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ROTFLOL!! Yahoo Mail Vid

OK, sorry about forcing this on you, but it was just TOO FUNNY, Frodo and Gandalf text there way through LOTRVideocan not find yahoo video ID:*[* link to vid if embedding didn't work]

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Can I turn off Yahoo Messenger ? Answered

Long ago I used Yahoo Messenger and now nothing but crap pops up on my screen constantly.  How do I turn it off? PLEASE & Thank You

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Where did my newsletter go? Yahoo mail

Just realized that I haven't been getting the newsletter for about 2-3 months now.  Using Yahoo, searched the spam folder with no luck.  When I try to sign up using the box at the bottom of the page it says "Invalid email address" even though this is the address that I've been receiving it at for years.

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Why can I not use yahoo or google search or reach either with the url address through Firefox, IE, or Google Chrome?

I have run male wares, changed from Norton to Trend Titanium Maximum and everything else I can think of to fix this problem. EX. Firefox - search bar - search with google - dolphins - result:  problem loading page        Firefox - url - - result: problem loading page Same for yahoo Suggestions are quite needed and welcome. However, I need complete detailed instructions to make changes to registries or anything of that nature. I can do it, just need step by step. Thanks in advance and God bless you for the assistance. PC is HP Pavilion a1310y Windows XP Firefox 5.0

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So, I know my email has been hacked but dang! ? Answered

I have been dealing with a hacked email account for some time. Every time I change the password I get another batch of crap sent to my people. So, the new one is, I have to verify who I am by sending a verification code to my alternate address.  The verification never comes........BUT, I can still get to my account through my phone.  This happens to be yahoo.  Please help my pitiful hacked problem....Thanks

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RSS feeds not working in Yahoo

Thursday evening the RSS feeds from Instructables to my Yahoo home page stopped working. Is anyone else having this problem?

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YAHOO ! The NYC trip is BACK ON !

I just got the message today (peaked at my work email, since I was off yesterday) and they have found ANOTHER WAY ! This is going to be GREAT! I haven't done a lot of venturing outside my immediate area for a long LONG time (mainly due to my wife's condition). She does not want to go with me mostly because of fear but I can't let that prevent me from having the experience. She will be ok that day visiting her sister, etc. while I am in NYC ...

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unsupported host

Hello everyone as many people know i am a knexer and i do enjoy making and posting knex but when i tried to post a vid of a new crossbow i made it came up with unsupported host. i used yahoo video but from what ive heard it is the same on rever please instructables fix it i really wat to post vids

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tpr outsole better grip or rubber outsole?

Wnt tok now rupper outole has better grip or and slip resistance than tpr outsole.prefering flipflops as i has to walk  in tiles which are sometimes water spread on it and there is lot of dnger in that.

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Why is yahoo appearing without an internet connection?

I recently picked up an old computer from the dump and it powers up and works fine, but i found out that the anti virus software xoftspy is fake software that does nothing (not virus though). I uninstalled it and i began to suspect that there was a virus on the computer because it said that a windows update was just downloaded and that norton was installed, but it wasn't. I opened up internet explorer and i found that it opened to even though there was no internet. another strange thing was that the copyright said 2004. Is this usual if the site was frequently visited? Specs. Windows xp Professional AMD proccessor 400 mhz 20 gigabyte hdd maxtor 600 mb ram no anti virus

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Every time I google something, or yahoo something, (For example, Instructables, which I did) it redirects me to or something like, then when I click backspace, my ant-virus thing kicks in and tells me that the website will give me virus and trojans and what not, and gives me the option to leave the site. Has this been happening to anyone else?

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Can you hack yahoo answers' points system?

Is there any way to hack or get more points out of yahoo answers than you normally would? I want to get enough points to be able to rate the questions.

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How i change my yahoo password only with my actual password? Answered

I want to change my yahoo password but i forgot that stupid answer to the question .I have only my actual password.

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Who know a very funny avatar for yahoo messenger?

