Towel Day

Hey everybody, I just found out that May 25th is Towel Day.  Is anyone out there celebrating the life & work of Douglas Adams today?

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how to make hotel towels?


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Drying towels on clothesline

I have just started using a clothesline and I have a problem with the way the towels dry.  They are very rough, kind of like sandpaper, and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make them dry softer.

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Don't forget your towel!

As some of you may know, May 25th is Towel Day in honor of Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I'd like to see what clever uses can be found for towels.

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Anyone made a towel warmer?

 We'd really like one, but they are quite expensive. We're wanting one that plugs in so we can use it at home or in the RV. It seems regulating the temp is the main issue and there can't be much more than some kind of thermostat and wires run through a pipe.?

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how should automatic paper towel dispenser work?

Sir, i want full details off automatic paper towel dispenser, how the sensor board will work automatily, how we get a paper in few sec

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Next step to the robotic house-maid...

OK, so it's a fairly simple task for homo artifex, but a robot is now capable of folding towels. It takes two minutes of sped-up video to fold the five towels (100 minutes in real time!!), but this is a huge breakthrough in robotics, because towels are not rigid, predictable objects. The towels are different sizes, different colours, and start off screwed up. You may be bored, but I'm impressed. Berkley Website article Still image from dot.Maggie

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how to make an automatic paper towel dispenser? Answered

I'm trying to build my own, but I'm not exactly sure how it works. I currently have a 12v power source, a PIR sensor, and a 12v motor. I've read online to try to figure some things out and a came across a set reset flip flop. i figured this will make the motor run then stop and reset the circuit. but when i try to connect everything nothing happens. in its simplest form i want it to dispense for probably about 3-5 seconds then turn off. is there an easier way to achieve this?

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are you supost to use two towel when you fix it? Answered

Are you supost to us a towel when you fix a xbx 360. if my xbox 360 is haft geen haft red does that means that something else is wrong with it? how long is the thing supost to stay red be4 you cover it up with the towel

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45 WATT Towel Rail - would there be any way to power this off grid?

Was thinking that perhaps, because of it's low wattage that perhaps there might be a way of powering thing so that dry towels might be possible if the central heating wasn't on. BUT I'm not an electricity guru so help required!!  :))

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Simple Sewing Project

I'm trying to figure out how to make a hooded towel for an infant/toddler using a bath towel and a hand towel. I can't find anything online that gives instructions for putting one of these simple things together and I really don't want to spend $40 at a specialty shop to buy one ready made.

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"EMBROIDERY" What can I do to make the back of a design look presentable; like with a tea towel?

When the reverse of a pattern will be seen, how can I make it look neat and not with threads going every which way?

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DIY Minor Explosive

Does anyone know of any under the sink materials to make small explosives out of. I have looked on the internet and found kn03 and all that stuff and stump remover and stuff but I can't get that now. I am looking for an answer like, Mix some alcohol with bleach, put it on a towel to dry. Then mix it with (fill in blank) and let it dry again. The cut the towel and it is explosive powder.  I know that recipe is fake but that is the kind of thing I am looking for. I am not going to hurt somebody. I am just interested in pyro stuff and have been trying a few things but it is kind of hard to do it right. Please help! 

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Remove Juice Stain, Carpet

Something Red. Still fresh.  I have damp towels on it now. I have a shop vac. Ive read about mixing peroxide with soap. What soap, specifically? Other tips?

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Need tips on starting Lantana from seed?

I have tried starting seeds in paper towels dampened and directly in potting soil inside the house and no luck starting them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Found-Fabric suggestions for napkins? Answered

Wanted to make napkins and dish towels for new home.  Probably will try to reuse fabrics from local thrift stores / salvages. Since I haven't invested yet, I can go with guidance- if anyone has fabric suggestions for what works well.

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How to clean hazy clear plastic iPod cover? Answered

Is there any way to remove the haze from this Belkin iPod arm band?  It is a clear, soft plastic.  I tried using a tiny bit of soap on a damp paper towel and that did nothing.

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I want to make cushions for the arms of a chaise lounge

I have terry cloth towels and foam pieces cut to the size of the  arm rests of the deck chairs.   I would like to fasten them on to the arms with velcro.  I want to be able to take the foam out to launder the terry cloth.

