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App yet?

Anyone developing and iPad app yet?

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App yet?

Is an iPad app being developed?

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Is it Fixed yet? Answered

Just wondering if the can't post a question bug is now fixed. SO if this question actually does show up then I guess I have my answer. If not, its still broke.

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What Shall I Build? Hmm?

Hai. It's the old tosser from Holland again! I am feeling nostalgic, so I might perhaps build a K'nex gun quite soon. I'm not making any promises so don't expect me to push out like 3 guns a month anytime soon. College is very demanding, but K'nex is just too awesome to let go of. And since I FINALLY got a new camera, it's a very fortunate timing of events.  Hopefully see you all soon, with a new Instructable! -Viccie.B1993-

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Package not here yet!!! Answered

Yeah, i got a package from a contest and i put my address and all like on the 15th of December so I've been waiting for almost 2 months now but my package hasn't arrived yet I got it from this contest: And this was my entry (look under third prize): Anyways, if anyone can't help me here do i contact Instructables directly through help???

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Yet again PICAXE? Answered

I wanted ti make a matrix using picaxe plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP

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Simple, yet Confusing.

I have this Soldering Iron. It takes 4 AA's @ 6V, and 8W or 11W. My reasons aside, I want to make it into an AC Soldering Iron now. I have various Plug-in adapters, and the one I chose Outputs @ 9V, 100mA. So sticking with the 11W setting, the Soldering Iron: > 1.83 Amps; 6 Volts; 11 Watts; And the plug.. > .01 Amps; 9 Volts; .09 Watts; So, what are my options? I got one.. find a plug with a higher current output :P

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yet again another knex rifle forum

This is just another forum to ask wether or not to post me auto load true trigger rifle here are som pics: UPDATE: i have changed the stock will post soon

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Sutaible title yet again? Answered

I want a sutaible title for my instructable which is a LED THROWIE which flickers like a candle 

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Yet another ZKAR issue.

Here's another issue that I feel needs to be solved on the ZKAR.  Sometimes the pusher forces 2 rounds together side by side in the mag, which causes a jam.  This is caused by expanding mag walls, are there any fixes for this?

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The Best Halo Costumes Yet

It's hard to believe that these costumes are made by dedicated fans and aren't official costumes, but these guys have done it. After what has surely been hundreds of hours of work, they've got the look... and the power. Link

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Yet another automobilia question! Answered

So I saw this pretty little thing on the side of the road up near Green lake, Washington, one Aurora, and i have been wondering what make it is ever since. Anyone have any information? PS: its in a European repair shop, if that helps at all

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Not even 1 view yet?

I posted this instructable 3 days ago and so far I haven't had a single view!  I'm wondering if there is a technical issue of some sort. Here's the link: Please let me know if you have any idea of what could be going on. Thanks nlinventor

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Yet another unidentified tool

Hi guys,Can anyone tell me what this tool would have been used for?The fine wire is spring loaded.I was thinking perhaps a pricker for an old gas or kerosene lamp light to clear the aperture, or maybe a paint gun.Seems an over complicated device if it is what it was used for, but i guess it protects the wire by retracting it.

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Yet another dumb question?

Hi Guys, ( I am prickly) I am really excited as I'm going to make my first project ever that includes resistors. I needed some help regarding (no not resistors) batteries. I need to chose which battery to use either 2 AA batteries (3 LED's in parallel)  or a 9v battery  (3 LED's in series). I want to choose the way in which the LED's will be brighter for longer. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato 

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Yet another change to the UI? Answered

When are the powers that be going to finalize the UI? It is a real pain in the tush to come here and find that, yet again, the site has been revamped (how many times in the last couple of months???), leaving the user to grope in the dark just to find that their usual link(s) has (have) disappeared. Take a cue from the big boys and only completely redo the layout (especially navigation) once every year or two, and don't change it completely. Familiarity keeps the customer coming back. Confusion drives them away. That way, people won't get pi**ed off and leave. I mean, how would you feel if you went to drive your car and the control layout changed from the day before. It'd drive you mad, wouldn't it? (See, this is what happens when you have a multitude of volunteers working on the website, no clear direction.) Qa

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Anyone have a CHUMBY yet ?

The CHUMBY articleAnd the CHUMBY device site itselfPhysically, the device is just plain cute. The 3.5 inch display is enclosed in a padded leather beanbag that can be smushed to sit at different angles. In addition to the touch screen, there's one switch at the top and a 3D accelerometer in the unit, which some games use. The device also has two USB ports, for users who want to hack it; the BIOS and schematics are open source and the product is based on Linux. The Chumby site even encourages people to take apart their unit and reassemble it in new ways.

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Yet Another M4 Carbine

Well since everyone has been building m4's, I thought I'd give it a try. Originally, it started as just a model. After that, it became a RBG. Finally, it became a gun that actually shot pieces. It has a rather big magazine, it holds around 20 grey connectors. I'll only post this gun if it gets MANY requests. Credit goes to the TheDunkis for the foregrip.The gun is being posted on KI this weekend.POSTED;=351

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Yet ANOTHER K'nex Gun!

