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Warehouse House

Ever since i was 12, i've wanted to live in a warehouse, 1000+ square feet. my plan would be to build an apartment (myself) on the inside, out or 2x4s, etc. I would build the inner house to code, insulate and heat it (so i wouldnt have to heat a million cubic feet), and just do all the stuff you can only do when you live in a warehouse. like ride a go-kart between your bedroom and kitchen, and have a trampoline in your living room. Now that i'm approaching the age of "hey, you're gonna be 23 soon, you'd better start thinking about a house", this is becoming more and more appealing to me. Anyone have any input on procedures, policies, zoning regulations, bills, etc? If (when) i do it, i'll most assuredly post an 'ible.

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Metal warehouse visit

Last weekend my friend Don and I went to ALCO Iron and Metal in San Leandro, CA. Don needed some sheet metal and I will need some metal soon enough and I'd never been to any such place, so I went along to take a look. It was super cool, they had all kinds of metals in all kinds of forms - sheets, rods, tubes, blocks, foil, flats, angle lengths, meshes. They also did a lot of metal recycling and had tons (literally, I'm sure) of metal scrap of various sorts lying around in heaps, and baled up by type. I started out taking photos for reference, but ended up just taking pix of anything that looked interesting or would make a good photo. The recycled metal bales were especially lovely.Here's a few pix to whet your interest, and the full set is on Flickr here:

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Really cool warehouse store!

My friend saw some of my work I have done, and projects I am now working on (which will be put up once they are done). He told me he was on a road trip out west and he cane across this warehouse store. He later sent me the link. The place is really cool! Definitely worth checking out the website! Maybe it will strike up and idea for someone!

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Alternative housing - Where to begin? How do I get a warehouse for turning it into a loft?

I don't know what or how much money would be involved, but I don't think i can buy a normal house and i'm tired of apartments. I know it's possible to do this, but i don't know where to start. When I think of my dream home, I always picture all garage/work space and no real house. I spend most of my time working on a car, with DIY projects, Halloween experiments, and painting. I only come inside to sleep, pee, and eat. If I had something as big as a warehouse or old grocery store, I could live lofty in the top half and drive right in the bottom. It would be perfect. How do i do that? How much money do i need? what legalities would i face?

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Preview opinions of the new show: Warehouse 13 ?

Does anyone have any pre-July 7th (premier time) opinions of the new Sci-Fi show: Warehourse 13 ?

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Can someone tell me the price of 1 x 1 timber at Bunning's Warehouse? Answered

Well, I making one of these and I need 1" x 1" timber, I can't get there until the weekend, but I'd like to get a price so I can give my friend an estimate on how much the sculpture will cost. Thanks

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How to make a Lego NXT Warehouse that moves and supllies

I just want to know how to make one after i saw the youtube vid :) please tell what time what you need, and what spftware to program and how to program :)

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I have a warehouse full of outdatedwallpaper. Any suggestions? Answered

Perhaps pasting two pieces back to back then cutting out pieces to make boxes ?

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Has anyone attempted to make a large Low Speed High Velocity Warehouse Ceiling Fan?

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Popular Mechanics Takes a Tour of Pier 9

"Inside Instructables' Kooky, Creative Warehouse Wondershop" "There's a place where artists can create whatever they want, using the most advanced equipment on the planet. It's in San Francisco (of course). In a warehouse (of course)." Come read the article to hear more about the Pier and what some of the Artist in Residence are up to!

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How to make a Lego Mindstorms NXT (w/ RCX) Warehouse That works and has a program download OR anything Lego

Please answer if you made on :D I YOU DONT KNOW HOW Can you give instructions for anything Lego Nxt with RCX

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Build a small fan for a toyota forklift

Need help building a small fan for a toyota propane powered forklift. Gets really hot in the warehouse and cant find a commercially available fan. the plug is really weird and isn't a 12 volt Any ideas

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Re-Make: a 24 hour elecronics build party

The Alameda Computer Resource Center is throwing a 24 hour build party at their warehouse in Berkeley, CA this saturday April 29th. Check out the upcoming event listing for more info. Should be a good time - free food and drinks sponsored by Make Magazine and Digg.

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I need a wireless device that signals a light

I'm new to instructables, I ran across your web-site researching this project. I need to have a push button at one location in a warehouse that signals a light to come on when its pushed in another area of the warehouse A light would emit at the forktruck drivers station. I would also like a  buzzer to sound also. The distance is less than 200 ft. I would also like three buttons at alternate locations that when pushed would a light a different colored light.  This would signal the driver as to who wanted him. I was told we could not use the walkie talkie device and it needed to be wireless. I would like the buttons mounted on a magnet so I can hang on a metal machine.I was thinking maybe a wireless doorbell

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Embed 3D models with SketchUp

If you want to share a 3D view of your SketchUp model, you can now use embed code to place it into a webpage. First the model needs to be in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, but once it's there you scroll to the bottom and select Include > 3D View to get the code.Here's one of Saint Basil's Cathedral.

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Little Glass Vials, ideas?

Hi guys, I recently found about 150/200 small glass vials in a salvage warehouse, they were too great to leave and i managed to get all of them for 4GBP! The problem im having is what to do with them? im open to all kinds of suggestions i just feel they deserve a good use! Thought i'd throw it out to the pros, any help? Thanks!! 15ml - Volume 25mm - Diameter 48mm - Height 22mm clip - Neck finish

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Abraham Lincoln Assassination vs John F. Kennedy Assassination

I am going to go straight to the point - Abraham Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846John F. Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946Lincoln was elected president in 1860Kennedy was elected president in 1960Lincoln was shot on a FridayKennedy was shot on a FridayLincoln's Assassain had a 3 word 15 letter name (John Wilkes Booth)Kennedy's Assassain had a 3 word 15 letter name (Lee Harvey Oswald)Booth ran from a theater and was caught in a warehouseOswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theaterBooth was assassinated before his trialOslwald was assassinated before his trialLincoln was shot in the head from behindKennedy was shot in the head from behindLincoln was shot in a theater named FordKennedy was shot in a car made by FordLincoln's wife was present when he was shotKennedy's wife was present when he was shotLincoln was succeeded by a Vice President JohnsonKennedy was succeeded by a Vice President JonhsonI got all this info from a book. But I noticed something... Lincoln's last name has 7 lettersKennedy's last name has 7 letters SUPER WEIRD =

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fischertechnik FanClub Day (Tumlingen Germany)

FanClub day in Tumlingen (Germany)! Who:  Fans and friends of fischertechnik !  What: Fan Club Day attendees in Tumlingen  Germany can show off their ft models, see new building kits, chat with fellow ft fans and purchase kits! Best of all, this is a unique opportunity for fans to visit the factory, tour the warehouse, and interact with ft staff! Not to be missed! It is time to book a trip to Germany!  Where: fischer Hauptwerk Weinhalde 14 - 18 72178 Waldachtal-Tumlingen When:  July 4th. 2010

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Is this legal? (UK electrical appliance question) Answered

Kitewife just bought a Christmas decoration, but when it came out of the bag, the connection was as shown in the image. The loose wire is already a safety concern, about which I shall be contacting the store, but I also I thought that appliances sold in the UK had to have a plug moulded onto the power lead? Since the decoration is lit with old-style filament bulbs instead of LEDs, I am wondering if she has been sold something that has been sitting in a warehouse since before the legislation changed?

