Make waterproof roof for playhouse that can be climbed on - eco friendly/reused materials preferrable.?

Making a "green" playhouse.  Want to have the roof be able to be climbed on, but water proof since I live in a very rainy part of Washington State.   Any suggestions?  Regular roofing is very $$, not sure if people recycle their old roofing or if that is even a good option.  Would love some tips!! Thank you!! - College student in very last finals week ever.

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Guidance or basics to shingle roof repair??? Any one?

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anyone know the lifetime of aluminum cans exposed to the elements?

I'd like to use old aluminum food cans that were pressed flat instead of asphalt shingles for my roof. Does anyone know the lifetime of cans exposed to the elements in northern Ohio?

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I need project ideas for old roofing slate?

I recently inherited a crap load of old roofing slate that's roughly 10" x 14" x 1/4". I've already used it to edge the garden. I need some inspiration.

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How do you terminate the shingles a pyrimid roof?

I have built a pyrimid hip roof. All 4 sides are equal size and they come to a point. I have shingles now all the way to the top but I am not sure how to cap the darn thing. None of the hardware stores know how. When I finish the ridge shingles how do I cap them so water can not get in? Any pattern I can cut to fit?

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Is Calcium Chloride safe to use on roof or gutter ice dams? Answered

In cold climes, snow buildup on roofs often leads to ice dams, usually at the gutter. When the snow melts, the dam can route water under roof shingles and cause roof damage.Is Calcium Chloride safe to use on roofs? (Sodium Chloride is not, due to it's corrosiveness.)

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tearing down roof advice

I plan on tearing down my roof with a gas torch cutter, i have included the link to my photo bucket gallery for community advice and input; how does asphalt and concrete react to a high temp torch cutter? will i be cutting through metal plates as well? Edit: thanks all great responses, since i shouldn't be cutting huge amounts of concrete just the paste binding the shingles together it should be feasible?

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Recycling People

I'm a gramdmother. I : cook, can home grown garden produce, recycle materials, sew, knit, garden, raise poultry, grammy doctor, quilt, chop stove wood,t an skins, shingle, work mortar, etc.etc.etc.................I have done pretty much anything and on top of that, raised healthy kids and grand kids. So how come I'm considered expendable? why aren't I treated as a valuable resource? Grand parents are amazing! We're here to keep the World turning..........Ask..........I will illuminate!

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constructing an a-frame, lean-to roof on a garage

I started framing a lean-to, a-frame roof like a deck (with an a-frame "header" and three joist hangers). The joists are angled at about a 45-degree angle and are perpendicular to the garage (on which I hung the header). There will be two 4x4 posts at the end of the 10'x10' roof. When I looked for advice about this framing style, I found nothing. Is this going to be stable? I designed the roof this way because I have 6' reclaimed cedar fence panels that will run down the roof like shingles. Thanks for your help.

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Just wanted to say goodbye for a week. Cause I'll be too sick to post this later. I'm probably going to be gone for a week or so...with the chickenpox. I don't have it, yet, but my sister and my brother both have it, and my other sister and I are next (my other two brothers are immune, they got the shots but somehow we didn't, something about FDA approval and you can't receive it after a certain age...). They caught it from my dad, who has shingles. The doctor says we're next-like the chances are 100% that we will get sick soon. So, if anyone cares, I'm not gone forever, just for a while. I have to go clean my room and basically prepare to die now. (lol!)

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NEW HGTV series in development is casting in your community!

We are looking for homeowners with an eccentric, unconventional approach to home repairs. Do you know someone who is more MacGyver than Mike Holmes? This person’s go to tool for home repair is more likely to be a roll of duct tape rather than a screw driver. Maybe they’ve used roofing shingles to tile the foyer? Not such a bad idea, considering those shingle have a 25 year guarantee! And why return your empties for a refund, when an old can converts into a new shower head? Now that’s worth more than five cents! We are interested in hearing more about these “unique” approaches to home repairs.  Who says you can’t use old crutches to hold up basement stairs. Your leg healed, so why not put those crutches to good use. Or install used linoleum on the kitchen walls for a back splash. Why waste good flooring!  Or use that trusty duct tape in place of caulking around the bathtub. By participating in this fun new series, our expert host will fix the creative handy work and renovate that part of the house for FREE. Who knows, maybe the not-so-handy person in your life will even learn a few things!  We are casting throughout Ontario and would love to come to your community. Contact us today with your un-handy homeowner nomination! To apply, send an email to that includes: 1. The story behind the questionable home improvements 2. Photos of each of the eccentric repairs 3. A photo of you and a photo of the not-so-handy person you are nominating   4. Your contact information

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Solar Cells that look like Terracotta Tiles?

So I had an idea that you could make solar cells that looked like Terracotta roofing tiles example. I figured if they were durable enough you could cover an entire roof in them. They're definitely no uglier than standard shingles. Also figured since they're curved you might get more performance out of them, but I could be completely wrong and they could be absolutely useless up there.The only solar cell I've ever seen that didn't look like a giant rectangle was this little, thin sheet that was in the back of a Wired magazine. It could eliminate the eyesore issue that you might run into with the neighbors. I guess the second problem that you'd run into would be how costly this would be. Since you would have to buy them, install them, then wire them through the attic.And for the record, I know absolutely nothing about solar panels, I was just brainstorming ideas....Ideas? Suggestions? Possible? Impossible?

