I unpublished my instructable but it remains in the page. I went to RECENT and go back thru Jan 29, and still there it is. What can I do? I want to remove it, at least temporarily, meanwhile I can not to operate under load the generator.

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Unpublished 'ibles.

So after having been off for a long time and finally having pinpointed the neighbours wifi router, sans cantenna (it helped signal but because there's cars passing by made it cut out far easier) I've been on and digging around, immediately I wrote and published a couple of 'ibles I already had made, now I'm rooting around in my unpublished 'ibles... I have 39 of them, many are confusing and worrying, in various stages of writing and the answers to a lot of the burning questions, subjects are wildly varied and questionable at best, there's one that's even ready to publish, however I'm not sure about it, nothing wrong it's just I'll have to listen to a plethora of comments that will annoy me in extremis, points to anyone who guesses it... Anyway... how about you lot? Many unpublished 'ibles, are many ever likely to be publishable?

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Unpublishing an instructable

I wrote this, published it, now want it off, cause I am trying to sell these.  I did the unpublish thing, It now has this in my own file as an instructable I am working on, not published, but in a search I found my instructable apparently published.  can i see it as published just because "I" am looking for it?  or can everyone see it?

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Unpublish an instructable?

I missed out on the new Zing contest by a day, and was pretty annoyed. Someone mentioned that you can un-publish then republish your instructable to enter? Is this considered cheating? or is it okay? I probably won't get round to writing anything else up before the competition closes.  - Tom

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Corrupted Unpublished Instructables

Hi, I'm new to the site and in starting my first instructable (a photo one) it kept crashing loading the photos.  I now have two unpublished versions of it on my page which I can't edit or delete.  How do I remove them please? Thanks, Lu

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Unpublished Instructables are visible.

I have had a comment posted on an instructable I have not published, nor have I posted the link to it elsewhere. The work-around the poster used needs to be blocked off.

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Invisible Unpublished Instructables

It looks like, if you happen to save more than 10 unpublished instructables/slideshows, the unpublished page does not show the helpful little "1-10 of XX {Next}" information and button (like it does in the published section). If I add "&offset;=10" to the URL though it does take me to the correct page(s).

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PDF of unpublished ible?

I can't seem to get a PDF generated of an ible I am working on, but not published yet.  Is this possible? I've tried both custom and default PDF options. Reason: I'd like to share with local group, but still add to the ible before publishing for the Instructables community. Should I publish as a private ible, then switch to a public ible at a later date? (Is that possible and will that allow me to download the PDF?)

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Disappearing Unpublished Projects.

I started writing an instructable a hour or so ago, and saved it. I got the message that it had been savd, and got no error messages. I hadn't added any images to it.I just came back to do a bit more on it, and it's gone. No sign of it in my unpublished list.A quick glance through my unpublished list, I see that at least two other unpublished projects without images that I made a brief start on in the last week or two have also disappeared.Personally, I haven't lost much, they were just notes to remind me to actually do the projects, but it could just as easily have been a huge ible I lost.That makes it an important bug that needs fixing before too many people lose too much work.

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Missing Instructables

My "unpublished" list seems to have disappeared. I would kind of like it back, please... (FF4, WinXP)

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it doesn't let me publish

I try to publish my work (Did all that was necessary, put pictures, title...) since two day but instructables always answer me "The servers are busy. Please wait a few minutes and try again" Can anybody help me pleaaaase ???

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Can't unpublish an instructable

I haven't been able to unpublish an instructable I made a while ago. I entered it in a contest forever ago but recently wanted to delete it. here's a link to it:

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unpublished knex stuff

These are my never published knex creations

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Getting Views on Unpublished Content

I am editing an unpublished Instructable and am showing a few views.  I deleted that one (assuming that I had accidentally published it somehow) and the same is happening in a new one.  Right now. it is just one on the new one.  I don't see it anywhere in 'recent' so perhaps these are not real views by other users.

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Old version remnants are saved as "unpublished"

After publishing my latest I'ble, twelve saved versions of it are still stored as "unpublished" in my account (see attached screenshot) Can I throw away these unwanted, unpublished i'bles, without deleting the published mother-i'ble? Y.

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Can't access my unpublished Instructable

I went to work on an Instrutable tonight that I began earlier this week. I clicked on the unpublished tab and it tells me I don't have any unpublished instructables when the tab at the top indicates I have two (which is correct). When I clicked on the published tab I got the same message about not having any instructables even though a 50 is displayed in the tab. Something is amiss. I have lost a rare (for me) opportunity to make some progress on documenting a project. I'm bummed. Please fix.

