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is silhouette a CAD softwhere? Answered

No real details just want to know. Say yes or know in the comments and give a reason if you have time. Thanks!

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I need help installing some softwhere. For some reason usereventagent is stoping me.? Answered

1. Ive been trying to download a old lego mindstorms softwhere from a disk on to my mac. However every time the download is about to complete a window pops up saying i need to quit UserEventAgent first. Ive tryed going into the activity moniter and force quiting the darn thing but the window just reappers. Perhaps Im not quiting it the right way?  2. Also I have a seccond mac and when i tryed to install the same softwhere on it the program went threw without a hitch. I was able to use it for a few weeks untill one day i tryed to load the softwhere and it "quit unexpectedly" since then i havent been able to open the program without it quiting.  I posted below a picture of the first issue and the windows that pop up. If anyone could help me find the awnsers to eather of these problems that would be great, thanks.

Question by inconceivable1    |  last reply