Before commenting, be aware that i got rid of this. hahaha Sorry, no pictures yet. The rest of my family (all of the girls in the family) went on vacation down in SC while us manly men went to manly places like tool shops (hahahottopic jk) like home depot and water country usa. And sadly, they took the only camera with them. Their coming back tonight so I should be able to get some PICS of this ttly 1337 gun. Enough of this talks about my life onto the gun. Like I said, I can't take pictures, yet, so I'm just going to list the features from the butt of the gun to ze top. 1. Comfy, buttstock, and a stick type stock w/ ram guide 2. New 2-position realistic angled handle (one position for m16 series standard grip, and another a bit more angled) 3. kinda weird for-grip thing but it's good I guess 4. easy to use scope mount and blade sights 5. around 10-15 round blue rod mag 6. and my favorite part of the gun, the Hop-up! 7. I wouldn't consider this a feature but it looks a b s o l u t e l y bad***. You'll see. just wait... A hopup is basically a bump in the barrel causing the bullet to curve up thus making it hop up. Originally from airsoft guns it presses down on the BB as its leaving the barrel creating a backspin so when it leaves the barrel it curves up increasing range and making it more accurate. Except this doesn't apply to knex bullets since they tend to move MUCH slower and the barrels are their are dents in the middle of them. So with knex you'd have to just put a small dent type thing on the bottom of the barrel instead of backspinning it (which is impossible with knex since their not in a sphere shape). If you really want to know more about hop-up heres a link;=589601 And finally, sorry I have been so inactive lately, I have been extremely busy more then normal.

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Has a PS3 been hacked yet??

Will the PS3 be hacked to play downloaded games on CFW? Has anyone done it yet? I want to buy one but it be nice if it can be hacked..

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Has not posted any comments yet...

I've recently noticed that, when I go on someone's profile page, the comments box says that that member hasn't posted any comments yet. Is this just happening to me, or is it the same for everyone?

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Paracord contest entry not accepted yet? Answered

 Hi I entered my instructable in the paracord contest and never got a reply back. It meets all the requirements, but has still not been accepted yet. I have waited the 2 days (48 hours) but still nothing? is it  possible the people took easter off? any suggestions? 

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Instructable Contest Entry Not Accepted Yet? Answered

I have send a entry in the citizen science contest and it hasent been accepted yet the entry was sent on 19 - 1-13 but it hasent been accepted wven when the contest has been closed for entries I also got an email saying that the entry was recieved .  Please help on this.

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"nobody has said anything yet..."

When I reply to comments from the email notifications, I occasionally get a message saying: "nobody has said anything yet" It gets very annoying..... Does anyone else get this?

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simple yet somewhat powerful Amplifier?

I need a diagram or something for an amplifier that could be used as a guitar amp but mainly to play an ipod or mp3 devise. It would need a bass, treble, and main control. It would need to handle a 4-16 ohm load. and on a budget of $30 or less. Any help or referral is greatly appreciated.

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LEGO Tower Is Impessive, Yet Boring

So up in Toronto they built a 29.3 meter tall tower of LEGO. It's a new world record. Some "master builders" were overseeing it. There are images of flags on the side.But still, it's just a tower of LEGO. Doesn't really inspire me, but maybe you guys think differently. Am I missing something? Full story

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yet another toshiba laptop question.? Answered

I have been using my Toshiba Portege M300 for 4 years now. Normally the fan is quite smooth and quiet, but it speeds up if the laptop gets hotter. This evening I thought the fan had a slightly different tone to it and was louder. Also, the speed didn't seem consistent; it seemed to move up and down randomly. Should I be concerned?

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Possible things not yet done with a GameBoy

From Chiptunes to an LED addon for the screen, there have been numerous creative things done to Nintendo's GameBoy line of handheld consoles. Given the capabilities of these sturdy, nostalgic devices, what kind of things could be made or done to them to increase their awesomeness? Apart from making Chiptunes, MP3 player casings, and some of the usual mods for any kind of GameBoy, is there anything else that a Maker could do to it?

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Yet another "unable to publish" question...

I have an instructable stuck in 'draft' and cannot publish...despite clicking 'publish' about a bazillion times (yep..clicking faster doesn't work..but I had to try something!) There's not a lot of help or a pointer telling me why it won't.  I think it's something to do with the inclusion of the word 'gun' but it's in reference to a RC WW2 Destroyer project.  So how do we get these things published?..Who is the go-to person to review/approve the article? Ta.

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Yet another LED Driver question?