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Oh Crikey!

These guys may not have thought of everything but I can't think of anything else you could add to it right now. It's over 9 minutes long. From a duck to a skeleton to a robot dinosaur: scientists created this fabulous kinetic sculpture, called On the Move, to demonstrate to children the concept of energy transfer. The Launchpad team at London's Science Museum and Engineered Arts Ltd created this cause-and-effect chain of events in a warehouse in Cornwall. No soft toys were injured in the making of this film L

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I need one old working computer from the mid 90's to 2000.

I have a program designed in the late 80's for determining noise levels from an text input file.  Namely the Stamina 20 Optima Noise Assessment program.  Been awhile since I used it but I have had a need now to use it and can;t with my current systems, Windows 7 etc. I'm hoping there is somewhere where I can find just one for a fee of course.  Ina garage, attic, warehouse, anywhere.

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Best Material to Use in Toy Manufacturing with 3D Printer

I don't really have any background in manufacturing toys but a guy in my warehouse is trying to create some prototypes on the side for a line of figures. He compares them to these Monsters in My Pocket toys: And these Muscle Men: They look like they're made of rubber. I was wondering what material you'd suggest for creating durable prototypes of similarly sized and shaped figurines? 

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Separation Anxiety

My wife and I just got a dog that we found wandering the neighborhood. He's a Japanese Chin and very sweet, already housebroken, very well-behaved except he's obsessed with my wife. Typically she works from home and I'm at the warehouse but on certain mornings, she has to be up and out the door hours before I even wake up. In those cases, the dog goes nuts - howling and whining and I can't sleep through it. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I could break the little fellow from this habit that is slowly zombifying me? 

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Starting a new TechShop Location

I live in St. Charles, IL, about 40 miles West of Chicago. I would love to be able to join a TechShop for projects I am interested in and to have a place to work on projects with my kids. I imagine that anywhere you put one of these shops would have plenty of members to keep it going. Just wondering what it takes to get a new TechShop started. Are they franchised or sponsored by local businesses, solely driven by member dues? There is plenty of available retail and warehouse space on the West side of St. Charles that could really use some tenants so I expect rent would be fairly negotiable. Thanks. Chris

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Chainsaw & 3 Wheel Stunt Bike, help?

Well, I just pulled out a old chainsaw I have (needs a new gasket, but I'm getting that fixed today) and wanted to attach it to this really neat stunt bike thing I have. It's almost like this Scooter except mine is a lot bigger and instead of one straight body, the back of it is a lot like a manual push deely they use in warehouses to lift skids up, it splits out into two seperate "plates" and have wide skateboard wheels on each one. The front is just a small bike tire, I need to get a picture and will when I can, but I need to know how I would rig this up.

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Help finding TOTX142L and TORX142L TOSLINK connectors?

I'm working on an audio project that uses optical inputs and outputs.  The components I really need to get the most out of this project are two 25Mbps TOSLINK connectors: TOTX142L (transmitter) and TORX142L (receiver).  Unfortunately, both are discontinued and I'm having a heck of a time finding either old stock or a comparable replacement!  I've tried all the major distributors (Digikey, mouser, etc) and have even sent out RFQs (request for quote) to various old-stock warehouses in the USA and abroad.  I've got a small lead on the receiver but the transmitter remains elusive. What really confuses me is the fact that there are still consumer products being manufactured today that use a device of this class, so where are these guys getting their parts??

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Can anyone help me find some parts so I can make an industrial barn type light for outside my house?

I'd like to make a lamp like this for outdoors: conduit, flange, junction box, and outlet are easy. I can't find anything I can use as a shade, I was thinking maybe there would be something that I could repurpose to make the shade, rather than buying one for $$$Does anyone know something like a wok, or some sort of dollar store metal salad bowl or anything like that which could be repurposed for a lampshade? I'd prefer aluminum for obvious reasons, but not opposed to steel either as long as I can paint it.

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How do i build a device to allow an input and it give a designated output (1015469=input and B2-1= output)?

I work in a warehouse as a forklift operator.  I deal with looking at a number on a container, then have to look up the number by going through several pages to find the corresponding isle and row to place the container.  EX. ( Container has 1015469 on it.  I have to find that number on a sheet then it will tell me to go to B2.  Once I get to B2 I have to find that number on another sheet of paper that has the isles and rows so it can tell me if it goes in B2 section 1 for route 20 or in B2 section 2 for route 21.  I need to make a device with large enough memory to hold several thousand 7 digit numbers and have each number reference me to the correct destination such as B2-1 or B2-2.  I really need some help with this.  I have basic electronics experience and a small amount of visual basics experience.  I need this device asap to increase my productivity at work so I can step up my performance so as not to loose my job.  The device just needs a simple 10 digit keypad to enter the numbers then an enter button and a clear button to be able to enter the next number.  It would be even better if I could enter several numbers at once, maybe spaced by a comma, and get several output locations since sometimes I move several containers at once and each goes to a different location.  Then I could figure the most effecient route in the warehouse.  Any help with this would be highly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give. Ps. It also needs to be easily updated as the numbers in the database will be frequently changed and updated.

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SketchUp Competition: Design a bridge and win $5k

Have some SketchUp skills or at least have a good eye for a bridge? Then check out this SketchUp contest where you need to submit a killer bridge design that's open to students and top prizes are $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000.Don't worry about knowing how to use SketchUp. It's easy to learn if you follow the tutorials. Are you in awe of the engineering that goes into designing a bridge? Do you have a favorite local, famous, or historical bridge you'd like to see in Google Earth? Now you have a chance to show off your modeling skills and make that dream a reality by entering the Google SketchUp International 2009 Student Bridge Modeling Competition. Simply model the bridges of your choice in Google SketchUp, geo-reference them in Google Earth and submit them by uploading to the Google 3D Warehouse to earn lasting online glory and, for the winners, a handsome prize. Link via Make blog

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Instructables and Squid Labs have moved!

