Volume Pedal

How can i make my own Volume Pedal? What do i need? i'm not good actually in Electronics.. but i can learn if some can teach me... pls...

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Measuring Volume

So im doing a science fair project for my school and i decided to be different from all the projects. im connecting a 2 channel amp to some old speakers and i was wondering how to measure volume or loudness coming from the speakers when i increase the watts of the amp. my teacher told me theres a specific unit for this and and specific way to measure volume. but so far i cant find much. so i ask you guys for help. please and thanks.

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volume drop ?

When useing true bypass a considerable volume drop occurs. no poping or distortion engaged or nonengaged (effect ) is present.

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Volume limit

My friend bought a ipod nano 2gb recently n i happen to have the same nano bought this july....but problem is his lower/bottom is made of some sort of steel whereas my nano seems to be same from both front and back!!!!but the main HUGE problem is his max volume level is way higher than mine>>>>I have tried everything in the pod to match that level=no useI want to know is there a way that i cud get it modified to that levelPLZ HELP

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the volume of a grain of sand

Now let's try our hands at critical thinking and experimental design. I have a very simple question for you; what is the average volume of one grain of sand ? 

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inline volume control

Hi im ramanta from indonesia i try to add an aux in to my old boombox, the reference from here https://cocodrilabs.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/installing-an-auxiliary-input-on-a-stereo/ i already got it working, but the problem is the potentiometer(volume). Only one channels work my boombox has 2 IC Amp, one for each channel. I already try to connect the source(ipod) directly to the amp (without the pots), work like a charm. But the sound is too loud and distorted

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control Stereo Volume

I have an old style Cassette SONY x-plod car audio stereo player for car. i have removed main cassette section & replaced it with an USB MP3/FM board with remote control. I made this because i believe in SONY's amplifier so successfully tracked amp track to get source from USB board. But here i got a problem with board which forgets volume level & restores to 25 level(Default range 0 to 50 level). so volume is boosting at high at every start of player. Now i want to Analog stereo volume controller between USB board's output & SONY amplifier's input. so what should be the configuration for volume controller??? Output target for amplifier is 4speaker(2x150Watts[Front] & 2x180Watts[Rear]). Does my idea works?? if it works what is the configuration for Analog stereo volume controller.??

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Individual volume on computers

I was wondering. Is it possible, with or without hardware so I can browse the internet without volume, for listen to music at the same times on Itunes, and hear it. Basically, is it possible to not here sounds on the internet without turning my whole computer volume off? Google was no help.

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Laptop Volume Problems? Answered

When I play music, or anything for that matter on my laptop, it sounds low-quality, scratchy, and shifts around until it gets to a certain point, at which point the audio sounds normal. This happens with the built-in speakers as well as with headphones. What do I do?

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Volume limiter circuit?

I need help designing a circuit (off of another circuit) that will limit the output voltage to X. I need X to be adjustable from between 0-700 mV. However, I need it so as the input voltage goes up, the output voltage will stay at what it was set to. Without clipping. Any advice? Thanks!

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how can i incorporate toggle switches as volume control instead of a dial in a radio? Answered

I'm a beginner to electronics. soldering leds to resistors to wires to battery holders is my only experience but i found a radio kit when i was tidying the house i don't know what brand the label is faded to yellow. is it possible to use toggle switches as a volume control? say 5 switches and the first on means 1/5th volume second means 2/5ths etc. thank you

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Right ear bud volume drops after a couple of hours. Why, and what to do? Answered

As the title says, one of my earbuds volume drops to about a tenth the volume of the other after i use it for more than like 3 hours. After I don't use it for a couple more hours, it's back to normal. Bear in mind, these were some cheap, 99¢ earbuds my brother got on sale somewhere. I asked him and his don't do this. They're section 8 brand earbuds. Any idea of what's causing this and/or how to fix it would be great. Thanks

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how do i hook up an audio potentiometer ?

I have a bose comercial powered subwoofer. It plays good & strong, but it only has  treble & bass controls. On the back, in the j-box for the connetions, there are two screw terminals labeled "volume control". Went to Fry's & got a 10k audio pot, but it's got three prongs. Since there are only two screws, I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. The unit produces 350 watts @ 8 ohms, with hook ups for four satalite speakers. any ideas?