Plz put the link.

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firefox won't load google or yahoo?

I type and all other ways still wont load google or yahoo i try the search built in nothing. i have tried many ways i cannot ping google in command prompt. is this firewall related?

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Welcome to the Yahoo! Hack Day Group

In conjunction with Yahoo! Hack Day we've started this group as a place to capture and show-off all the hacks, tips, and tricks people are working on. We wish you a warm welcome to Instructables, and hope you like what you see.If any UK based Instructables members are going to Hack Day this weekend (June 16th and 17th), we'd love to have you be an official (or unofficial) Instructables representative. Please let me know if you're interested, and we can get you whatever you might need.

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Instructables and Yahoo! Hack Day in London

To celebrate the launch of Hack Day London, Instructables has created a Hack Day group to hold what we're hoping will be some exciting yet to be demonstrated hacks, tools, and tricks. To kick things off, we've thrown in a few Instructables that we thought exemplified the Hack Day spirit.More information is available on the hack day site or the hack day blog, but the short gist is that it's this Saturday and Sunday at Alexandra Palace in London. It's sponsored by the BBC and Yahoo! There will be prizes, and some interesting speakers.I know Instructables has a big UK contingent, so if any of you feel like stopping by for a day or two of serious computing, I'm sure you'll be welcomed.

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No pictures on RSS feeds on my Yahoo home page

On Sept 17th I noticed the several Instructable RSS  I have on my Yahoo home page don't have pictures with them, just white where the pictures should be. Is anyone else having the same problem?

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how to add Instructables RSS feeds to Yahoo home page?

A year or so ago I added RSS feeds from Instructables to my Yahoo home page. It was groups like LEDS or Shop. I can't figure out how to do it now.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Is there a point system on instructables answers? Answered

There is on yahoo answers.

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How do I send a 125mb mpeg file thru yahoo email that only allows a 25mb file?

I sometimes take videos on my digital camera, but when I want to send them as an attachment on email, yahoo! limits my attachment to a 25mb file. So how do I do this? My videos are 2 -3 minutes each, but when I check how big they are, they're usually 125-180mb. I'm not very tech-minded, so explain in detail. Thanks.

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How can I connect two cordless handsets together using the 3/16 jacks?

I have a cit 310 yahoo phone and would like to connect the headset 3/16 jack to a 3/16 jack of a landline cordless phone so I can patch the yahoo call to a cordless landline.? This way someone can call me through yahoo, I can answer on the cit310 then call another friend on my home phone, patch the two together and have a 3 way conversation by using another extension in the house.


Does anyone here know about vintage hats/caps?

You know those caps they had back in the 20s and 30s, the ones where the top would kinda hang out over the bill, kinda like the one in the pic, but not exactly. Well, does anybody know how to make one? If you can make one, then please post an I'ble, 'cause I've been needing one for a while and can't find any. By the way, the one on the right is sideways, incase of any confusion. I was kicked off of Yahoo! Answers today. I never realized how much of a slave I was to them. You Instructables people are smarter. I am leaving Yahoo! I have switched over to my Gmail account, and I'm happy. I've asked about this cap on Yahoo, and never got an answer. But you guys/gals are smarter and craftier, and I can actually go a good while on here without calling someone an idiot, unlike Yahoo. Well, have fun crocheting, knitting or sewing a cap from the long ago(if you'd like to).

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how to use iPhone as webcam?

How we can attach iPhone with computer and use it as webcam on Skype or yahoo messenger as i don't have webcam there must be any software or application

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How to make or assemble a software ?

How do peoples create softwares like yahoo messenger or media players please help me I am completely idiot about this but by full procedure i can understand

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Loom Knitting Swap Group

If you like to loom knit and participate in swaps then please come check out this great yahoo group where you get the best of both!

Topic by cathelix  

Is there a way to automatically forward emails from one email to another?

I got an andriod phone and it seems to not want to support my yahoo email and made me get a gmail. Is there way to automatically forward any messages sent to the old email to my new email?