Instructables and Squid Labs have moved! We finally ran out of space in our Emeryville warehouse. During November, there were literally people sitting on the ground working on their laptops because we didn't have enough desks, space for desks, or even chairs to sit in. We're now located in a secret location somewhere on an island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay with plenty of space and spectacular views. Since that free barge on Craigslist was taken before we could get there, I guess it's not much of a secret location considering there are only two possible spots left.Check out our new digs at the old the Alameda Naval base control tower. Yes, we are actually in the control tower building. There's three guns in the front, plenty of parking for school buses and free boats, and it's tough to beat the view from my office. More pictures here: to the control tower here.

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Addicted to Instructables Tech? Consider doing it full time at Amazon!

Hello instructables Addicts! I manage a group of engineers at Amazon.  We're the team that gets to design, prototype, and build new devices and machines for Amazon's warehouses. I'm looking for new people to join the team who are interested in joining us on our mission to build cool new technology.  We cover a lot of of diverse areas, from industrial image acquisition and vision systems to embedded device development, so be ready for a challenge!  If you love embedded systems design, aren't afraid of the soldering iron, and want to work with some incredibly bright people every day, check our our job posting! All of the jobs are here in Seattle and are full time.  Read more about qualifications and apply directly by checking our our posting: .  Alternatively, if the link doesn't work, go to and search for 116465. Have a great day!

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Make Ideas Real: Share your SketchUp Story

Today, the SketchUp team is launching a new project called Make Ideas Real. The purpose of this project is to showcase work from SketchUp users who (in some way) have made their models into something real. SInce so many of you are already discussing and sharing your projects here, I wanted to reach out and introduce the project to the Instructables community specifically. We think SketchUp users do amazing work, and that sometimes this work gets lost in the 3D Warehouse. If you're particularly proud of a model that you've turned into reality (using SketchUp somewhere in your workflow), we hope you'll share the project and the story with us here. And please, we also want to hear about the role that Instructables played in your project! Our plan is to collect the most compelling stories and feature them in a special showcase, so that people who are new to SketchUp can be inspired by the work of others. If you have any questions, I hope you'll respond to this post and let me know! Mark Google SketchUp, Community Manager

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Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale

This year's White Elephant Sale to raise funds for the Oakland Museum of California is coming up!  The 2010 event runs March 6-7, 10am-4pm, at 333 Lancaster Street in Oakland near the Fruitvale BART. It's billed as "the biggest, the best, and certainly the most enjoyable rummage sale in Northern CA," and while I haven't attended too many other rummage sales, this doesn't sound far fetched.  The (carefully vetted) pile of goods absolutely stuffs the 96,000 square foot warehouse, which is sorted into themed departments.  It's insane, and an excellent place to find weird and wonderful items for your next project.  Pro Tip: If you go near the end of the day on Sunday, you'll find discounts on the remaining stuff - some departments will charge a flat fee for everything you can fit into a paper grocery bag. Bonus:  all proceeds go to help the Oakland Museum, which is currently undergoing renovation.  I'm a huge fan of their natural sciences exhibit, which features some excellent dioramas showing California birds, reptiles, and mammals in their native environments.  Truly good stuff.

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Look what I found in my junkmail (of interest to South UK iblers)

(I don't actually visit the dorkbot site, but they have a fitful newsletter)DORKBOT DORKBOT DORKBOT dorkbotlondon will be at area10, Peckham, SE15 5JTthis wednesday 18th June from 7pm map: Area10 is the white warehouse type building behind Peckham Library. Join us and enjoy the Julie Freeman talking more about her perversionfor dog's ears (now realised as the ICA commissioned, The People Speak presenting Peckham TV( ) a live envisioning ofPeckham's future, Moritz Waldemeyer talking about a recent project( ) and Mike Blow talking about his musical park benches ( ). Plus! News about the burningdork dorkbot camp, and opendorks (if youhave a ~ 7 minute presentation about something dorky, let us know on thenight). See you there! So

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wiring a building up with a 10 awg stranded wire

I have recently bought a repoed amish rent to own building.  it was getting wired in the middle of the repo.  i have some stranded 10awg stranded wire with an extension cord male plug on one end.  i would like to have it to where i can easily disconnect the power by unplugging it from my outside outlet of the house.  inside the building is a complete breaker box with a 60 amp breaker and a bunch of 30's as secondaries.  i have read that 30 amp is max for the 10 awg stranded wire.  is there any way that i can have the other end of the wiring put in the breaker box with a 30 amp breaker as the main and 15's and possibly a 20 here and there for breakers.  it has about 6 outlets and one flourescent light in there.  i will have only a small air compressor, small miter saw, couple lights, and a drill battery charger in the building, but never all running at the same time.  can someone give me a couple pointers on this?  by the way, this is industrial warehouse wire, and not no cheap stuff.

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Makers, but not as we know them....

Japanese technology companies are renowned for their innovations. But, really, what completely new products have come out of Japan in the last decade? It seems that Japan has lost its creativity, and slipped into serial innovation, producing upgraded versions of established sellers (sounds like Apple?). There are Makerspaces, but not as we know them. Tokyo is home to a Makerspace stuffed with a 1bn yen ($8.5m; £5.5m) worth of equipment, but it's behind serious security and costs $250/month to be a member. It's more of a tech start-up incubator than the Makerspaces we know in the US & UK. I know Japanese makers exist, they had their own Makerfaire, but the stuff they make is subtly different.  It's "finished".  Every hobby 3d printer, drone or CNC machine I have seen has had exposed workings, loose wires, visible guts that you can see doing stuff.  Duct tape is a styling must.   Japanese projects have hidden internals, sleek, professional-looking enclosures and casings.  Even one-off projects look like they came from a warehouse with another ten thousand stored in crates. I'm not saying this is a bad thing.  It's just a different aesthetic (me, I like seeing stuff do stuff, rather than a polished case flash an LED to tell me it has finished silently doing hidden stuff), but where does it happen? Do all Japanese Makers have professional-quality workshops hidden under their bed? Does anybody know?  Do we have any Japanese makers here to tell me I'm wrong?

