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My tire swing tire Answered

I found an old tire in my pasture by my house. I decided to make a rope swing out of it, the only problem is the old, rusty rim is still on it! How do I get it off??

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Tire Tee

I want to make a tire tee for my softball-loving daughter. I saw the one in the link below and thought it would be an easy (and cheap) DIY. I'd want it to be portable, as her team is talking about practicing inside a school gym when it gets cold and this would be an excellent tool for hitting inside. My thought was to fill a bucket with concrete and stick the pole in it which would be my base. It looks like there's some PVC slipped over the pole with a pin/screw/bolt holding it at the height. If I want to get really fancy, I can drill multiple holes and adjust the height for each girl. The weight of the tire should provide enough resistance on its own. I want to limit any extra resistance from the tee as much as possible. The question I have is about the pivoting tire. What's the best way to set that up? I could have two pieces of PVC connected by a coupler and the tire would rest on the coupler. Or I could secure the the tire to the PVC in some way and when the batter hits it, the tire AND PVC rotates around the base pole. Any suggestions about this? I appreciate any insight! Thanks!

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ATV Tires

I am in the market to buy some new tires for my warrior. I was thinking about buying some ITB mud lites. Does any one know of any good ATV tires currently on the market?

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im tired

Tell me if anyone else feels like this I AM TIRED OF ALL THE 1 VIDEO INSTRUCTABLES man it makes me pissed off when all i see is a video yes i know it is easier but i quote "There is no rush to publish an instructable so do your best." -ewillhelm (i think) you know it might be easier to make a video but if your going to make a video please take 5 seconds to take some pictures maybe put something else in like words because for those fast readers who dont want to watching something they could read faster than a movie 1 pyro-

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repair a tire pump? Answered

Hand pump offers little to no resistance when pumping. loss of seal inside the pump cylinder.

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LED bike tires

We've seen all sorts of ways to light up your bike. Here on Instructables people have used LEDs, cold cathode lights, and even fire. Now a company called Cyglo is making new tires that light up with LEDs. They are powered by the spinning of the wheel. When the wheel isn't spinning you can see the individual LEDs. They blur together when the bike is moving for a persistence of vision effect. They're not on sale yet, but hopefully soon. And then there will be one more way to be brilliant while riding at night. Cyglo Night Bright Tyres turn on the magic of colored light

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How to melt tires?

Hi! Could anyone tell me what do I need to do in order to melt old tires and pour the liquid in a mould?

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foam filling a tire

Diy for foam filling a small lawn mower, hand truck tire.

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Tired of this thing in the chatroom

Why do I keep having this error! I haven't been in the chat room myself for a while now Apparently others can still get on I know there really isn't much instructables can do I checked meebo and nothing the closest is that the group is made private and I know that's not true

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Oh So Tired...

Ach. Wouldn't you know it? I finally start a group that seems to be taking off, and I've come down with something nasty. I've been coughing for two weeks, but I've developed some pretty horrid symptoms that only go away when I'm lying down. I'd appreciate it if you guys livened up the group while I'm out by inviting some more furry friends to join it. Thanks, Kataze (Bleach refrencer extrordinaire!)

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LED EMBEDDED IN AUTO-TIRES? How to build this tire? Answered

People have been asking me to create a “ LED TIRE ” and I’ve never really even considered doing it, but I’m thinking of putting together a prototype of TIRE embedded with a lot of LEDS. What do you say, dear readers about this wacky idea? * Would you like to test this type of rubber on the streets? * Do you think would look cool a car with such tires? If you’re interested, about this idea let me know. Meanwhile I try to make a real LED rubber and I will post pictures of it soon. * Does anyone have any idea how I might build such a rubber? Thanks in advance for any idea. I get an insights IDEA about HOW TO DO IT ? Yes, LEDs in tires, literally. - In terms of safety that I thought so: 1. I take a normal summer or winter rubber, and in this rubber insertions or ribs, I do small holes from place to place where this LEDs get inserted. 2 These LEDs are connected to a source of 4 batteries that will be attached to all the assembly of wires and connections inside the tire. 3. I closed all the little holes and the whole assembly of wires and battery inside against detachment and ensure tightness with special adhesive for rubber. And I solved the problem of safety..  . : ) I think so.. So opinions or any idea about to do that?

