closed

UPDATE: ALL PLACES AQRE CLOSED, PLEASE HAVE YOUR TRIBUTE DONE BY 1ST JANUARY 2010! Hey guys, I am here to ask you to show your appreciation for the other knexers on this site. All that I'm asking you to do is give a big or small tribute to a random knexer on this site. Here is what you do: You put a comment below saying 'GIVE ME A TRIBUTE' and then I will pull a random knexer's name on this site out of a hat (there is about 100 names in there) and tell you who you got, then you can make them a small tribute. Ways to show your appreciation/tribute: Send them a patch Draw them a picture of them or their name (make it awesome) Build some of their guns/models and take a picture of you and his/her's guns/models Write their name in knex (Look at TheDunkis' profile image for an example) Make a model of them from knex Make a model of them from anything! :-) Or any other thing you can think of! So anyway, I hope you will all show your support by joining in and having fun! Below I will list your name and next to it the persons name who you are going to make the tribute for. Please don't be unsupportive and drop out if you do not get someone who you hoped for, be a good sport! :-) Also, below I have shown a few pictures of me and my big graffiti version of DJ Radio's name that I drew around a week ago. However, DJ's name is still in the hat! LIST OF PEOPLE AND THEIR TRIBUTES! Knex gun builder - got Killer~safecracker Shadowman39 - got Cool bas3 Jollex - got The Jamalam Seleziona - got Erikos estarikos  The Jamalam - got Knex lover Killer~safecracker - got TheDunkis! kNeXFreek - got Jollex  DJ Radio - got Me (hiyadudez) :-) Cool bas3 - got NYPA Lioneatr - got Seleziona Stale56 - got kNeXFreek Logic boy - got Lioneatr Smilee - got Shadowman39 Lowney - got Smilee Bigdylan91 - got Lowney Thankyou for your appreciation and I will look forward to seeing your tributes! Good luck!  

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"How Many" Contest #3. Win a patch! =WINNERS ANNOUNCED=

First of all, yeah, it's not really Knex. But this is one of the most popular sections, and this is where I posted the last two. CONTEST ENDS DECEMBER 24. Anyway, there are 2 ways to win. 1) Guess closest to the actual amount of rubberbands. Winner: cj81499 2) Guess how the amount of rubberbands relates to my 'ibles account. Winner: Nobody (Sorry) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The actual relation between the amount of rubberbands and my 'ibles account is that I joined 3/05/09 (March 8, 2009) and 3+5+9 =17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: You can only win once. =============================================================================== knex gun builder: 25. No relation guess. Kairah: 19. Wrong relation. chopstx: 18. Wrong relation. Killer~SafeCracker: 9. Wrong relation. Shadowman39: 22. No relation. Rock Soldier: 3. No relation. shadowninja31: 15. No relation. knexfan9182: 25. Wrong relation. DJ Radio: 20. Wrong relation. knex_builder_freak: 16. No relation. Hiyadudez: 18. Wrong relation. cool bas3: 21. Wrong relation. smilee: 28. No relation. cj81499: 17. Wrong relation. Kinetic: 23. No relation. knex_pls: 84,340. (LOL) No relation. Seleziona: 36. No relation.

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How many?...... Contest. =CONTEST OVER=

I was bored. Yeah. Whoever guesses closest to the real number of Oodammo's gets..... A sub, and 5's+faves on all 'ibles. I'd give out a patch, but..... No pro yet. Also, if you see the anomaly, and tell me where, and what it is, you get the same thing. EDIT: Guesses will be invalid after Dec. 5th. EDIT2: I just realized, people might think I cheated when I tell, as in, to give the win to someone who was wrong. So I'll PM the answer to someone who already guessed. They will not tell you. BIGDYLAN91 SPOTTED THE ANOMALY, HE GETS THE PRIZE, BUT EVERYONE CAN STILL GUESS FOR AMOUNT. ============================================================================= THERE ARE 125 PIECES OF OODAMMO IN THE BUCKET. SO TECHNICALLY, BIGDYLAN91 WAS CLOSEST, BUT HE WON ALREADY. SO, KILLER~SAFECRACKER WINS. ============================================================================= logic boy: 117 Kiteman: 151 Hiyadudez: 104 Lithium Rain: 357 bigdylan91: 121 Correct anomaly guess. NachoMahma: 83 Doctor What: 163 smilee: 143 Djradio: 50 Killersafe~cracker: 130 Gjdj3: 51 Seleziona: 67 Shadowman39: 100 ItsTheHobbs: 45 Bartboy: 190 I_am_Canadian: 223 knex gun builder: 101 cj81499: 154 kNeXFreek: 212 chopstx: 142

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