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How to Wash a Cat

Let me tell you how I bathe my cat.  This is no fluke. I have even taken a cat to a college class and given him a bath as a demonstration.  If anything would set a cat off, that would. I have even bathed cats that aren't mine. Take a big breath and relax. Your state of mind will influence his. Start with a clean counter next to the kitchen sink. Put towels on it. Don't have them so close to the sink that the cat could grab it.  I generally have the cat facing away from the towels and toward the water faucet.  Don't have him facing you.  He'll try to grab you and climb up your chest.  Get your shampoo opened and handy. Consider which hand will be easier for you to hold the cat and which to wash.  Set up your towels and sinks accordingly. Now, plug the side of the sink you'll be using to bathe the cat. In the other side, start the water. Get it to the temperature you want. Turn the pressure down to a slow flow - on that side. Put your cat into the empty, plugged up side of the sink, facing the wall. I have bathed a cat with and without a towel in the sink. Your choice. Let him watch the water for a few seconds until both of you relax. With your washing hand, cup your hand, fill it with water and "pet" your cat with it. Start on his back, not his head. Do this several times. Slowly move the faucet over to his side of the sink but not ON him. Continue "petting" him with water. If he's relatively calm, increase the water pressure so the sink is slowly filling. Remember, you're washing with one hand and restraining him gently with the other. Put some shampoo on him and water-pet and wash him. Have a little PLASTIC cup handy so you can scoop some of the water from his side of the sink and pour it over him (it has soap in it - might as well use it to the max). Continue washing until you are satisfied that he is clean. GENTLY remove the plug and let the water drain WHILE you are filling that cup with clean water and gently pouring it over him. Scratch and pet him frequently. Talk to him.  Rinse him thoroughly. When you are all done, let him drip a little.  You might want to gently squeeze his legs and tail to 'ring' some of the excess water off of him.  Then put him on the towels and wrap him up gently but quickly. Use old towels. If he has his claws he might snag them a little. Drying is the hardest part because he wants to run away. Dry him as best you can and then release him in a warm room. Don't let him outside until he is dry. I hope this works for you as it has for me.

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Hey guys, finally a different question today. I'm trying to get some seeds sprouting and I put them in paper towel (wet of course) and they've been in there for a few days and still nothing. Are they duds? Sorry for the confusion everyone, I'm not growing weed (right now), these are seeds from a really hot pepper that my cousine grows in his garden down in the states.

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Thin Film Battery?

Hi, I was wondering what kind of battery chemistry I could use with thin film battteries. Something like a sheet of Material: A then a shet of paper Towel soaked in electrolyte, then Material: B. What should I use for Materials A and B? Aluminum foil/carbon paper, Aluminum foil, Copper Foil, Zinc Foil, Carbon Paper?

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how to repair the one ring of death? on the xbox 360?

I know how to repair the three rings of death its just after i repaired it the second or thrid time with the towel thing. one red light turned on. so ya does anyone know anything about it??? if you dont want to publicly speak email me at

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Some time back, it occurred to me that a sufficiently strong vacuum would be useful for drying wet electronics. After all, water boils at lower temps at higher elevations, and in space, water will even boil at 33F ( 1 C) Freeze-drying coffee is another example of using high vacuum to desicate stuff. I hooked up a vacuum pump which had been marketed for bleeding hydraulic brakes and clutches to a pressure chamber for extending the life of tennis balls.  It did not seem to work when I tried rapid drying a damp paper towel. Indeed, my control, another paper towel left out at room temps dried before the one in the vacuum chamber. I think I've heard of repurposing a refrigeration pump to act as a vac-pump. Someday, I may try that, but would prefer not to have to deal with the freon. Besides that, if someone is scrapping a fridge, and I can pick it up free, will the pump be any good?

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Scrolling Backdrop for Video

Hi All: I'm looking for ideas on creating my own rotating backdrop for a video that I'll be creating for my book. I will be drawing/painting a city skyline onto some type of paper or another and then want to be able to have it on a continuous 'scroll'. (Think a reel-to-reel player type of setup except using manual power.) I've considered paper towel holders on a Lazy Susan project....Any thoughts? Many thanks!

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Yoda Cake, Amphibious Couchbike, Bacon Soap

Yoda Cake Amphibious Couchbike Bacon Soap DIY Pixar Baby Lamp Zipper Earbuds Liquid-Cooled Car Seat Build a Marimba Homemade Rowing Shell Camera Ring Light Panning Security Cam Basic Linear Perspective Hand Crank Flashlight $2 Running Shoes Bright Bike Headlight Paper Towel Roll Flower

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The Bacon Contest starts today!

It's time again for the Bacon Contest! Click through to get more info and see the breakdown of prizes. We want to see your most amazing bacon recipes and bacon-themed crafts. :D The contest will be open March 18 - April 25 - so get to making! You could win all sorts of fantastic bacon-y things, including a Wolfgang Puck griddle, towels, mugs, and salt samplers.

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How do you make your own 3(or 4)-sectioned hamper where you can remove each section to take to the washer?

I would like to make a hamper that has different sections (whites, colors, towels, etc) but I want to be able to remove the different bags and take them individually to the washer so it needs to be sturdy. I would rather the sections be made of canvas or another fabric. Any suggestions?

