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I want this but cant make it I need help!?

I need help with this. I cant make it cause of various reasons so I am trying to find someone to do it for me.

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wanna see something weird?

I can turn my hand all the way around! Yay!

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Toddler Climbable Thingie

Hi! I'm looking for something my little boy could climb up and over. I'm not sure what to call it so I don't know what to search for, lol.  He's 15 months old and trying to climb up on chairs and tables and everything. I just want to make/buy him something safe to play with. Thanks!

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skull hinge thingie

Hey y'all, gotta question: I have a plastic human skull and I want to make it into a jewelry box/something creepy.  But anyway, the top half of the skull came off easy and I put a small hinge at the back of the skull... now my problem.  I want to have something that will keep the top open until I'm ready to close it... thoughts?  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated be safe be inspired

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Gift contest thingy

My skills include: Props, delicate work What I'd like to make for someone: Iron man phone(already made), you can see it here and it will be sent to someone I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone: small, medium I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: small, medium What I like: anything? What I don't like: nothing? I absolutely can't have: nothing? Type of thing I'd love to receive: anything Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Yes m that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian? Yes, I have approval

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Eco cool storage thingie

I was just wondering if anyone's got an 'ible for something like the Eco Cool Safe, HERE. Or is it too simple to 'ible?

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knex firing mechanism thingy

I didnt look around much so this may be old news... you can just delete this if it is the idea is that when you pull back and a little up the bolt pops out of the barrel and rests against the front of the chamber, until you push down on the hammer, which puts the bolt back in the barrel again :P if you make it with reds or grays they bend a bit much but it still works the problem is that theres no real way to make it bolt-action

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knex sidearm contest

Ok everyone. post your best sidearm or build one! you can enter every sidearm you want : a glock, oodammo, single shots as long it is an sidearm. if you can please make a vid you win: a 5* on all your ibles+sub the deadline is: 1 july so please enter YOUR sidearm current entrys: thedunkis oodassault 3.6 and 3.7 djradio's jackal v4 knex gun builder's halo magnum   dsman195276's sidearm selonzia's pp2000 and the winner is... THE DUNKIS!! congratulations!

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Motercycle thingy off Nacho Lebre

Is there a instructable on how to build the cart off the Movie Nacho Lebre. I love that vehicle could somebody make it or give me info on how to make it?

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What are these(Allen wrench like thingies)? Answered

I found these in an old toolbox. They are hexagonal like an Allen wrench, but have a smaller diameter round protrusion on one end. They are all the same size in "diameter". That's a standard size Sharpie marker there for reference.

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need help with levers and pulley thingy

I need help. yet again... im making a piggybank that has wings on hinges(when pigs fly...) there is a lever that when a coin is inserted the lever is pushed down the lever is hinged on one end and the other end is the end that goes down. the end that goes down has a string. the two wings have a string on each running from the wing to a rod that rises from beside the coin insert on each side. i had one string run from wing A trough a eyelette on rod A through a eyelette on rod B then onto wing B. i then had the string from the lever go over the length of string between the two rods and then back to the lever. that only lifted the wings ~1 CM the wings need to be lifted ~6 CM but the downward pull is only ~1 CM and is not variable. i have several ideas floating around but i would appreciate your help.

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what is a slovent solution thingy ma bobey?

(for science exam)

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Who can make an Ebow Type Thingy

I saw this at at How would you make sumpthin like that?

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Oy! Where's the "Collaborate" Thingy for the New Editor?

I've been working on a colaboration, and I've noticed that there's only a "Collaborate" option on the old editor. WTF is up with that?

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How to make an LED small, mountable thingy??

I want to use something LED inside a stone. The stone reacts very well to lighting but I'd like something the user could turn on or off, or even fade to different colors. I HAVE NO experience with LED's so any intro's or help would be great. Thanks!

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What can i do with the transformer thingy in a microwave? Answered

I decided to take apart an old microwave and found this big, heavy, metal transformer thing and i wanna know what and how to do something with it

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i found a girltech make-over thingy and i want to use the camera

I found a thing in vinnies and i want to use the camera. what should i make with it?

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Airsoft/Spudgun crossover: Anti-Personnel Explosive thingies

Its a PVC/ABS thing that works like a spud gun, but launches a powder cloud (and potentially BB's). It's remote-triggered, so it can be buried underground, and only the top has to be removed, so it can be permanent. It works in the same way as a spud gun. I'll try to get diagrams up tomorrow, and if I can build it, pictures and an instructable, of course.

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my rock tumbler borke can someone tell me were to get the part or what i can use to replace it Answered

The first one shows the driveshaft with the thingy that was on it that helped it spin the 2nd one is the thingy that helped it spin?