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Vintage Potentiometer to digital Potentiometer problems

I have modify a vintage wooded radio into a digital amp with bluetooth. It work great, but since I wanted to have the outside look I had no choices but to hack the 20k potentiometer on the digital amp (lepi 30$) to use the original Potentiometer.. the vintage one. I'm looking to find a way I can fix this Potentiometer so it would reach the 20k. The Potentiometer on the Lepi circuit board is a b20k for sure, but I don't know about the vintage one, there no info written on it. it's 2 questions for one thing, fix this volume so it won't blowout the speakers.   1- how to fix this ? I believe a resistor should do the job, but 'how much resistance needed? 2- if this is a resistor, well how do I solder it ? (6 wires, which one?) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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"Add on" radio volume control

I have a simple radio alarm clock with digital volume control.  But, the lowest available volume is still too loud.   How can I make it softer.  Can I simply solder in a resistor in the speaker wire, or add a pot?  Or is it more complex than that...  (if so, what resistance?)

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Program or script to change volume...? Answered

Another question that is way out of my league (woe is me).  I need (or rather want) a program, in either Java or VBs (if there's a better one like Python or something, that would be alright too) to change the volume of a Windows computer.  It would also be a good showcase of your skills to make it able to change the volume of a specific program or application.  The way I intend to use it is as if it were a function, rather than a program. So a different script will activate it (perhaps by writing it, which in Java I don't think is possible) and then set the volume and the program to change the volume of. If that can't be achieved, could it be made to read a text file (or something else) with two lines on it; the first the program, the second the volume. If the first line says something like none, It would change the volume of the whole computer. Hopefully I've given you a good enough description to make it clear exactly what to do. Thank you in advance.

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Wiring speakers to a volume control?

I have a pair of Bose speakers that I salvaged from one of thier radios and I wanted to wire them to a volume control and a jack to be able to hook it up to my computer. And if I need some sort of external power source like a power transformer, (I have several around the house from old anwsering machines) help would be appreciatted with that also.

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how to improve speaker volume? Answered

So i bought some $8 dollar speakers that didnt need to connect to a outlet basic-ly they are self powered speakers now my problem is this speakers arent loud enough they are worse than ipod touch speakers ,so how do I make them louder they are coby csp31 some one please help

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Speaker (single) Volume Control

I have a Panasonic home theatre system, standard set up. ( 2 front, 2 rear,1 centre and 1 Sub woofer). Unfortunately, because of the room layout, I'm not able to site any of the speakers in an ideal location. So, I have to make do with the best poss. One of the rear speakers is close to where I sit, the other 3mtrs diagonally opposite. I want to insert some form of volume control into the feed of the adjacent speaker. So that when set the rear speaker volume level there is a better balance between the near and distant speaker. I am unable to access any other wiring or components apart from the speaker feed wire, so it has to be something in line. I tried a dimmer switch (dont laugh) but that attenuated the signal too much, and was barely audible. The speaker is 6 ohm imp and 60wat power input. Any suggestions appreciated, apart from buying a new house!

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device to read volume level in a room

I was just thinking that something like this might be handy for a teacher. If you had some device that could read the volume level in the classroom and display it in a bar format so the students know when they are getting too loud. It'd be nice to be able to say, "ok, you can talk with your group but stay under volume 5" or "if you keep it below volume 3, you'll get more marbles". Anyone know if this could be done and how?

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A question about volume (caution: Mathematics and physics question)?

 Ok, I know how to figure the "volume of a sphere" and the surface area of said sphere,  now I need to know how to figure how much I need to remove from the outside, to reduce the volume by about 1/2.   I suspect this will NOT reduce the size of the entire sphere by 1/2....at least, that doesn't seem logical to me. Can anyone explain it so that I (not a mathematician) can understand it?  

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USB install of a 'pot' to dim or reduce the volume on a USB speaker

Hi Folks, Might someone know how to place a 'pot' into a USB speaker circuit?   I have one speaker, every time an instructional comes on, the volume is too loud, to soft, then I have to go to control panel to increase or reduce the sound. I figured that a variable pot might work. I have the pin outs for USB, 2,3 are D-, D+, 1 vcc, 4, grnd. I would appreciate your help, Thanks jack jackhg@sonic.net

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Can I add a pot?