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Gathering in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday Oct. 11 (punch+pie)

This Saturday, October 11th, 2008, we will be having an open-house "inauguration" at the Steampunk Laboratory's new facility at the Millworks, at 2034 Leonard Ave, Columbus, OH, 43219.The Steampunk Laboratory is the name of an educational program to teach science and engineering through art, which we have been developing over the past year or so. We are now expanding that idea into a community fabrication and education center, and we have recently (i.e. last week) "graduated" from the Milo Arts Center, where we began, and are now located in a stand-alone brick building at another artists' community called The Millworks. Although we won't yet be quite operational (we're aiming for January '09 to start offering workshops and memberships, and the cnc is going through an iteration), we -are- going to have a little party commemorating moving into the new place, and are eager to invite interested people, communicate our goals, and share ideas. (But mostly it's an excuse for a deadline to get ourselves cleaned up and presentable as soon as possible! ;-)We'll have snacks, drinks, and music from 7pm to 11pm or so, this Saturday. Our building is located at the Millworks, whose address is 2034 Leonard Ave. The address of our building is 2038 Leonard, but it's tucked away inside the art community. To find it, turn into the driveway at the Millworks and park in the paved lot. Then walk past a large building on your left; turn left onto the gravel lot, and then turn right past the warehouse; our brick building is tucked in the corner beneath the wooden awning. Please feel free to bring kids, interested friends, and something to eat or drink if you like (but not necessary).

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Make Your Own Fuel from Wine

Mark Armstrong's Alternative Fuel PhilosophyIf you don't like the vehicle or the fuel it drinks, make some of your ownIt's on every billboard, bumpersticker and street placard: Let's Green This City! Urban Streets Greening Project! Each election ushers in new green initiatives, task forces, and elementary school awareness fairs. Another press conference, another earthy guy in an organic-cotton denim shirt and red Crocs stands in front of City Hall pointing an accusatory finger at the uninspired plebes who won't join us, who won't dare follow San Francisco on the righteous path toward a greener tomorrow.Meanwhile, eco-conscious drivers can't get a drop of biodiesel in city limits, while Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and other surrounding cities offer it at public pumps. (In June 2007, city authorities closed the San Francisco Biodiesel Co-op, for - get this - having too many members.) Not one public pump in San Francisco sells ethanol. The few electric car-charging stations that remain are defunct, rundown or hidden in corners of musty garages, forgotten relics of a well-intentioned but poorly executed past. Our performance so far in fostering alternative fuels - the keystone of the green movement - is not just ironic; it's shameful."You know the easiest job in the world is to be a cynic," says Mark Armstrong, lifting his head from the hood of an electric-powered 1980 Plymouth Horizon. "In order to be successful you have to do absolutely nothing." Armstrong brushes his oily hands against his oily jeans and walks to the back of a cavernous concrete-floored warehouse, through a maze of Frankensteinian inventions: an electrolyzer that splits hydrogen and oxygen fuel, junky gas cars that run on golf-cart batteries, gutted petrol engines that gulp alcohol and a Mercedes motor that bakes bread and spits out edible olive oil."What I'm trying to do here is teach people to quit complaining about what they can't get," he adds, pushing his 6-foot-2-inch frame beneath a gutted 1976 Porsche 914 that he and his students are converting to a hydrolic hybrid. "I say if we really want alternative fuel vehicles, let's get off the couch and start making them."Step 1: Build a Carmore

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The Dream Factory - Squid Labs and Instructables in Wired September 2005

This was Instructables' big debut. The author, Clive Thompson, came and hung out at Squid Labs for a couple of days, and later on we had a hilarious half-day photoshoot where the photographers couldn't remember Dan's name and had to keep calling him "wrench."Wired 13.09 The Dream Factoryby Clive ThompsonThey're already living that future in a small warehouse in Emeryville, California. It's the headquarters of Squid Labs, run by a gang of five MIT alums who by day create prototypes of new technologies for outside firms - and by night fabricate weird gizmos just for fun."Everything I own is basically one of a kind," says a cheery Saul Griffith, one of the cofounders, as he crouches on the floor of his dust-covered workshop, rooting through an enormous bucket of metal brackets and bolts. A tall, shaggy Australian, he's wearing ragged flip-flops and a pair of cargo pants so stained with oil and grime that I can't determine their original color. Dozens of his group's inventions lie scattered about: a Frisbee embedded with microchip-driven LEDs, a set of robots precision-cut from plastic, a bunch of helmet-mounted laser-and-GPS sensors designed to help firefighters locate one another in a blazing house.Today, Griffith is building a "hybrid electric bicycle" with a hidden battery compartment inside the bike's 4-foot-long, chopper-style front forks. To hold the forks in place, he spent the morning designing a bracket, then cut out a flat template for it on Squid Labs' laser cutter. Now, with that template as a guide, he hacks the shape out of quarter-inch steel, using a terrifyingly loud metal cutter. "I'm really into this 'tractor' aesthetic, getting everything to look like industrial machinery!" he hollers over the cutter's shrieks, while a 3-foot cone of orange sparks flies up and ricochets off his face.Every few minutes, Griffith pauses to snap a photo of his progress. When done, he'll write up a comprehensive guide on how to build his project. This, he argues, is the next crucial step in fab culture: getting hobbyists to carefully document their plans and share them online. Squid Labs is hoping to kick-start such sharing this fall when it launches - an open database of interesting projects and fab techniques, "kind of like a Wikipedia for making stuff," Griffith explains. If people want to build his electric hybrid chopper bicycle, they'll be able to download the CorelDraw design of the bracket and send it someplace like eMachineShop to have their own copy printed."We got inspired when we looked at all these guys who'd engineered these incredible, modded parts for their Harleys. They'd have amazing photos of them, but they'd never post the CAD image," Griffith says. "We were like, Why not go open source?"Later that day, I get a taste of how weirdly transformative this idea is. I'm hanging out with Dan Goldwater - another Squid Labs cofounder - and admiring one of his inventions. It's a pair of plastic gears that sit on a bike pedal and power a tiny generator. As you ride, you can run LED lights or a radio. I tell him I'd love to have a version of it myself. So a couple of Squid Labs guys go over to the laser cutter, pull up the design, and a few minutes later hand me exact copies of Goldwater's gears. Design once, print often. "Pretty cool, eh?" Goldwater grins."Griffith imagines that fab tools could produce new economic models for creators. Suppose a hobbyist made a cool plastic exterior for an MP3 player. Suppose she put the design online, and 700 people downloaded the file and had it printed at eMachineShop. "At what point," he asks, "would a manufacturer say, Hey, there's a market here - and offer to buy the design from her?""So, sure, soon we'll be able to build anything. But should we? "Let's say everyone suddenly can make their own hood ornaments. What if they actually do that? The real world would look like the Internet in 1996, when people started making their own Web sites." Griffith shudders. "Remember those hideous-looking psychedelic backgrounds and stupid animations? And blinking tags?""Rainbow dividers," Goldwater adds.It's a good point - and it makes me anxious about my guitar. Sure, it looked fine onscreen. But what if it turns out to be a monstrosity in my hands? Recalling my decision to use clear acrylic for the body, I break into a nervous sweat. It's going to look like something from a mid-'80s, big-hair heavy-metal band! What the hell was I thinking?Griffith interrupts my panic to announce that his chopper is ready. He wheels it onto the street, all five Squid Labbers in tow. Eric Wilhelm, a lanky designer, offers to be the test pilot. He straps on a helmet and mounts the seat. "Does it have brakes?" he asks."Sort of," Griffith says."It's amazing how often brakes are an afterthought," Wilhelm sighs. Then he hits the electric starter and peels off.