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Humane Trap Ideas

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in! They're smart.... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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Trash-Burning Car, Giant Bristlebot, 25 Cent Ring

Trash-Burning Car Giant Bristlebot 25 Cent Ring Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube Paper Wallet Weld a Barbecue Easy Rain Barrel Build an Artificial Reef How to Freeze Blueberries Beach Towel for Two Terra Cotta Fountain iMac Desk Clone a Tomato Plant Crocheted Fairy Wings Stainless Steel Patio Heater

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How to make a bottle rocket car?

How can i make a bottle rocket car? I have limited materials to use on the project. The materials i can use are: - 5 straws - 1 regular size water bottle - 1 sheet of a paper towel roll - 4 wheels - baking soda - vinegar - hot glue (glue gun used to apply it) I thought up of a couple of designs and they all failed. Can anyone help?  

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Humane Trap Ideas? Answered

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in ! They're smart .... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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Breaking News: Gifs work in the NEWSLETTER!

Did you know that gifs work in our newsletter?  They do!  As long as they are the correct size which is 240 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.  So if you like to make gifs for your projects, why not make a 240 by 200 one while you are at it!  If you want to see, just check out the Magnetic Tea Towels by mikeasaurus in the old Thursday January 30th newsletter.  If you save every one like I do :)

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How do I figure out what size resistor I need to slow down a recycled printer motor down to it's absolute slowest speed? Answered

The motor will be driving a small belt and a paper towel tube. This project is for Halloween. I'm trying to create a mechanical fade circuit for a fluorescent tube. The motor came from an old printer and runs at full speed when 12v is applied. I want to get the motor down to a speed where the tube rotation is as slow as possible.

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Is there any awesome way to clean car windows? Answered

Okay heres the predicament I am now in charge of cleaning my families vehicles (a prius and a ford F250 super duty turbo charged lariat diesel) but when ever i try to clean the windows i always get spots and streaks and it is reducing my pay and tolerance i am gently rubbing in a circular motions and using microfiber and/ or paper towels and i am using window cleaner. any ideas are better than none thanks! 

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"Costume" Ideas

So, my school football team is the Patriots. I'm looking for some ideas on what I can do to make a better costume/whatever. I wanted to make a 300 style red white and blue helmet to wear, but that proved to be pretty tricky. (I did see the boba fett helmet ible) I have been using a towel, but I'm going to make a better cape A stadium horn is on it's way from ebay I paint my face/use colored hair spray already Got any other ideas?

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Help! i need to hatch some spiny leaf insect eggs and i have no idea how

Help, i need to hatch about 80 spiny leaf inset eggs and i dont have a clue how. pplzz help. How big are the babys when they hatch? can someone post a pic of a newly hathed baby so i knowwhat they look like. is putting the eggs on paper towel okay? is spraying the egss only twice a week okay? how long does it take for them to hatch?

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i dropped my gameboy ds into the toilet, help!?

I reached in and grapped it immediatly and a toweled, hairdried, and Q-tipped it off. Symptoms, at first it would work with a blurry screen (with sound), then it would work (with sound) and a blank screen, and now it wont turn on and it will not accept a charge from the wall. I am thinking i will take it to slackers and have them try a new battery in mine and see if it works. Has anyone had any experience with this before, am i just completely out of luck? Does anyone want to buy a gameboy?

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Mind Puzzler

All right everybody so I'm going tp post a little brain puzzle. The first one to get it will get followed by me. (NOTICE: PM me the answer,if you leave a comment it has a chance to be stolen.)  Puzzle: 3 men enter a steam room at a gyn. One of the men is carrying a thermos,the other a towel,and the third a water bottle. After 10 minutes later and the steam clearing away two of the men find that the other is dead. WHO KILLED THE MAN. After somebody has given me the answer I will post the correct answer in a edit of this forum. Good luck.  

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Storing Elastic Cargo Nets?

Anyone know a way to store those elastic cargo nets that look like a spider web made out of bungee cords? The net always gets twisted around & through itself and the hooks do their best to make sure it stays that way! The best way I've come up with so far is to stretch it out on an old towel, piece of tarp or something similar that's about the same size as the net and then roll them up together like a giant Taquito. But that's pretty bulky, especially if you have several. Better ideas?

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Motion Sensor Toilet paper Dispenser project

I have a project for school where i have to create a motion sensor toilet tissue dispenser kind of like a tiny paper towel dispenser i could put on a counter. I dont know anything about how motion sensors work or how i would make it work. I just need to figure out the price it would be to set up the motion sensors, gears and everything. Any help, such as links to parts or anything that would give me a better understanding of how to set up motion sensors and connecting them to gears and such, would be appreciated.