Hi. I have a metal detector and it can be quite loud when it finds a target. Unfortunately, there is no volume adjustment on it. I don't have a lot of experience wiring pots into circuits so I wanted to ask before I try something and damage my detector: Can I wire a pot inline with the speaker? And if so, would I ground it to the negative side of the battery pack or would I ground it elsewhere? Thanks in advance!

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URGENT! Question about in-line audio control between amp and speakers? Answered

I have a unique project that I am almost finished with, but need to make one last adjustment to. I am running a 3.7W Class D Audio Amplifier. The amp has two outputs. I need one to run as designed (controlled by my iphone before the signal gets to the amp which will be set to almost max volume). I need to then control the other output channel to reduce the volume. Any suggestions? It seems like I might be able to just get an inline control out of an old set of earphones, but I am not entirely sure. I always assumed (and pardon my ignorance if this was a foolish assumption) that the buttons in my iphone earbuds actually signal the phone to change the volume, and isn't really "in-line". So, I don't think those would work. Would an old set from Goodwill work for this? I have seen posts where others are asking similar questions and the answer seems to be a 1K Ohm Pot (which are apparently really tough to find). Since I have a 3.7W amp, perhaps a 10K Ohm Pot will work (people have said this doesn't work well for their headphones).  To summarize: 1) Will adjusting one output channel on a two-channel amp work? (or will the increased resistance simply close off the channel and pump all the signal to the other channel?) 2) If this will work, can I use a 10K Pot? 3) If not, will an old-school in-line volume control from some headphones work? Sorry for all the info...trying to be thorough! Thanks a ton for any advice!

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How do I calculate how much air expands when heated?

I want to build an air operated damper control for a wood stove. I'm thinking of a tube attached to the stack, so that the air in it expands and moves a piston or diaphram to work the damper.

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How to create an Adiabatic, Isochloric and Isobaric Environment?

I am trying to make an chamber to examine the growth of a micro organism in the above condition. The chamber temp. should be maintained at 95-100 C and. The environment should be tends to vacuum(Vacuum condition is practically impossible). Please help in choosing the material and conditioning the same.

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When I change the volume on my volume wheel on my computer it presses a key?

I'm a huge gamer and this is really annoying.  When i turn down the volume or turn it up, it will press some keys on my keyboard (i think it might be "X" and "B".  I dont knoe why it does this, can someone help?

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How can I increase by sub woofers volume without a remote?

I have a 5.1 computer speaker system and the amp is in the Sub enclosure. There are no buttons on the Sub and can only be controlled via IR remote control. The remote has stopped working and everytime the Sub is switched off the volume and bass levels are reset. Is there any way I can increase the volume from the receiver or even keep the volume and bass at its max that way I can control it from the PC instead? The remote only has a power button, volume up and down and bass increase and decrease. Ive checked the remote by pointing it a a digital camera and its not working at all.

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is there a pedal that can control the volume of a effect into the mix by bringing the effect(distortion)?

Ok, Im in a group that plays alot of shows and im allways looking for a way to improve my live sound.What im needin to know is if there is a pedal(like a wah or volume) that can sepratly control my distortion with out affectting my original sound.Now i know that most any pedal does have a affect unless its true bypass but i'm wanting to be able to bring my distortion into my sound like a volume pedal but it only needs to control the distortion and not the volume of my amp.I can get a similar effect by rolling back my volme on my guitar and clicking the pedal on while roling my volume back up and it makes the effect of the distorton being 'breathed' into my sound.Anyway i duno if there is a pedal like this or if i would have to build one. i'v heard this idea somewhere before and never heard how or if it has been done so thank you and i hop someone can help me out! thanks!

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Headphone Amp For Laptop DJ

I use my laptop to play music...(using virtual dj software)....splitting the jack .. the volume from headphone is ok when playing small system.... big system the headphone volume is low....i need more ..i buy a volume switch (B5k) thinking that will solve the problem  ..but when i connect it and turn it up its the same volume i get as if i just connect it without... QUESTION can i add any thing to this to make the headphone louder..without using any external power source 6v,12v battery etc

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proximity sensor

 I need to build a sensor kits that will be connected on to my midi controller and replace the control knobs. I want to control track volume (on Logic audio) by moving my hand up and down. any help for cheap solutions?