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latest instructable not showing

I don't see my last instructable anywhere except under my instructables where it is showing as published.

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How to delete unpublished video instructable ?

Does anybody know how to delete an unpublished video instructable ? I have two that I want to delete, but there doesn't seem to be a way to remove them ?

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Removing accidental unpublished instructables?

Hi,  When I created a step by step Instructable, it didn't show up at first so I clicked create again and now I have one that's completed and published and one that's sitting in limbo. Any chance there's a delete button where I can remove that? Otherwise, I'd probably use that for another step by step project. Thanks

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Completables~ What are you hiding??

Does anyone out there have some hidden project's, that they have not / can not publish?Have you Completed an Instructable with excellent result's?Post it in Completables and get the credit it deserves..!!

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Where on the You page can you see your saved but unfinished instructables? Please help me. Answered

I wrote this awesome instructable and saved it but I can't find it now. If you help me you can see it too!

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how to unpublish an instructable ? (solved)

Hi.I'm sure someone asked it before, but I can't find the forum or the answer ...Please.I would like to unpublish an instructable about which I'm not really happy (someone posted a better and more reliable one), but I can't find where is the "unpublish" button.Any idea about how to proceed ???=o)

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Unpublishing Instructable entered in contest

I have an instructable( which I want to delete. I posted a half-made project and meant to finish it and update the instructable before the puppet contest ended, but could not do so. I'm taking it slow right now and it might take time(weeks or months maybe?), and I want to publish it only when it's done completely. Whenever I tried to unpublish it, it gave me the message: "Sorry, you may not unpublish an Instructable that's entered in a contest. If the contest is not over, you may remove it first, and then unpublish". I saw no option to remove it from contest. Now the contest winners have been announced and still I'm getting the same error. Any help here? -Antzy

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What does the I'bles hand mean after the title of one of my unpublished I'bles? Answered

Title says it all. Was the I'ble featured before I unpublished it?

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Is it possible to change the category of an instructable?

Hi!I want to change the category of my instructable and it does not work. He tells me that it is changed pro then it has not changed. I read that you have to stop the publication of the instructable but that button does not exist.Any ideas?Regards,Arturo

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Draft views

After finishing a project and reading it some times in the preview section, I noticed the view number seemed to go up. Not just every time I looked at it, every time I clicked next step, 5 times while reading the project once. This hasn't happened to me before. I'm using safari on an OS X 10.8.2

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How do you unpublish an instructable? Answered

I want to unpublish an instructable.How can I do this so that it will be in the unpublished section? Thanks!

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How do i delete an unpublished instructable? Answered

I tried to make an instructable for a contest, but i didn't finish it in time, so now I have this half-completed unpublished instructable that I cant delete, so can someone help me?  Oh yeah, it was a paper wallet.

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Error with unpublished, collaborations and favourites pages. FIXED

If you look at the image there's something gone wrong, I have 40 unpublished, not zero, one collaboration, not zero and one favourite, not zero... Don't know if this is a tiny issue or not, considering the fact that before people were able to view unpublished 'ibles, which aren't inherently private but aren't supposed to appear unless they're linked to... Hopefully it's only minor, though it's still counting published 'ibles correctly...

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One Of My Unpublished Instructables - War Pistol

Hey guys, I ran across this today. It's an old unpublished instructable of mine. The gun is long gone, but here is the intro I made up a  year ago. It's kinda behind times now, but it was good at the time.  So here you go: First off, let me say thanks to kNeXFreek for the help on the mag. This gun isn't anything too new, but as knex_lover said, my other oodammo guns are old and kinda behind the times. So I made this. It has: A 7 round, tilting oodammo mag. A new trigger that uses a flexi rod in place of rubber bands. A very sturdy 8 layer body. A modded ram lock from the Mezak. Trigger guard. And a new mag lock. So like I said nothing too new, but this is better than my other guns. Some people have had the tbap or tbos shoot two bullets at one time. That has never happend on this gun. This gun is also pretty ugly, but it wasn't made for looks. It was made for function. So what do you think??  It only takes 5 seconds to reply. Thanks,

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There is no delete button on my unpublished instructable! How can I delete it? Answered

As you can see, there is no delete button in sight! what should i do?