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Comment Problem

Ok so I noticed that my comment tracker disagrees with my instructables card thingy. Help?

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comments capchita won't appear? Answered

When i attempt to reply to comments and click "post" it says please enter the capchita thingy it still doesn't appear though even after refreshing!! irritating! 

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I Have A 20% Off Coupon Thingy for (PDAs)

I have a Palm IIIe, and I registered it on and got an email with a code for 20% off my first purchase at the store on the site. I've found out that it can be registered again to get another 20% off coupon, and as many more times as you want until you actually use the code (which I haven't). I'm never going to use it, so I'm wondering what I should do with it. Contest prize here on Instructables? Sell it on eBay? Just give it away or have a draw?I NEED A WAY TO DECIDE WHO GETS IT. Of course, I could just let you fight to the death and let the survivor take it.

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Hey, so I made a snow penguin thingy for the knexflux snowman contest ^.^ You can find instructions here:

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how do u make a lock pick set? Answered

Like how do u make a tension wrench and the actual pick thingy

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My dremel tool is spraking inside and the regulator thingy doesnt work...? Answered

1. My dremel makes a weird noise when i turn it on, and when i look inside through the venting holes i see sparks coming from the motor/magnet. It wasnt like this before and it runs slower now than before. 2. The roller thingy to regulate the speed (1,2,3,4,5,6 or max) only works on "max", if i turn it down the thing just stops working, but when i turn it up to max again it starts (at max speed of course) this isnt a very important acctually since i use max all the time, but its kinda annoying cuz it some times shuts off. My dremel is a CoTech model and only about 2-3 weeks old btw.

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How To Use the Alarm from an Alarm Clock in Something Else?

I wanted to make an alarm type thingy, ad I want to use the alarm from an alarm clock. I don't know how though, I tried connecting a cell to the wires that were already on the alarm, but it won't work. I think it's one of those piezo-electric crystal thingies. And I know I have to have pressure on it to work. How exactly would I use it?

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Miniature VCR

I have been trying to find a mini DV VCR thingy. Basically, I need a pocket VCR that doesn't make my wallet bury itself alive. Can anyone help?

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Making a Forge

I want to make the inlaid thingies as noted by another instructabler (lol). I need a forge that will melt the metals in this instructable: can I put together on the cheap to produce these results?

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My New Knex Gun- DG12 Marksman rifle

Hello Knexers! this is a new gun that is unpostable due to a bug that won't let me upload images on 'create'.This is a rachet system slingshot rifle. It is good enough to be a snipers rifle, but due to the mediocre accuracy produced, I decided to make it a Marksman rifle. It is accurate up to 30ft or so, but its maximum range is about 60-80ft. The mechanism is always reliable (Thanks to I_am_Canadian's striker pistol) and never breaks. The gun is only 3-layers thick due to my lack of pieces. There is a foldable rear sight positioned at the front of the stock.  Ammo is variable from a blue rod with a red connector, all the way up to a grey/black/clear size with a red connector. I would not recommend this as a primary, due to the time taken to reload in all slingshots. If so make this a sort of secondary. Mods: Last two pictures Credit: I_am_Canadian for his striker pistol Dedicated to Geodez and DJRadio, who make me laugh (geodez) and dedicate time to help me (DJ).

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Can I zap the light in a flickering LED without killing the flicker thingy?

I want to make a single LED flicker.  As far as I know, the only way to do this is to buy a chip and all the equipment needed to program it.  I don't know how to do that, and it's quite expensive.  So... I bought one of those dollar store flickering LED candles and tried using the light from it as my flicker circuit. It's the LED itself that flickers, not a separate circuit. I sadly couldn't find any where the circuit was a separate chip.   I can't use this light as my light because they only come in yellow (I need white). So I painted the flickering LED black and attached it to my battery.  Now my actual project LED did flicker, but the other light was draining all my battery power so that my main light was a bit dim and died quickly.  So my brilliant idea for a $1 easy flicker method doesn't quite work. Unless somebody knows how to zap the light without killing the flicker thingy. Is this even possible? I've no idea how those flickering LEDs work. Thanks.

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self propelled motor powered boat single person lay on thingy pontoon.

I know that sounds weird, but I don't really know what to call it.  I found piece of Styrofoam that looks like it was from an old buoy.  I cut it in half, made it into a toy boat, then realized the it could hold a person laying down on it.  it is about 3 to 4 feet long and 20 inches wide in the pontoon shape.  Now my questions are, first, how to I keep the Styrofoam from shaving off?  Its the compact type, so the outside is fine, but where I cut it in half it is rubbing off.  Second, should I make it a hand crank, or should I try to get a prop and chainsaw motor on it, or find a trolling motor?  We live within five minutes walking distance from lake Michigan,  so I could probably use it a lot (if it worked).  Thanks!!!