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Newsletter link fail

I receive the newsletter through Yahoo Mail and everything is OK. But this e-mail is redirected to Outlook, directly into my computer. In Outlook, only the first (main) link works. The rest doesn´t. This problem have already happened around a year ago.

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PIC microcontroller dev board

Dear all, I m new here, I have some ready circuit using PIC16F series microcontroller chip, I need a simple microcontroller board with software to chage some information on these chip, if RS232 or USB no problem. advance thanks 2 all. khossanr(at)yahoo(dot)com

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Woo hoo! A fully operational search capability. Now Google is all our friend

Yippie!  Whoopie!  Yahoo! Many thanks for including a real search capability (Powered By Google[TM]) to Instructables.  The form and content of the results will take getting used to, I'm sure, but being comprehensive and supporting all the nice Google operators will be awesome.

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How can I play movies from a flash drive in my 2008 Chrysler Aspen? It's a factory installed Alpine system with DVD .

This is a factory installed system with DVD, camera and another player for the rear seats. But the cd player won't eject and my grandchildren are up in arms. Can you help[?

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Set up gmail on Nokia C6-01?

A new Nokia C6-01 phone, I have already succeeded stetting up yahoo and hotmail on it. But each time I put the configuration of gmail, it gives me the error message - can't communicate with the mail server. Anyone has any ideas how to debug this? Thanks!

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How can I import stock option prices into Matlab automatically (without copy pasting)?

How can I import that bid and ask for diffrent stock options from a site such as yahoo finance into matlab without manually copying and pasting and editing the information? I Don't need historical data, only the current bid and ask. thank you


Instructables stickers

Is there anywhere we can buy Instructables stickers? I know the old Yahoo store had them available, but that's gone now and there's only links to the spreadshirt store... which only does shirts.To quote Kiteman: You have stickers. We want stickers. GIVE STICKERS! =)

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How Does Instructables Rate?

. Ran across 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website's Popularity and decided to see how Instructables rates.. . Yahoo Site ExplorerPages: 36,421,151. Inlinks:3,028,851. CompeteNumber of people visiting site: 31,825,476; 1,161,213. QuantcastThe people who visit are also likely to visit these categories and sites:, Engadget, ars technica, Gizmodo,,, New Scientist,,, Popular Science, Wired MagazineMonthly Traffic: Global 3.2M; US 2.0M. AlexaRank: 1971. Linking In: 7,391. SocialmeterSocialmeter score: 42,877. Quarkbase28055 bookmarks at Delicious2259 pages posted on Digg340 pages posted on Reddit947 page references from Yahoo! Answers39746 blog reactions from Technorati. Statbrain530,226 visits per day. CubestatWebsite Worth: $1,310,664.63Daily Pageviews: 598,477Daily Ads Revenue: $1,795.43 . WebsiteOutlookNet Worth : $1.22 MillionDaily Pageview : 557244Daily Ads Revenue : $1674.38

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I have a sunbeam electric throw with auto off, how can I dis- able this auto off?

My electric throw is made in China, style  T85A  E23623 Circuit board numbers are  P2H11453A0 , or  PIC  THROW-DC11 , I'm unclear on these numbers. The auto off is 3 hrs, the throw is used to to keep old dogs warm and needs to be on until turned off. Thank you Lande2828@yahoo

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Real Estate Question:? Answered

I have looked all over the internet... but cannot find the answer to this question. my step father rented a house to some people and they built a shed. they surrendered the keys and everything, and the court ordered eviction was completed. now he is sueing for the amount they owe, and they want their shed. my step father (landlord) apparently wants the shed now. i am going to ask on yahoo answers, but that isnt allowed at the school, and that is where i am now... sooo, any realtors out there? i live in suffolk virginia, if that is of any help. thanks

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Tesla Music at the Maker Faire!