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View published instructables not working

When I click on "You" then "Instructables", the whole page reloads. I'm trying to edit an unpublished instructable. Tried it in IE and it works, but the editor doesn't, so I still can't work on it. I'm using the newest version of FF, and Windows 7 Home premium. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Upcoming Contests- Any Predictions?

Hey everyone... curious Maker has just one burning question for the Instructable Old-timers: Besides Halloween, are there any other Annual Contests that we can reliably look forward to?

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Unpublishing an instructable entered in a contest that has ended

Hi, is it possible to unpublish this instructable, which was entered in the Pocket Sized Contest? I was looking at my older instructables and realized that I'm not happy with it and there are much better variations of it out there.  Thanks!

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Old instructable needs to be unpublished, but it won't let me.

I have a couple of instructables that I need to unpublish (not delete). But when I try to unpublish it, it won't let me, saying that since it was entered in a contest, you have to remove it from the contest before unpublishing it. The said contests have been over for a long time now, and I don't want these instructables sitting around anymore. Can someone help me?

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Profile Page Displays Unpublished Guides

Hi - Looks like the user Profile Page displays unpublished guides rather than the  published ones. Thanks!

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How do you unpublish an Instructable?

I have an Instructable that I posted that I want to unpublish now, so that I can add to and improve upon it. I can edit it, but if I have to stop while in progress, my Instructable will still show. I can't seem to be able find where I can unpublish it at - does anyone know? Thanks, Bran E.

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Can I share an unpublished Instructable? Answered

Can I share an unpublished Instructable? It is based on the work of a third-party who is not an Instructable member and I want to share it with him to confirm everything is correct before I publish it.

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Can't unpublish - 'entered in contest' somewhere??

I'm trying to unpublish an instructable. It's been 'featured', and I *think* it's been entered into contests before (though never won). When I try to unpublish the instructable, it says I can't because i'm entered into a contest, and I have to remove myself from the contest first. I can't find any contest that I've entered myself into, and if I did it was months and months ago and the contest is over. Any ideas on what to do?

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What is your Published to Unpublished ratio?

After finishing one last week and deleting one I'm finally at 1:1. Are you an unpublished packrat, collecting ideas, or do you (unlike me) finish everything you start?

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can you delete an unpublished instructable? Answered

It saved an accidental draft and i was wondering if i could delete it?

Question by gogglecrab   |  last reply

Unpublished Instructables are all in lock-down.

OS: Windows 7 Browser: Google Chrome and IE All of my unpublished ibles are in lock-down and unable to be edited. When I click "edit", the page enters a pertpetual state of gray-screen "updating".   I tried restarting my computer and switching browsers.  No change.

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unpublished but too old for competition, what?? Answered

Iv been working on this instructable, trying to get the instructions just right,as it has been a complicated build and harder to explain. then i spot the lomography competition,and i think perfect, i try to enter it, to my great disappointment ,but im told its out side of the creation date range, i would have thought it would have been the published date that was this a glitch?. any thoughts anybody.

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Over Twenty Unpublished Instructables Because. . . .

I have some instructibles for tools, procedures and other things a significant portion of the readers would be interested in, but I'm not inclined to publish them because I cannot enter them in contests unless I published them after a given contest started. I live for my fifteen minutes of fame [ two minutes at a time].  Why should I publish them when I'm still fourteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds from that fame?

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My published instructable keeps being unpublished to a draft

As the title says, my recent instructable ( ) keeps getting unpublished, becoming a draft. I have to go to the edit button and then publish it again.It has been submited to the rc contest and approved. Could this be a reason for this to happen, like a bug?Why is this happening?Thank you

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information being deleted from unpublished instuctable

I am working on a new instructable and I'm almost near the end, each of the steps has a lot of information on it, some that I put up a few moths ago, and all the text from random steps is being deleted. I allowed two people to collaborate on it and Iv'e never had this problem before, I also edited it on two different computers at the same time earlier today which is the same time I noticed this. When I was on he other computer editing an entire step was gone, I assumed it was just the computer because it was DELL and when I got home it was back but other steps were deleted. 

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how do i delete an unpublished instructable? Answered

I think that says it all and answer the question below tis

Question by miiwii3   |  last reply

How do I delete an unpublished instructable from my profile? Answered

It's one of my early ones, and I only have it partially completed. I want to delete it. I don't see anything I can use.

Question by javajunkie1976   |  last reply

How do I start a second unpublished instructable? Answered

I've been working on one unfinished instructable, but would like to start on another one.  I'm not seeing how / where to get a new blank format.  Do I need to click on submit instructable? 

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