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Ship of Theseus - Philosophy of Identity

This past saturday there was a show on TV about the advancements in the field of prosthetics and human augmentation. I only watched less than half of it - but the timing was interesting. I came across an article about the Ship of Theseus (from Greek Legend) and have been reading quite a bit about "identity" and similar topics. This is philosophy - so there's really no right answer, but I have found it very interesting to think about and thought I'd share and see what others think.The gist of the story: Say we were to preserve Theseus' ship. As parts deteriorated and rotted away, we replace them with new (better/stronger) parts. Eventually, we replace each part with a new one. The question now is - Is it still the same ship? I'm willing to bet most of you will say yes.Now lets say that instead of replacing the ships components with new ones - we take all of the parts from the warehouse (where the parts are being stored) and reconstruct the ship from these new/better parts. Which ship has the "identity" of Theseus' ship? This is an interesting question because I'm again willing to bet that the "first" ship mentioned is your answer. But why? The parts would have gone to the "first" ship if not into the "second" ship. Why should this be different?Third Case:We take Theseus' ship and we tear it completely down in dry dock. In its place, we reconstruct using new parts. Is it still Theseus' ship?Now lets look at a digital device - my laptop for instance. Let us say that I have an "identical" machine (spec wise) and I cut and paste each file from this hard disk to the "new" machine. Does this "new" machine take the "identity" of the "old?" Can we say this "new" laptop (ship) is in fact Theseus' laptop? Talking with my colleagues - their answer (unanimously) was no - it is not the same.So here is where I get to the human side of things... Biological process have our bodies continuously replicating cells. In about a year, roughly 90% of the cells in your body will die. But no worries - they are continuously replaced with new ones. So, does that mean we are a different person compared to 12 months ago (I've read this question from several sources)? How about amputees? Today, prosthetic limbs can allow them to do what many of us choose not to do - run marathons. Are they any less of what they were before? <-- I know that sounds "wrong" - put put "political correctness" aside (but by no means am I putting down the situation of an amputee).Again, I'm willing to bet many will say yes - we're the same person. One argument is that our memories make our "identity." Fair enough. Now lets entertain the future. We now have the technology to save your memories digitally. We can digitize the human brain preserving its intelligence and thinking ability. Just entertain this idea for a few minutes. So if my brain (and its memories) are now digital and I copy it to another vessel. Is it still me? Do "I" still have the same identity? I'd like to think yes, but what was your answer about copying a laptop's memory (was it no - they are not the same)? Why should my digitized memories be any different than that of a laptop's digitized memory?At this point, my colleagues were floored. They figured out where I was going a few sentences before I said it. That's what makes the topic so interesting (in my opinion).If anyone has ever heard of HAL-5 - you already know what a feat it is. HAL-5 (yes, that's a play off of a space odyssey) is a human exoskeleton designed to assist those whom otherwise would be unable to walk for long periods of time. The user can lift heavy weights (80kg - say a dishwasher) among other helpful tasks. How does it know to move? Sensors on the skin detect electrical impulses in the brain that tell the muscle to react. Those signals are processed and turned into mechanical motion. All of this happens before the muscles have time to move. That is, the machine is moving before you even do.So if we replace our bodies and even our nervous system with mechanical devices - what makes us the same person? AND, are we the same person if we can simply copy ourselves to a new body?So last point - and it's not even my own. One of my colleagues brought this to the table today (literally at the lunch table) :P We were talking about the advancements and the potential/reality of human augmentation. Then he says something that makes complete sense to me. He said that we are at the point where our brain is evolving at a rate faster than our human bodies are. Just give yourself a minute to contemplate and wrap your head around the potential of that statement. To a degree - we have already done this (just not internally). Why else would we fly in a plane or drive a car? Well, I for one sure can't fly or run at 70+mph.1. I apologize for the length.2. I'm curious of your thoughts -- if you have another aspect of this, please do post.3. Remember there is no "correct" answer, this is just philosophy.4. There will always be more question than answers on this subject (at least I think so).HAL-5: (mountain climb):

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Why not to buy your laser cutter online - a customer review