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Bike Tire Valve Lights

Anyone know how to build a Bike Tire Valve Light? The ones in stores strobe, waterproof, and only activate during movement. Thanks

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What will dye bike tires?

I tried asking this before, but it never appeared. I want to put brightly colored tires on my bike, but they're expensive, so I'm looking for some kind of product which will dye my black tires. Paint will wear off quickly, so I need something which actually penetrates the rubber. I'm thinking vinyl dye could work but I'm not sure.

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custom made tire cover

Last summer I bought my '07 Jeep Wrangler. The previous owner had added some stickers and a spare tire cover to make it look like he had the "Call of Duty" package. That's not my cup of tea, so I took that stuff off. I would like to add my own design to the spare tire cover. I actually have the design ready to go on Photoshop. I though maybe I could take it to a place like Staples, have it printed as a vinyl sign, and then use a strong adhesive to glue it to the old cover, on top of the Call of Duty stuff. I imagine, though, that there are probably some adjustments to this whole plan that would help things turn out better. Any advice?

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some projects for old tires,

Could someone come up with some things to use old tires for? I have loads of them.

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Feel tired advices please!

I always feel tired, I don't know why? I feel it’s a great place to put up my problem. Can you give me some advices. Thank you!

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Old tire rocking chair

Found randomly on Flickr: just LOVE this! It looks like it ought not to be too difficult to make, if one has a junkyard to pull bits from.(The note on the chair's back says something about don't play on this as wasps have taken up residence.)

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Airbag Jack to Change a Tire

I have seen one before and would like to have my own super strong airbag jack. I do not need airtank or air compressors to be considered. I have air addressed. Just need an easy solution to the problem. Here is one in Australia, I think

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I am SO tired....

I am just SO tired of not being able to be who I am.  If I am kind to children, I become a molester, if I let my feelings go with free reign, am outlandish if I don't let my feelings out, I am unfeeling, if I speak the truth, I am a heratic if I hold on to fantasy, I am bonkers. If I talk about who I am, what I am, people don't want to hear it, and eventually deny it altogether; so I can NEVER be who I am around most people... (obviously "around" means in person). I can't win. Also,  Can ANYONE on line truly know me, in any real capacity ?   Can anyone have experienced the tremendous struggles I have with sensory overload?  Can any of you REALLY know how much I struggle day in and day out to not become cynical like the tv character HOUSE ?  I mean,  really ? 

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How to make a special shape tire? Answered

I want to make a tire in a elliptical shape. How can I do it? Is it possible to convert an ordinary tire into an elliptical one? Many Thanks

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how do you smooth a rubber tire?

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DIY inductive heater? (For tire recycling.)

Hey all, I had an idea I wanted to try.  As you may know, recycling tires for projects isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. Since most street tires are steel-belted, about the only part you can even use is the sidewalls. :P My idea for getting the (much cooler) tread part off was to use an inductive heater to heat just the steel belting inside, then (hopefully) just yank the tread layer off with a ginormous pair of pliers. The problem is that actual inductive ranges are a $100+ for even a single burner unit.  Couple that with the very real possibility that my little experiment could damage it beyond repair... not exactly a recipe for success. So now my question: Does anybody have a schematic, instructions, and/or (please, please) instructible for how to build my own inductive heater? Thanks in advance, -me

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How to build beach balloon tires?

What would be the best way to attach ~ detach a set of wheels to a boat ... to move across soft sand ?  .. weight capacity = 500 lbs How to build balloon sand tires thanx ~Frog~

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How to make Balloon Beach Tires

Has anyone made Sand tires for soft sand .. to move boat to the water ? .. weight capacity =500 lbs.

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Are you sick and tired of Windows Vista? Answered

Like I said I am frustrated with Windows Vista. I am to the point of formatting the whole drive and just run Linux on it. Windows Vista can't find updates. It is too slow. It freezes constantly. Never finds drivers for the hardware that I have. It asks for your permission for almost everything it does. I can't install the software that I want. Do they think that I am another gullible fool that it is going to run to upgrade to Windows 7? No way! What do you think?

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How could I put oogoo inside a bike tire to make a solid tire?