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Converting gallones into litres for acquarium. Please, help.?

Hello everybody. I'm thinking about to make the Lava Rock acquarium bakground at https://www.instructables.com/id/Lava-Rock-Aquarium-Background/ . But when I want calculate the volume I have a problem with converting gallones into litres. Does somebody know If there are used the usual gallones (=4,55 litres) or american ones (=3,79 litres)?

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another problem with my splitter thing can someone help. . . . again?

Ok so i have this splittedr thing and everyone tells me i need a mixer circuit and i under stant that compleatly and when i perfect the master vol and selecter switches i will do that but for now i need help making the master vol and switches to work the swtches problem is that if you turn off the switch (the 1/8" jack switch for example) sound still goes through the only hing the switch is doing is turning down my subwoofer to almost being unaudible  --no one needs that-- also turning what seems like voice and bass guitar off making a song instrumintal :/   and the volume ccontrol is acting like a ballance controller not volume. it is switchin my left speaker with my right so all sound goes to one set or another or the volume is halfed so how can i fix this other than the placement of the jack its looks exactly like the real thing i know the first piture is confuseign so use the other pic as a referance

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box(es) for sub(s)?? How many? What size? Here's some measurements.

So... Got some subs I had lying around: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_500SWE1042/Alpine-SWE-1042.html?tp=111&tab;=features_and_specs I am trying to figure out if I should vent (I don't think I should from research) and if I can do them in a single box or if it's better to put them each in a box. I also haven't found out if I should JUST double the volume for having both in one box or if it should be a different amount. The suggested volume I've calculated is 4.1 cu ft (but that seems a bit huge).       V(as) 33 liters   |    Q(ts) 0.66    |    10 Inch The speakers will be in series, I don't know if this affects whether or not I can put them in a single box. How much does the shape of the box matter? Can I make a rectangular cube and put the speakers at either end or do they need to be on the same side? When it comes to fill would it be better to use something fluffy that takes up a large amount of space like very fluffed out cotton or is carpet always the better way to go? I cannot find how much fill I SHOULD use. I have found suggestions for just carpet on the back wall and some for all sides wherever you can and even two people suggested to fill it to about 80% (though it did not say what with). Any questions?

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Volume adjusting stereo audio amp?

Hi, I want to make something like http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/023/index.htmlbut have it be stereo and also use a 386 audio amp. Is this at all possible and have you seen schematics for something like it? Thanks for looking :D

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Is it possible to bind volume controls to a keyboard that doesn't have default volume control buttons? Answered

And if so, how? I just bought a keyboard that doesn't have any preset volume control keys, could i somehow bind the volume control function to two keys i don't ever use?

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volume of water from a litre of hydrogen? Answered

Im no chemist but I am interested in what volume in litres of water would be produced from 1 litre of liquid hydrogen if burnt in air. Of course it would evaperate and be disspersed but would be 8 litres?  2h2 + O2 = 2h2O I believe the chemical formular

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What's Your Favorite Project in Make: Volume 27?

Make volume 27 just came out and it's all about robots! So, for those of you who have already rushed to the news stand or spent the night outside of the Barnes and Noble, I would like to know what your favorite projects are! If you built it post pictures of it. I would also like to congratulate Randofo for getting his wobbler robot into make magazine!       First person to post pictures of a project they built from the magazine gets a patch!

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Does anyone know how to make a dynamic normalizer? Answered

I need to make one for my parent's TV so that the commercials don't deafen them! A dynamic normalizer smooths the volume levels between commercials, songs, etc. so you don't have to change the volume.

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Physics Question?

Hi Everyone,   I know that this is not a project related question and I promise not to make it a habit, but my physics teacher stumped our class with a question today and I thought of all the smart people on Instructables one of you would know the answer. I have already search google to no avial. Is it possible to determine the volume of a flask given only the starting temperature/pressure and the final temperature/pressure? The number of moles are unknown. If it is possible how do you determine it? Thanks for your help!