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is it possible to make a LED overhead projector lamp Answered

I was thinking of making the overhead projector lcd screen instructable thingy but would like to make a LED lamp does anybody know if this is possible :3 thanks josh 

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What mysterious force holds the plastic pizza signage to the top of this moving car? Answered

The attached photo was taken recently at an undisclosed location, somewhere in the Former United States (FUS). In it you can see a plastic sign-thingy on top of a moving car. My question is this: What mysterious forces keep the plastic sign-thingy from sliding off the car due to the effects of wind and inertial pseudoforces. What holds the sign to the top of the car? Is it powerful magnets? Double-sided sticky tape? Is it perhaps... love? Has anyone seen one of these artifacts up close, and/or knows for sure what the physical mechanism is?

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What is this called? Answered

Does anyone know what this thingy is called? I plan on making an instructable on how to make it as soon I find out its name. Thanks

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Pop rivet stem removal? Answered

I need to use the pop riveter today, but there is a leftover 'stem' thingy stuck in it. I've removed the nozzle (?) and squeezed the handle a few times. but it's still stuck. I've tried pulling on it with pliers with no success.  

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Knex shotgun

Got a new idea for a gun, its the shotgun from the game halo, it will have a little trap door thingy, which will reveal a sort of hopper thingy, which i think can hold about 8 white rods, give or take a few, it will have a pump, that not only pushes the firing pin back, but also loads a bullet, with the pressure of the pump stopping the bullet from falling into the barrel, and when the pump is released the bullet will be loaded, and it will be a true trigger, not alot of new things, just a couple of things switched around, yes this will be my first gun, but i will have to learn to build a pump action gun before ANYTHING starts happening, thank you for reading this Yerjoking

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iPod Universal Remote

I saw this Infared ipod thingy the other day and I would like someone to give instructions on how to do it without the pocket pc. for ex. you could make a way for it to record right off your pc or mac.

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someone, need help with batch code? Answered

Ok. i have been experimenting with batch code ms dos thingies on my new windows seven computer... i have found a lot of tutorials but they are either too basic or too complicated, links?

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DIY Laser pointer

Hello everybody, I'm sorry if this is already explained in an instructable, but I can't seem to find one... My question is, is there a way to make a laser pointer from the laser thingy inside an old cd-writer or an old hard drive (that both still work) ? Thanks

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In the Mindstorm nxt 2.0 kit, which of the four starter builds is the easiest and most enjoyable? Answered

There is the Alpha Rex, Shooterbot, Color Sorter, and the Alligator thingy. Which one is the easiest to build? Which one is the most fun to build?

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Bartboys Barrage of Sniper Rifles.

I have made 5 different sniper rifles, and one rifle that uses less pieces, and is ready to add an electric remote control thingy. They all have good rage and power. Please vote on Favourite.

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How do you clean rust from metal jewelry?

How do you clean rust from metal jewelry? and those greenish residue thingy on metal jewelry.. how do you clean it? Safely without damaging the jewelry..?

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K'nex gun with new type of hopper bottom

The pics pretty much explain it (this where made with bricksmith, a free lego digital building program, though u can download knex parts, though it is messing the ball joint connectors, ball joint, chain links, and black Y thingys)

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Whats the name of

Whats the name of that dial switch thingy found on old ships, you know where someone says "Full steam ahead!" and then they push this lever all the way forward and it makes bell noises as it does it and lights up a little sign on the side.  Its circular, you know what i'm talking about!

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Soon; Knex Walther p99!

Hey there! So I've made this knex p99 and gonna post it soon, but don't have the time yet. and the problem is I can't find my SD card, the thingy I always use for uploading photo's here so yeah

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12V DC adapter + incandescent= short circuit? help!

Hello! I have had an issue where i wore up a 12V DC adapter to a incandescent (halogen) bulb. wjen i do this, i believ it set of f the short circuit protection thingy in the 12V adapter.

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what is the knex bb gun with mag, seen it but now cant find it? Answered

What is the knex bb gun with mag, seen it but now cant find it? i have looked all over, it is like the mz4863 wotever thingy ma bob, can someone please help me fing it, would be appreciated

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Internet browsing device

I have a grand central account, and I use it for free long distance, but I have to turn on my computer just to make a call. I was wondering if anybody knows of something similar to the nokia internet tablet thingies, but much cheaper (under $100). Any ideas (or GC tips)?

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