No real category for this and never done a review, so must be right anyway ;) Have no longer free access to a laser cutter so I decided to bite the bullet and go on a budget - what a mistake... I will not bother you with seller details or something like that as I doubt it would make difference. So let's start with the first day of having the new machine... First big hit in the guts was to see how it was delivered: If you order something make sure not to use Toll Ipec for the delivery LOL Nothing in the van was secured, all prcels just flying around everywhere. But worst bit at this stage was to notice only one half of the delivery is there, the missing rest was picked up but never made it out of the first depot. As nothing was secured and there were already obvious signs of damage to the packing I wanted to refuse the delivery so it goes back to the seller to check. Was told if I refuse it all that happens is that it goes back to the depot for me to pick up as another delivery would cost money. Anyway, took the stuff in to at least check how much survived the transport. Also contacted the seller in regards to transport damage and the missing items. The odd thing was that the entire box was wrapped in sticky tape but the consignment not placed on the bottom, so I opened it up upside down :( The seller replied he did not use the brown tape just clear packing tape.... Further checks of the box showed there was another (original) consignment on the right side of the box, now hidden under brown tape... Seems Toll Ipec decided on repacking as well... So much for the transport side of things for now, now to the insides.... Inside the box I noticed the plastic wrap around the machine was alread cut open around the top lid - of course with damage to the paint work by using a sharp knife. As expected an exhaust fan and water pump was include, also a hose for the fan. But there is nothing to fit the perfect square of the fan onto the rectangle outlet on the machine! And although ordered in Australia from an Australian seller, the seller did not bother to make sure the stuff can be used as I only have US plugs on everything. The thing that really §$#*% me about this is the fact that the original plugs have been cut off and replaced with Hong Kong ones! According to AU consumer laws and electrical safety regulations it is illegal to sell new devices with such plugs - only genuine cable are allowed nothing that has been cut and screwed on. So no testing possible at this stage here.... The manual, if you can call it that, is completely in chinese, not a single word in english found anywhere. So what do you do? You revert to the supplied CD only to find out everything on there is chinese as well... Don't get me wrong, I am quite confident to get it going and calibrated without but after installing the included software I gave up as it is chinese only as well. Means nothing of use here too... Waiting for the seller to reply but conviently I got an automated response back stating the seller is on holidays till the end of February... So much for ordering local while on a budget.... Of course I could have got the same machine from another shop for 250$ more but who would have though I need to move to china and learn chinese to use this toy? Will keep this updated over the next few days to keep you posted. If all goes well one day and I get the right plugs, manual and software I might actually make a short ible on the setup and calibration for future reference. Ok, seems all the replies I made earlier got lost in the system so I have to start over.... Update: After inspecting everything closer to kill the time until the missing items arrive I found more issues than I like. One of the mirrors is scratched right in the center, the other has a very dull looking surface. The x-axis is at an angle and can't be aligned over the stepper motor as the ends of the carrier are not machined straight. Means you never get proper cuts or engravings. I found metal shavings in basically every area of the machine, including the clear cover for the laser tube - not what I call electrically safe. The exhaust mount is bend and the entire thing won't really fit in the frame of the machine. The lid does open and close, even stays open but get's stuck in the frame when lowering it. I assume by the dints that this due to the transport. Almost all parts seem to be mounted by force, if it is no good fit we just bend it and force it in must have been the advise used to make it. Image uploads here still won't work in any userfriendly way, so forgive me for the bad layout. As for the actual issues with the seller and shipping company so far: Toll Ipec claims that all loads are secured during transport at all times despite my evidence but said they will check on the driver to make sure. Sadly I was also told that I am unable to make a claim for the transport damages, only the account holder, the seller can do it. Here starts the real dilemma. Although the seller is based in AU I now found through the Ebay support that he actually operates directly from China and only has someone at a local warehouse dealing with the stuff for AU. The seller has no replacement machine and no spares at all. The seller does not acknowledge the claim for the damages and states the machine was in perfect order when he sent it. Did I mention it does not help that the seller obviously uses a translator for his english replies?... Next problem is that he, so far, refuses to make a claim with Toll Ipec for the damages - he really does not understand that I can not do a thing in this case and that only he can. Ebay is keeping it quite as well, stating I should first try to sort the matter with the seller and if that is of no good I can start a claim next week. Plans so far on how to proceed: The shipping back to the seller is over 50$ (thank god it is not china!) and I would have to use additional packing to make sure it goes back in one piece with no further damages. So I thought, assuming the rest of the machine is fine, to fix it and to recover the cost through Toll Ipec - after all they are the ones that did the real damages during transport. For the mirrors I will substitude the disc from and old harddrive although not looking forware to cut it into a small round thing. The a-axis will be shimmed so I can at least do some initial test of everything, after that I will have to find a way to correct this issues more permantly. An Arduino and Ramps board is already waiting to make it into the machine to try some open source stuff instead of the dreaded Moshi software. Also trying to get my hands onto an old plotter to substitute the electronics and maybe parts of the hardware. This would allow much easier work as everything can be done through HPGL and and normal graphics program. Simply design it, set the laser power and hit the print button in the software. But turns out these old plotters are become rare collectors items now :( For the final stage I plan to have it all electrically save with a proper controller board and Wifi support. Not sure how long it will take but I will get there LOL Will reply with an update once I go some news.

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Buy this and make something cool