I think oogoo would be a great material for a solid bike tire, the only problem is it wears away pretty easy so it would be nice to be able to put it inside a regular bike tire in place of the tube. I've been racking my brains but cant think of a way I could avoid air pockets and was hoping someone would have suggestions. Thanks. By the way i know solid tires ride different. I have them on one of my bikes now and they're a lot harder material than oogoo but I'm thinking oogoo would be hard enough.

Question by avocadostains    |  last reply

Wanted: Bicycle wheels w/ rims

I need bicycle tire for a fishing rod holder that i would like to sell (like the one below but without the pvc)

Topic by OutdoorManiac    |  last reply

What knex sets come with Large tires?

I have built a vehicle and now need large wheels to go with it? Can anyone name any sets with them. I only need two. Oh and bonus points if you tell me a store that sells it!

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how to inflate a bike tire with out a pump

Hello everybody, I have recently built a no weld rebumbant bike. And during the course have discovered that I do not own an bike pump. since I live in a extremely rural area borrowing is out of the question if some one could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. sincerely, fidgety

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How would you make a gasifier to convert tires (a petroleum-based product) to fuel to run your car  (and of course you would put a wet scrubber on the exhaust to limit damage to the environment) just wondering if it was possible i put the wood gasifier picture there because thats how i understand it and want to know if the same concept is possible with tires if you look up "the colony" look up season one they make a wood gasifier and do a good job explaining it 

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rubber apparel buttons from bike tires?

I made the bike tread belt, and of course wound up with two extra strips of rubber. Then I cut out shapes from them, which I think could be used as apparel buttons (as opposed to on/off buttons.) Is there an easier way to do this than with scissors? Also, buttons are often harder than rubber tires, but I also know that rubber gets hard over the years. Is there a simple way for me to make the rubber harder?

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Amps for 12 volt tire inflation pump

I'm trying to attach an AC adapter to a 12-volt tire inflation pump (the kind that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter), then convert it into a vacuum pump for degassing molds. I tried connecting the only 12 volt wall wart I have and it just barely got the motor moving. I'm guessing that the amperage of the adapter is too low. What sort of amps would this unit need to run correctly? Is it even possible to run this thing from a wall outlet?

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I'm tired of this, give me ideas please

Ok i need help, i've looked all over this instructables and everywhere else, and cant find anything on camping or hiking ideas or projects, just 1 camping chair (courtesy of Randy Sarafan a.k.a randofo) survival kits from LH, and other people, and some stoves, from alot of other people, thanks for helping me make one, but i need other ideas, if it helps, i have a broken camp chair, and a bunch of other stuff, and an old sleeping bag. any ideas will help, that'd be kool. thanks everyone.

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I'm tired of "It's my first, be nice"

Am I the only one who's tired of the people who use this little disclaimer as an excuse for a poorly written, poorly documented, non-unique, or otherwise substandard instructable? As far I'm concerned a first-time attempt is no reason for poor quality. If anything, it should mean they have taken extra care to ensure that everything is done well, in hopes of creating a good first impression and building some respect and appreciation from fellow contributors. Looking through the top rated instructables, a rather large number of them are their contributors first (and often times only) instructable, so obviously it is possible to create an excellent instructable your first time around. A person can keep a work in progress in their "unpublished" area indefinitely, so if extra documentation, proofreading, or the like are necessary, a person has all the time they need. So often it seems like the people using this excuse are rushing to get their project published, treating instructables more as a message board or even instant messaging. This is not how its meant to be. If a person has a unique idea, or frankly anything worth posting, unique or not, nobody is going to beat them to it. People need to slow down and make the best instructable they can, rather than falling back on the "it's my first, be nice" excuse. Above all, people need to take a little pride in their work.

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Can I get a 700x25 tire and tube and put it on a bike wheel that has a 700x38c tire and tube in it?

Can I get a 700x25 tire and tube and put it on a bike wheel that has a 700x38c tire and tube in it?

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Can I get a 700x25 tire and tube and put it on a bike wheel that has a 700x38c tire and tube in it?

Can I get a 700x25 tire and tube and put it on a bike wheel that has a 700x38c tire and tube in it?

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which position should I put with used and new winter tires? Answered

I've bought 2 new snow tires, the same model than the old ones. Should I put them both in front or in the back? I've got a Nissan Sentra 2004 (so, FF)

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Advice sought on hacking my Xootr kick scooter.