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Oktoberfest Beer Instructables

Oktoberfest is underway! To celebrate the beer-fueled festival we've compiled some of our favorite beer-themed Instructables. From making it to storing it to dealing with a hangover, we have plenty of info to help you thrive and survive in these difficult times. Check them out and be safe, everyone, drinking and power tools don't match. How to Make Beer by imarunner2 Why spend so much cash on beer in bottles when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost? Sure, there's more effort, but you'll be able to experiment with new flavors and always have plenty to share with friends. How to Brew Beer by moaner70 In case one way to make beer wasn't enough, here's another take on the issue. With some supplies and a little time you'll be ready to go! Keg Lathe by fredan Get a keg (legally!) and use this Instructable to cut a clean hole in it. Then use the keg to brew the beer. The cycle is complete! 2 tap Cornelius Kegerator by g0mikese So you've made some beer and you don't want to mess around with bottling it? Then check out this method of converting a fridge into a kegerator and have two types of beer on tap! Turning a Toy into a Kegerator Bar Gun by Unabill This toy is meant for shooting soda, but with a bit of hacking you can have it dispensing your own beer in no time. How to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener by lebowski So you bottled your own beer or maybe you just bought some at the store. The only thing you forgot is a bottle opener, but learn this simple method and you'll see that bottle openers are all around you! Also included is a trick for opening a bottle of wine with string. Break away beer bottles! by FreakCitySF Freak out others by smashing a fake bottle over a friend's head. Be sure to get him in on the idea first, OK? BeerCan Chicken by b_uddy Use a can of perfectly moderately decent beer to cook up a chicken. The results are moist and delicious. Thai style Chicken BBQ cooked outside in 10-15 minutes by dandym BeerCan Chicken a little too slow and not fiery enough for you? Then try burying the whole thing in hay and setting it on fire! Oh, and be careful if you try this one. Cool Little Miniature Stove! by NK5 Use those leftover cans to create your own little camping stove. Make Shingles and Siding Out of Aluminum Cans (Beer Can Roof) by robbtoberfest Have a few hundred leftover cans? Go crazy and build a new roof for a shed. How to cure a hangover by zieak Above it all, be safe and watch yourself. No use throwing away a perfectly good building day by slowly recovering from the previous night. Follow the tips in this Instructable, and its comments, to enjoy the whole weekend.

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Refill your Brita Filter, Fireball Shooter, Beer Can Roof...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Mar. 27, 2008 Welcome back! Enter the new April Fools' Day speed contest! Show us a clever prank and win some cool prizes. Burning Questions is back with Round 4. Answer a question from our list to win our eternal thanks and an Instructables patch! Both the Pocket-Sized speed contest and Pets Month will be ending in a few days. This is your last weekend to enter! Check out these cool instructables! How to refill a "disposable" Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon. Why buy a replacement filter for $6 to $10 (or more) when you can refill your old filter cartridge housing for about 50 cents?! posted by IAMSatisfied on Mar 24, 2008 Shopping Bag Wallet Make a virtually indestructible wallet with a very surprising design by reusing one of those strong shopping bags. posted by rollin on Mar 24, 2008 Make a Vibrating Dog Collar for a Deaf Dog Hack a remote control car with a dog collar to give yourself a way to call your deaf dog. All for about $5. posted by arcticpenguin on Mar 26, 2008 Make Shingles and Siding Out of Aluminum Cans (Beer Can Roof) This chicken coop is protected by the power of hard work and a lot of beer. posted by robbtoberfest on Mar 24, 2008 15-Minute Halter Top Need a halter top RIGHT NOW? Here's how to make a stylish, no-sew top in just 15 minutes with an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors. posted by Smexy Dead on Mar 24, 2007 Making a PostSecret in Photoshop PostSecret is an online art project that allows people to anonymously mail in postcards with their secrets on them. Try making one of your own. posted by AmandaRose on Mar 23, 2008 What tricks are up your sleeve? Pocket-Sized Speed Contest Give your old shirta new life! Portable speaker in a CD case Now that you only listen to MP3s, try making your own portable speaker in your old CD case. Here's how you do it. posted by fatrickuk on Mar 21, 2008 Fireball Shooter! Make a flaming fireball shooter just like magicians use. Save your cash and make your own! posted by Kipkay on Mar 22, 2008 Transform a boring old black t-shirt with bleach! Here's a way to transform boring old black t-shirts into "something else." It's like tie-dying, but uses bleach to remove the color, instead of adding it. posted by stinkymum on Mar 1823 2008 Pocket Graffiti Pen Crack open a permanent marker to make an impromptu device for getting a funky sprayed-on look. posted by PocketSized on Mar 21, 2008 Green Rainwater Use this simple but beautiful way to collect rainwater for use in your yard so that it need not go to waste. The best part: you can create it yourself. posted by Michelle Kaufmann on Mar 24, 2008 Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive Use an analog icon to hide your flash drive in this digital age. posted by fungus amungus on Mar 26, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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