My place of employment is currently trying to clean out a warehouse full of stuff they don't use, and I've been given permission to have a yard sale! I thought some of it could be used by the Instructables community to craft something amazing. First thing up for grabs is lots of (mostly) steel wire. Price is negotiable. Make me an offer or it gets dumped in the recycle bin in a few weeks. I have lots of different stuff to get rid of some of the more useful stuff might appear here (I got some aluminum squares of various sizes that could go). email or PM here. WIRE ST17-7 .010 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .012 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .016 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .018 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .020 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .026 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .032 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .035 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .039 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .041 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .042 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .0475 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .049 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .050 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .054 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .060 SQUARE WIRE ST17-7 .060 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .0625 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .067 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .072 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .072 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .075 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .080 DIA ANN? WIRE ST17-7 .080 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .085 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .088 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .091 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .095 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .105 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .109 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .120 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .140 DIA /AMS 5673 WIRE ST17-7 .148 DIA WIRE MUSIC .202 DIA TIN PL. WIRE OT .031 DIA WIRE OT .040 DIA WIRE OT .041 SQUARE WIRE OT .0475 SQUARE WIRE OT .051 DIA WIRE OT .0625 SQUARE WIRE OT .070 DIA WIRE OT .072 DIA WIRE OT .072 SQUARE WIRE OT .080 DIA WIRE OT .0915 DIA WIRE OT .0915 SQUARE WIRE OT .105 DIA WIRE OT .105 SQUARE WIRE OT .109 DIA WIRE OT .120 DIA WIRE OT .125 DIA WIRE OT .125 SQUARE WIRE OT .148 SQUARE WIRE OT .162 DIA WIRE OT .177 DIA WIRE OT .192 WIRE OT .225 DIA WIRE OT .243 DIA WIRE OT .250 SQUARE WIRE OT .3065 DIA WIRE OT .312 DIA WIRE OT .312 SQUARE WIRE OT .343 DIA WIRE OT .362 DIA WIRE OT .375 DIA WIRE OT .375 SQUARE WIRE OT .393 DIA WIRE OT .406 DIA WIRE OT .500 DIA WIRE OT .593 DIA WIRE MUSIC .008 DIA WIRE MUSIC .011 DIA WIRE MUSIC .012 DIA WIRE MUSIC .013 DIA WIRE MUSIC .014 DIA WIRE MUSIC .016 DIA WIRE MUSIC .018 DIA WIRE MUSIC .020 DIA WIRE MUSIC .020 X .063 FLAT WIRE MUSIC .022 DIA WIRE MUSIC .024 DIA WIRE MUSIC .025 DIA TOR.STR WIRE MUSIC .025 DIA WIRE MUSIC .026 DIA WIRE MUSIC .027 DIA WIRE MUSIC .028 DIA WIRE MUSIC .029 DIA WIRE MUSIC .030 DIA WIRE MUSIC .030 DIA CAD.PL. WIRE MUSIC .031 DIA WIRE MUSIC .032 DIA WIRE MUSIC .035 DIA WIRE MUSIC .038 DIA WIRE MUSIC .039 DIA HIGH TENS. WIRE MUSIC .041 DIA WIRE MUSIC .043 DIA WIRE MUSIC .045 DIA WIRE MUSIC .047 DIA WIRE MUSIC .049 DIA WIRE MUSIC .050 DIA WIRE MUSIC .051 DIA WIRE MUSIC .054 DIA WIRE MUSIC .055 DIA WIRE MUSIC .057 DIA WIRE MUSIC .059 DIA WIRE MUSIC .062 DIA WIRE MUSIC .063 DIA WIRE MUSIC .067 DIA WIRE MUSIC .072 DIA WIRE MUSIC .075 DIA WIRE MUSIC .078 DIA WIRE MUSIC .080 DIA WIRE MUSIC .083 DIA WIRE MUSIC .085 DIA WIRE MUSIC .091 DIA WIRE MUSIC .095 DIA WIRE MUSIC .105 DIA WIRE MUSIC .110 DIA WIRE MUSIC .120 DIA WIRE MUSIC .125 DIA WIRE MUSIC .135 DIA WIRE MUSIC .142 DIA WIRE MUSIC .148 DIA WIRE MUSIC .156 DIA WIRE MUSIC .162 DIA WIRE MUSIC .165 DIA WIRE MUSIC .177 DIA WIRE MUSIC .187 DIA WIRE MUSIC .207 DIA WIRE MUSIC .250 DIA WIRE ST302 .011 DIA WIRE ST302 .012 DIA WIRE ST302 .013 DIA WIRE ST302 .015 DIA WIRE ST302 .016 DIA WIRE ST302 .018 DIA WIRE ST302 .020 DIA WIRE ST302 .022 DIA WIRE ST302 .024 DIA WIRE ST302 .026 DIA WIRE ST302 .028 DIA WIRE ST302 .029 DIA WIRE ST302 .032 DIA WIRE ST316 .032 DIA WIRE ST302 .035 DIA WIRE ST302 .037 DIA WIRE ST302 .038 DIA WIRE ST302 .039 DIA WIRE ST302 .040 DIA WIRE ST302 .041 DIA WIRE ST302 .042 DIA WIRE ST302 .045 DIA WIRE ST302 .047 DIA WIRE ST302 .051 DIA WIRE ST316 .054 DIA WIRE ST302 .054 DIA WIRE ST431 .062 DIA WIRE ST316 .062 DIA ANN WIRE ST302 .063 SQUARE WIRE ST302 .067 DIA WIRE ST302 .072 DIA WIRE ST302 .075 DIA WIRE ST302 .080 DIA ANN WIRE ST304 .080 DIA 1/2H WIRE ST302 .086 DIA WIRE ST302 .093 DIA WIRE ST302 .102 DIA WIRE ST302 .105 DIA WIRE ST302 .113 DIA WIRE ST302 .118 DIA WIRE ST302 .125 DIA WIRE ST302 .125 DIA ANN WIRE ST304L .125 DIA WIRE ST416 .130 DIA WIRE ST302 .148 DIA WIRE ST304 .156 DIA ANN WIRE ST302 .162 DIA WIRE ST302 .170 DIA WIRE ST304 .187 DIA ANN WIRE ST316 .331 DIA WIRE HD .0258 DIA WIRE HD .031 DIA TIN PL. WIRE HD .0348 DIA WIRE HD .037 DIA WIRE HD .041 DIA WIRE HD .0475 WIRE HD .062 DIA WIRE HD .080 DIA WIRE HD,FLAT .080 X .135 WIRE HD .085 DIA WIRE HD .0915 DIA WIRE HD,FLAT .093 X .125 WIRE HD .105 DIA WIRE HD .112 DIA WIRE HD .113 DIA FLATTENED WIRE HD .148 DIA WIRE HD .162 DIA WIRE HD .187 DIA WIRE PH-BR .010 DIA WIRE PH-BR .0126 DIA WIRE PH-BR .018 DIA WIRE PH-BR .0201 DIA WIRE PH-BR .0226 DIA WIRE BE-CU .025 DIA 3/4H WIRE PH-BR .0254 DIA WIRE PH-BR .028 DIA WIRE BE-CU .032 DIA 3/4H WIRE BRONZE .032 DIA WIRE BRONZE .0359 DIA WIRE BRASS .040 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE PH-BR .0403 DIA WIRE BE-CU .0403 DIA 3/4H WIRE BRONZE .045 DIA WIRE BE-CU .0453 DIA 3/4H WIRE PH-BR .050 DIA WIRE BRASS .051 DIA FH