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How to make light weight and moveable, wall display for a large collection of earrings

My dream catcher with wool 'tails' (+ 2') is on it's last legs. I have been hanging my very large (100+) collection of earrings on this for over 20 yrs.  Does anyone have any ideas for a nice looking way to hang all my earrings so I can see them, but also be able to take them off the wall and lock them up when, for example, I go on vacation. Now, I just wrap and fold them up in a towel and lock them up in a cabinet.

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Fuse Sheet Plastic to Wood

Not long ago, someone was lookin for solution to waterproofin wood box. Can't find it at the moment. Maybe someone else can find that thread. My experiment: Hot clothes iron                          [][][][][] 4 layers paper towel              ------------------                                                   ----------------                                                    ----------------                                                    ------------------- 1 layer wax paper                    ____________ 2 layers clear plastic tarp        ============== Block of 2x4                             [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[] The layers of plastic fused pretty strongly together.  Bond to the wood was moderately weak. This could be done with multiple layers, and only  the lowest layer stapled to wood. Thus achieving strong bond to wood, yet no leak at staples since only 1 layer is punctured.

Topic by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

Loss of temperature sensation in fingers? Answered

I've never had this problem until's the story. Well, I was outside the other day, and it was freaking cold out. Probably about 9 degree's F. I was wringing cold water out of a towel (long story) and the cold really hurt my fingers. First my fingers felt cold, then nothing...just this buzzing sensation. Realizing that wringing water out of a towel with bare hands at 9F is probably a stupid idea, I rushed indoors and defrosted my hands with warm water. But all I felt was buzzing, not warm water. Hmm. So today I was melting wax in a soup can in boiling water, and I touched the tin to see how hot it was. It didn't feel hot, so I just grabbed the boiling hot tin of wax and poured it into my mold. The wax dribbled onto my fingers. I didn't even notice it! Later that day it occurred to me that maybe i was having trouble feeling how hot things are, so I experimented. I ran hot water over my fingers, but it didn't feel hot at all. It just feels like my fingers are buzzing or something.  Stranger still, if I IMAGINED that the hot water is cold, it suddenly feels cold! If I imagine it's hot, I get that buzzing sensation. It's probably just a temporary condition, so I was wondering if it's ever happened to any of you folks?

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Stay Warmer At Night

We keep a kind of chilly house in winter . Sweaters and sweatshirts are expected, except for company.  In our area, we heat and cook with natural gas and that is cheaper than electricity. But the cheapest heat is residual from cooking . So a kettle is always on for tea whenever wished. And most nights we bake potatoes unless the daughter bakes brownies or something. And, in addition to that we will stick bricks in the oven. Come bedtime, the bricks get wrapped up in towels and put in the bed. where toes can cling to the brick and other toes. Best strategy for bricks is to bake them at 175 for a couple of hours.  Please spare the obvious comments, but please make other homey suggestions.

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So anyway, I cracked open an Etch-a-Sketch and got aluminium powder all over my desk. Can anyone help?

When the top half of the case finally snapped off, a cloud of fine aluminium powder was ejected over a large area of my desk. I'd like to clean it up soon, (read: before my Dad gets back), but I can't figure out how to get it off. A light brush from a paper towel smudged it into a nice shiny streak, and blowing doesn't get near enough of the particles off. Would water help or make things worse? Anybody else have experience with this?

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Stains: specifically, how to remove MUSTARD stains

I have JUST NOW dumped an entire sardine (in mustard sauce) onto my white work shirt while having my meal at work, and the standard "damp cold water on a paper towel and a dry one underneath dabbing like crazy, didn't work. I know there are commercial stain removers out there, but I would love to have a small bottle of something easy to make (or just something that needs no alteration, but does the job) handy for such incidences. Any ideas? (I DID do a google search, but would LOVE to know if any of the ideas worked for anyone personally; ;-)

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What are some compact arrangements for using materials when plein air painting? Answered

I haven't been plein air painting very long, and managing all the 'stuff' while painting feels really awkward. There's got to be a better way!   I'm working on small paintings without an easel - usually in the front seat of a car, or sitting on a rock in the wind.   I've seen the nifty  Instructable Altoid paint boxes and tiny brushes.   Ok.... So there you are on a breezy park bench with your paint box., sketch book, rag or paper towel, water, brush, and palette...  You're sitting between two old Italian ladies. Your brush is in one hand, and your sketch book or palette is in the other hand.  Where is all the other stuff?   

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What would Douglas Adams do?

So I'm about to embark on a month long voyage across the US and A (well, pretty much the places JetBlue services) - here's a cross link: now, I'm left with a situation. I've never traveled for 1 month at a time (a week, at most, is my experience). And obviously packing light is a must (no problem). So that leaves me with a question....What would Douglas Adams Pack?1. A Towel - I'm claiming that one before the first 42 replies state so2. ?...What else and what would/do you pack? I've got clothing covered ;)

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