So today I got a sneek peek of the Maker Faire at Young Maker's Day. And with it, something that simply blew me away. This tesla coil demo uses two TALL towers with lightning bolts coming out the top. The lightning bolts are what make the music! And the drums are robotic! That's what's waiting for all who are coming over the weekend. Enjoy! I included a video. Young Maker Day: Amazing Tesla Coil Music! @ Yahoo! Video

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I have been away on holiday ( Pacific US coast ) for 10 days and now back at my machine with no urge to text with questions. It feels strange to be so emotionally disjointed about this site... Maybe the questions are not stimulating today or the great London event pulls at me. Yahoo compares Love to a brain on drugs why not Instructables... Or is it just a bunch of duct-tape..

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Bad link?

I received an email (in my yahoo account) saying I had a new comment and to click the link I posted in the topic to view it. When I click it (or copy past the link) I get sent to this login pg:;=/you/backtalkWhen I enter my login info it just takes me back to the same login page. If I log in (in another window) I can get to my instructables inbox but it's empty. Something seems really screwed up.

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Newsletter {help}

Hi, I changed emails about a month or 2 ago. I did change my instructable newsletter email to the new one, but for some reason I'm not getting them. It's weird, the newsletters and my password requests are being sent to my old email even tho I changed it in my personal settings. If it helps, my old email was Yahoo! And I switched to Gmail. Maybe I'm getting the newsletters at both emails and gmail thinks they're clue. thanks P.s. This might be in the wrong forum section...sorry

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effective removal of home page pirate

My poor pc is in trouble. I use XP. When i use internet explorer instead of my MSN and YAHOO page coming up i get this rubbish search engine called "searchme1000" coming up or one of those pesky ad things called "CELLDERADO::::" I am a bit of a low-tech guy but this has gone beyond a joke. I tried a website blocker but it does not work well. The offending software keeps trying. I hove Norton but it blithely lets the buggers in. the mouse is so angry he could...SQUEAK!!!

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Extra characters when sending a web link?

I use Vista on a desktop and Yahoo for my email and Firefox 9.1 for my browser. When I click on a web page to send the link, for example "", what it sends is "; ". I have tried using Hotmail and Internet Explorer browser and have the same problem. I realize something is substituting %3A%2F%2F for ://.  This seemed to have started about a year ago maybe when there was an upgrade to Foxfire.    I tried everything on the Foxfire help pages and that didn't help.  Does anyone know how to correct this.

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OPENDNS is blocking access to streamsend links in your mailings

The OPENDNS DNS lookup and anti-phishing service I've used for the last few years has suddenly  decided that the streamsend redirected links in the Instructables weekly newsletters are an attempt at phishing.  I am able to access the instructables web site directly, but I can't follow links from your emails any more. I receive the weekly newsletter through Yahoo email. My older Instructables newsletters that I was previously able to read are having their streamsend links blocked too. This is a problem between streamsend and OPENDNS.  However, Instructables is affected by this if they're a customer of streamsend.

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Bits and pieces programs ultimate Zip HELP!!

Ok, the yahoo answers crew decided that I didn't exist, so I came pleading to you, wonderus people of instructables! I have the evaluation version of ultimate zip (it's cheap you know) and when I download programs they always come up broken into pieces. how do I get this to work? Example. when I tried to download cat mario It came up 4-clear.mp3 10/30/2007 allclear.mp3 10/30/2007 brock.png 12/23/2007 brock2.png 12/23/2007 brockbreak.. 10/30/2007 and the list goes on and on and on and on and oooon

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How to make an LED lamp from scratch?

I am wanting to make a 5-LED table lamp that plugs into the wall and also has a cord with a switch.  I do NOT want to start with a new LED lamp from a store.  I can find bits and pieces of projects on here but I'd like detailed help in doing this.  I do not have electrical experience but I catch on quickly to directions.  I mainly need to know what wiring, LEDs, resistors I would need and maybe short directions..  If anyone is willing to help me with a parts list, please email me.  Thank you!  icukala@yahoo

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