WIRE BRASS .064 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE PH-BR .072 DIA WIRE BRASS .080 DIA SPR. TEMP. WIRE PH-BR .091 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE BE-CU .1019 DIA 1/2H WIRE BE-CU .125 DIA 1/2H WIRE PH-BR .156 DIA WIRE CR-SI .033 DIA WIRE CR-SI .036 DIA WIRE CR-SI .041 DIA WIRE CR-SI .0475 DIA WIRE CR-SI .055 DIA WIRE CR-SI .0625 DIA WIRE CR-SI .072 DIA WIRE CR-SI .080 DIA WIRE CR-SI .091 DIA WIRE CR-SI .105 DIA WIRE CR-SI .125 DIA WIRE CR-SI .128 DIA WIRE CR-SI .135 DIA WIRE CR-SI .144 DIA WIRE CR-SI .148 DIA WIRE CR-SI .162 DIA WIRE CR-SI .1875 DIA WIRE CR-SI .207 DIA WIRE CR-SI .243 DIA WIRE CR-SI .283 DIA WIRE CR-SI .312 DIA WIRE CR-SI .362 DIA WIRE CR-SI .375 DIA WIRE CR-SI .406 DIA WIRE CR-V .043 DIA WIRE CR-V .105 DIA WIRE CR-V .156 DIA O.T. WIRE CR-V .192 DIA O.T. WIRE CR-V .375 DIA WIRE ST302 .009 DIA WIRE ST302 .098 DIA WIRE ST302 .362 DIA WIRE BMS13-16 SIZE-22 ELECTRIC WIRE BASIC .047 DIA LOCKWIRE MS20995-NC20 LOCKWIRE MS20995-NC32 WIRE BASIC .080 BRIGHT WIRE ST302 .062 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .125 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .140 DIA /AMS5678 WIRE HD .047 DIA D.A.G. WIRE ST17-7 .135 DIA WIRE HD .062 DIA D.A.G. WIRE ST17-7 .045 DIA WIRE ST304 .080 DIA ANN WIRE CR-SI .045 DIA WIRE MONEL .051 DIA HARD WIRE HD .120 DIA WIRE HD .135 DIA WIRE MUSIC .100 DIA WIRE MESH 20-21112 KNITTED WIRE BRASS .072 DIA SPR. TEMP. WIRE OT .054 DIA WIRE OT .072 DIA WIRE BASIC .125 DIA WIRE MUSIC .118 DIA WIRE OT .050 DIA WIRE CR-SI .105 DIA WIRE ST302 .080 DIA WIRE BASIC .062 DIA WIRE BE-CU .016 DIA 3/4 HD WIRE INCONEL-X .047 DIA WIRE ST302 .030 DIA LOCKWIRE MS20995-AB41 WIRE MUSIC .098 DIA WIRE BE-CU .090 DIA ANN WIRE ST302 .089 DIA WIRE ST302 .060 DIA WIRE MUSIC .065 DIA WIRE BAC3108-1B BRAID WIRE ST17-7 .042 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .047 DIA WIRE PH-BR .125 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE CRS .100 X .275 FLAT, ANN WIRE ST17-7 .065 DIA WIRECLOTH BRONZE .016 DIA 20/" WIRE MUSIC .112 DIA WIRE MUSIC .040 DIA WIRE ST302 .070 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .014 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .022 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .100 DIA WIRE ST304L .094 DIA ANN WIRE BE-CU .050 DIA 3/4H WIRE INCONEL-X .101 DIA WIRE ST316 .016 DIA COND. B WIRE BAC3108-7B BRAID WIRE INCONEL-X .120 DIA WIRE BASIC .020 DIA WIRE CR-SI .042 DIA WIRE 6061 .187 DIA T6 WIRE ST302 .048 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .047 DIA ANN. WIRE MUSIC .063-.065 SQ. WIRE MUSIC .075-.077 SQ. WIRE ST316 #8 MESH .023-.029 D WIRE ELCTRICAL 12 AWG BARE WIRE ELCTRICAL 22 AWG INSUL. DZUS PB3 1/2 WIRE FORM WIRE INCONEL-X .035 DIA WIRE MUSIC .032 DIA HIGH TENS. WIRE CR-SI .142 DIA WIRE MUSIC .087 DIA WIRE MONEL .064 DIA HARD WIRE MUSIC .060 DIA WIRE MUSIC .146 DIA. WIRE ST316 .072 DIA COND. B WIRE OT .135 DIA WIRE ST302 .067 DIA. WIRE ST17-7 .036 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .116 DIA WIRE BE-CU .031 DIA. 3/4H WIRE MUSIC .052 DIA. LOCKWIRE MS20995-C32 WIRE ST302 .109 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .093 DIA WIRE MUSIC .036 DIA. WIRE ST302 .069 DIA. +/-.001 WIRE HD .091 DIA. GALV. WIRE ST17-7 .128 DIA WIRE INCONEL-600 .029 DIA. LOCKWIRE MS20995-NC40 WIRE ST17-7 .056 DIA WIRE ST302 .069 DIA. ANN WIRE MUSIC .093 DIA WIRE .025 DIA. STAINLESS WIRE CR-SI .113 DIA WIRE ST316 .075 DIA COND. B WIRE ST17-7 .112 DIA WIRE MUSIC .049 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .033 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .062 SQUARE WIRE ST17-7 .050 SQUARE WIRE ST302 .0915 DIA WIRE MUSIC .042 DIA WIRE ST316 .080 DIA COND. A WIRE MUSIC .034 DIA WIRE HD .080 DIA. GALV. WIRE HD .072 DIA. GALV. WIRE MUSIC .107 DIA WIRE MUSIC .048 DIA WIRE BASIC .080 GALVINIZED 14 GA. WIRE BASIC .062 GALVINIZED 16 GA. 66-18189-3 WIRE (PARTIALLY FORMED) 66-18189-3 WIRE (PARTIALLY FORMED) 69-41900-4 WIRE 69-41900-6 WIRE 66-18284-5 WIRE, CABLE STOP 808267A LOCKWIRE 5-71761-54 WIRE MESH 11010557-3 GUIDE, WIRE 11010557-4 GUIDE, WIRE 11010557-5 GUIDE, WIRE R829C WIRE FORM 409-64067-11 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-12 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-13 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-14 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-15 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-16 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-17 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-18 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-19 BRAID-WIRE 2821052-3 WIRE SET, TERMINAL 2821052-4 WIRE, ELECTRICAL 1681062-3 COVER, WIRE 1681047-3 COVER, WIRE 3B10500-104 SUPPORT-WIRE 105-BB23013F WIRE BAIL 204-31027-5 BRAID-WIRE 204-31027-4 BRAID-WIRE 69B93097-601 WIRE, ANTI-FOUL. 69-35829-4 WIRE 415T6346-3 WIRE FORM 214U3125-2 WIRE RETAINER #* 53N04 SAFETY WIRE 291AS234 LATCH, ARMING WIRE 287T0020-14 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0020-13 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0020-15 WIRE SUPPORT 287T0020-452 WIRE SUPPORT 287T0020-573 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0020-574 WIRE SUPPORT 287T1021-5 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 287T1021-6 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 7-3033-1 WIRE, RETAINING 25-9506-1 BRACKET, WIRE BUNDLE 287T1019-1 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 287T1019-2 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 417U9549-4 STIFFENER WIRE 417U9549-7 STIFFENER WIRE 287T0015-65 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0015-66 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0015-67 WIRE SUPPORT 287T0015-68 WIRE SUPPORT 66-1717 BRACKET, WIRE BUNDLE 63-9273-1 SPACER, WIRE BUNDLE 65-11665-800 CLIP, WIRE SUPPORT 65-11665-801 BRACKET, WIRE SUPPORT 7-3166-1 WIRE RETAINER 232W4561-19 WIRE E66-18189-3 WIRE (PARTIALLY FORMD) E66-18284-5 WIRE, CABLE STOP G66-18284-5 WIRE, CABLE STOP

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