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Does anyone know of a small passive audio potentiometer? Answered

I have been looking for a small audio potentiometer, which would fit seamlessly with my headphones. I have some example pictures of something that I was thinking of. I want a simple cable which has an input headphone jack on one end (male), and the female connector on the other end so I can plug in my headphones. I have examples, but they are just too large and obtrusive. I know that there are small slide potentiometers and was wondering if it would possible to make something like this, or if there is something commercially available. If someone with circuitry knowledge would be able to advise me on how to approach this it would be much appreciated. I like the way some headphones have volume controls which have buttons, but those control the device's volume, and that size would be what I was looking for, but with a slide potentiometer. Any help is very appreciated,    Sterling

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How would i go about converting a on/of/volume dial (wheel) to an 'on/off' button and 'volume up, volume down' buttons?

I an trying to convert a dial which works as a volume control but also as a power switch to seperate buttons for power and volume.. any help would be appreciated. thanks :)

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Is it possible to remotley adujust volume on Bose Companion II speakers?

I want to use my Bose Companion II speakers as my TV's main speakers. I currently have the directv box connected directly to the tv using HDMI then i have the bose speakers connected to the headphone jack on the back of the tv. needless to say this set up isn’t ideal. The volume isnt as loud as they can be. i have connected to speakers directly to the directv box using A/V cables and the audio was 10 times better the only problem with that is i can only adjust the volume using the knob on the front of the speaker itself. i did a mock up of what i think will fix my problem i am just unsure what i need to do it right. any insight will be appreciated.

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how do I make a volume controler for a ground wire?

So I built a splitter that wil take my RCA, 1/8", and my 1/4" jacks together now to finish it i wnat to add a volume control on the ground wire (assuming that it will be too hard to volume left or right channels) how would I go along doing this the case i put this in came from an old toy which happins to have a 4.5v (3x AA) battery compartment i want to use this for some kind of light design (maybe a status light, left chan, right chan, and ground  or my be RCA, 1/8", 1/4")  and dont know how  i would do it any suggestions? *just ran my first test and it grounds the right chanel when i use my guitar (which makes sense) but there  still a problem the more inputs/out put there are the lower the volume what is the best way to fix this * a new design is added

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Make a simple speaker louder.? Answered

I have a small simple speaker - just the magnet part, with no wires - and i have connected the positive and negative terminals to a simple 3.5 mm audio wire. The speakers play sounds, but at a very low volume even when the volume is max. Is there anyway to increase it?

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My windows XP sound does not work...says there aren't mixer devices available...what's the fix?

What should i do if my windows XP sound is completely gone and when i try to open the volume control, it says there are no mixer devices available. last time this happened i used services.msc in the run prompt and did some simple things to get the sound back but now it doesn't work to do that either. What should I do? please help

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DIY Digital Control Attenuator?

Hello everyone,So I work at a radio station, and in the engineering den we have this unit in a rack that controls our studio monitors. We can control the audio from knobs that are daisy chained to each other using RJ11/RJ12 cable. They all control the same unit and the same volume (in our case). It is pretty neat since the unit is a fair bit away and we each have a knob at our desk. While they are not that expensive on eBay, I would really like to understand how this works and make one myself. I am looking at making a fair bit of audio stuff and want to incorporate this into a unit I am making.Here is a link to the manual of the device we have: http://www.oxmoor.com/files/manuals/DCA-2%20RC-16...Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions! :)

Question by Dylan Rhodes 

I need a hardware volume leveller/normalizer for analog audio from cable box to tv. (schematic or product)? Answered

Searching around I've found several shareware software programs - installing an extra computer for this task isn't an option. Ibles doesnt seem to have anything like this... I'm thinking an arduino, a sneaky sketch, and an lm-series stereo volume regulator. All the hardware I've seen dies a quick death - presumably the way of the electric car - too much lobbying from advertising industry to stop them hitting store shelves. Frankly, I think its beyond un-ethical. In my particular situation, its potentially dangerous.

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How can i repair the volume control in headphones? Answered

Volume control in my headphones are not working correctly. As I increase/decrease volume, sound in one or other or both speaker vanishes. I just bought them a month ago. Is there a way I can remove volume control from these headphones and make it 'direct' and control the volume using only software (media player, etc).

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