I love my Xootr Scooter. I'd probably love it even more if it didn't keep trying to kill me. I live in NYC and ride the scooter on both streets and sidewalks. The problem is that whenever the front wheel hits a sudden discontinuity greater than about half an inch, it flips, attempting to take me with it on a 360º journey that would no doubt end with my brains splattered on the pavement.  So far my reflexes have remained fast enough to leap off at the last microsecond; but I'm not getting any younger; which also means I would feel like a fool wearing a helmet to ride the same type of vehicle children so blithely scoot up and down the block on. Anyway: I've looked for inflatable tires that fit the scooter. They don't seem to exist. I've considered trying to add a suspension, but I don't weld and it's probably beyond my abilities anyway. My most recent idea is to use a drill to honeycomb the front tire with holes and then fill the holes with a 'bouncier' substance. (Sugru, perhaps?) Any suggestions, advice, or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Schrader Valve use with liquid?

I am working on making a compressed liquid system and i need a valve that can take both a bike pump and have liquid put through it...Can a Schrader Valve take a liquid (clean) and then have the bike pump still attached after?

Question by trf    |  last reply

i need help fixing my bike, i just posted pictures

I was riding my bike doing stupid stuff, i tighted my bolts because my rim was loose i rode around and was just messin around some more and the axel and rim came part, started clanking, wobbling around alot and noticed it..pissed me off alot, was about a mile down the road and decided t ride it anyway, stuck in 6th gear, messed up wheel that makes it go slow do not work together, so i got it up as fast as i could and it was clanking, wobbling, and squeeking SO much...IM STILL PISSED OFF!!! Pictures soon.

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Has anyone built a tire pressure monitor reader?

In 2008 and later all autos sold in the usa must have a tire pressure monitor in each tire. Commercial devices to read the tire pressure and id from these tpms are very expensive. Has some clever electronics hobbiest built a device to read these tpms?

Question by hswaters  

i am having truble beading the new tires? Answered

I tryed to inflate them but thay woun't bead  

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Will a 700x38 bike tire fit on a wheel that is currently a 700x28?

My wife and I recently started bicycle touring. She is not too comfortable on certain trails/roads with a narrower tire on her bike.

Question by Tony N ShariJ    |  last reply

Is it worth the added expense to use nitrogen to inflate tires? Answered

I bought a new car last week and while doing the final walk around inspection before leaving the lot, I noticed the tire valve stems all had green caps. I asked the salesperson about them. She informed me that the dealership refilled all of their new cars' tires with N2. And then she rendered a rehearsed pitch about the benefits of N2 vs. air, less leakage, little tire pressure change and so on. By that time I just wanted to get the hell out of there and go home. I started thinking about the N2 issue today and after checking around, I found that it is very difficult to find places to refill the tires with N2 and those that do have it charge $5 to $10 US per tire for a refill. As of now, I plan to refill the tires with regular air when needed and throw the green caps away. My question is, does anyone have any real world experience with N2 inflated tires and any bits of advice or information to pass on. Thanks

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What can i do with lots of rubber tires?

I have come across a pile of deserted rubber tires.  I'm not sure what they were originally used for but they are fairly high quality. to be clear, these are just the rubber part, no rim.  There a bunch of different kinds but most are over 20 in. in diameter and the width is about 6 in. For what could i possibly use these?

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Go-kart upgrade: plastic "wheels" to real tires Answered

My son received a Kettler Go-Kart (2nd hand adventure) for Christmas, and it's a lot of fun, even for the mom who crams herself into it to give chase to the kids (make great tight turns). Goal: take it a bit more off-road than asphalt and smoothish ground. Currently: Plastic, rear wheel drive wheels (think Hot Wheel front wheel material we grew up with). Where I'm at, after perusing the internet for all things pedal go-karty: I feel like the front wheel assembly will be pretty easy to replicate. The nature of rear wheel drive, which stays straight (fixed) is the challenge. Images attached. What's the answer to the rear wheel drive assembly? How to replicate rear fixed driving wheel with wheels available at the big box store, or is there another question that needs to be answered first? is the chief concern prior to fully disassembling the go-cart. And/ OR, What are the magic words for finding the "wheel" answer? Thank you in advance!

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