XKCD, anyone?!I'm sorry, I'm just addicted to that webcomic. I generally stay up until 12 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays just to get to read the new comic as soon as it comes out.How obsessed are you guys? (/ girls)

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XKCD & Discovery Channel

As a fan of both xkcd and the Discovery Channel, I just thought this was funny.

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I Love xkcd from NoamR on Vimeo.

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Every Major's Terrible!

Deep breath, everybody, and...

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Sweet robot idea in xkcd!

There are plans for a sweet robot in yesterday's xkcd. I don't know why the links not working, but here's the address.http://www.xkcd.com/413/Anyone think they can build it?

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Yes! (Sometimes a webcomic just speaks to you...)

The title says it all, really.It's spooky how often XKCD hits the nails right on the head.The second image is my wallpaper.

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More patches up for grabs!

For no particular reason, I have created a set of patches based on the web comics Questionable Content and XKCD. Do you want one? Then tell me why you deserve one... Hiccup Update: I can't send patches until the image upload thingie is fixed (I only uploaded the picture of Pintsize when I wrote this).  Sorry.

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XKCD tries its hand at circuit design

The comic is at http://xkcd.com/730/. Who wants to build it first?

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I think Randall Munroe is running out of ideas..

I think Randall Munroe of xkcd is running out of Ideas.

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Postcard design - opinions needed

Inspire-me, people!I'm supposed to be designing a postcard to be sent to pupils who have done good work in science lessons, but I've hit a creative block.I'd like to use an XKCD-style cartoon, but copyright is an issue, since this is an official school publication.Update: WooHoo! The guys from XKCD gave permission to use the cartoon (thanks, XKCD)!

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Anybody want a neat idea for a project?

This is a project that really needs to be done for real, but I don't have the resources right now. Come on, folk, get on it. From XKCD.

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Marshmellow Shooters!

Marshmellow. xkcd. 'nuff said.Seriously though, I wonder if he means ewilhelm's shooter?

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This is me - where are you?

I was browsing XKCD and I found ... me!This is so spooky - it's like the guy was looking through my blinds.Is there a cartoon that sums you up?

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HTML Image Grabber?

I wish to be able to scrape an image from a webcomic with a html script so I can view the image offline at a later date or so I can view the webcomic when the site is blocked on a comic such as XKCD.

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I can go to bed now...

It is 01:29GMT - I've finally caught up with Questionable Content. One thousand, two hundred and ninety-nine issues in a few days.I came across it via [www.xkcd.com XKCD], and it's rather good.Sort of like Friends, but interesting.I like interestingly-insane people, and happily-psychotic computer hardware.(UPDATE: Than you to everybody who ignored the appalling (now corrected) spelling. It was very late early when I posted this.)

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Hey guys, thinking of turning a room in to a ball pit, I've seen prices for various balls, any cheap alternatives?

Yes this is inspired by a combination of three things, that infamous XKCD comic strip, THE LIST and a few conversations with friends.  It's the cloakroom of my house, which is small but not too small for say six people and a few thousand balls...  Important points, using the online calculator it would take around 800-900 balls at a diameter of 3.155 inches.  The floor area is about 50 sq. feet and I'm attempting to get the height at around two and half feet deep.  So suggestions, obviously if this insane project comes together on a budget of zero there will be a full instructable involved, which would make for awesome photos, think victorian features and stain glass backdrop to a ball pit...

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Strange Internet Problem (Udate: fixed.)

Am I missing something? Unusually, Instructables appears to be the only website working on the internet. Any other website I try to connect to except ibles just times out on me. BBC, Google (including groups and gmail), Notcot, Birdguides, Hotmail, XKCD, QuestionableContent... They all tell me that Firefox can't find the server.  I've tried reloads, restarts.  What next? Edit: as I've been typing this, ibles has been slow and won't upload a screenshot to go with this post. Edit: Trying with my laptop, I can't even get on ibles. (PC using Windows XP & Firefox, netbook using Linux and Firefox) Edit: multiple clearings of the cache and deletion of the entire browser history, plus a period of total shut-down of all associated hardware seems to have fixed the problem.

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What is Your Nerdiest Shirt? (patches to all that post pictures!)

We've donned our nerdshirts, now where are yours?What got its start as free vendor t-shirts from tech companies has now evolved into a full blown geek-fest of one-upsmanship and subtle winks to those in-the-know. How many days has Matt walked into work with a shirt I had to patiently wait all day for someone else to question? All of them.Now Gizmodo asks "What is Your Nerdiest Shirt?"Be it gaming, coding, comics or YouTube, there's a shirt to express every one of our inner (or not so inner) geekeries. What are your faves? Let's see 'em!Feeling left out? (I am!)Scope the goods at xkcd and Penny Arcade for some clever ways to join the flashmob.I totally need that poster with the map of the internet. I keep getting lost. . .

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