Fellow instructa-people,  I have aquired a couple of 20w LED Drivers, which are mains powered.  They are branded "Inples 100", each one has 6 outputs at 10.5v I am looking to use 3w LEDs with the driver, but I'm having problems finding how many leds I can use on each channel. The forward voltage of the LEDs range from 3.2 - 4.0v (as per datasheet). Can any kind soul point me in the right direction on how to work this out? Hope this makes sense, kinda new to using LEDs..... can't you tell?? Regards Nabis

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Yet another challenge from TheDunkis

Here's a cool idea I had for awhile. It doesn't seem too practical but still pretty cool if you can pull it off. True Slide action. Basically it's the same as true bolt action in how it works. Make a handle loading pistol where the slide pushes a round from the loading chamber into the firing chamber for more power. It actually shouldn't be that hard. The most difficult part will probably be the trigger. To make it more of a challenge, try making it as compact as possible like a real pistol. I might actually be able to build and review the winner's this time. I'll give you a basic image to give you an idea of what I'm looking for...but mostly just so I can get through the filter faster.

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September was our best month yet

We've been growing pretty consistently since the site launched in 2005, but September was notable in that we smashed a number of our records.  We had the greatest number of people come to the site (5.6 M), the greatest number of people return (2.9 M), the greatest number of new pro memberships, and our first and second highest traffic days where over a quarter of a million people visited Instructables in a single day.  We didn't break any records for new Instructables (the last month of the Craftsman contest from last year still holds that one), but September wasn't too far behind.  And all this in a month with only 30 days!October is my favorite month.  Here's to it bringing in some amazing costumes and smashing even more records.

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Yet another knex contest. The T.K.E.T.

First off, this is not another contest which there are little challenges, this is a challenge in which there are BIG ( I mean BIG) challenges. This is just a sign up and here are important dates, ( sorry, T.K.E.T means The K'NEX Experts Tournament) info: 5 rounds each lasting 1 week. Sign up ends: Sept. 10 First come first serve Round one: Sept. 11-18 Round two: Sept. 19-26 Round three: Sept. 27-Oct. 3 Round four: Oct. 4-11 Round five:Oct.12-19 winners of each round will receive absolutely nothing except a congrats and bragging rights. so this is for competitive K'NEXers. 20 people aloud at max. NO MORE entries after the date. If not enough, then we i will personally invite people. Creations will be a certain category ranging from new ideas to guns or weapons. Please join as this will be a great thing to do if you have some time. thanks if you join and i'll be watching!

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Basic circuitry help? [not yet resolved]

(I wasn't sure if this should be a comment on the Instructable or not, as it is a bit long, and I have some pictures..) I am following a sound-reactive LE 1.D tutorial and having a bit of trouble. The circuit consists of a SPDT switch, resistor, LED, transistor, and a 3.5mm stereo jack. When I play music using this stereo jack, I get no response from the LED. I'm trying to make something on a breadboard for the first time, so I'm thinking maybe I'm missing something because of that. Here's how the machine is supposed to work: - Positive charge flows to SPDT switch, and if it's in the correct state, continues to the 150 ohm resistor - Anode of LED is connected to the resistor, and the cathode is connected to the "emitter" lead of a TIP31 transistor ("base" is wired to the power bus) - The "collector" lead of the transistor is attached to one of the outputs on the stereo jack - The ground wire on the stereo jack returns to the common lead of the SPDT switch. Perhaps I wired something wrong? I've included pictures if the description is not sufficient. EDIT: I've modified the circuit a bit - maybe I can take pictures / draw a diagram tomorrow. Now, here's how it works: - Positive charge flows from positive side of the power bus to the "base" lead of the transistor - Collector lead of the transistor is connected to the left-channel lead of the stereo jack (also, the ground pin of the stereo jack is connected to the negative side of the power bus) - Emitter lead of the transistor is connected to a 150-ohm resistor - Resistor is connected in series with two LEDs - The cathode lead of the second LED returns to the negative lead of the power bus The LEDs do turn on now, but that's the problem - they are always at full brightness no matter the volume of the music. Even if no music is playing, the LEDs are fully lit. I've used a multimeter to check what's happening, and after pressing the negative lead of the multimeter to the cathode lead, and the positive lead to the anode lead, it shows a constant voltage of 1.986 V. I don't understand how this isn't working - I've verified that the collector lead is correctly connected to the left-channel wire... maybe I should try the right channel? Or a different cable? tl;dr: Rewired and the LEDs are always at full brightness. Transistor doesn't seem to be affecting the emitter output, for some reason..

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Advertise Your Yet To Be Released K'nex Guns

Post pictures of your not yet released k'nex guns here!

Topic by Oblivitus    |  last reply

Custom yet cheap iPod Boom Box

No need to spend $200 on an iPod Boom Box

Topic by fstedie    |  last reply

Has anyone noticed this awesome website yet?

Has anyone noticed WePC yet?It is a cool website which you can design a laptop and it will be posted.If anyone wants to,make one of your own!

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why isnt my instrictable up yet? Answered

Https:// thats it any info?

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Have you started yet? I haven't.

I know it's only July, but I've noticed that some (American) people spend a long time working on their Hallowe'en projects.Have you started yet?Are you willing to reveal your project?Are you going to insist on leaving out the apostrophe?Hallowe'en Group 2008

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NOBODY has made any comments yet!

I went to eric's page today, and got a message that he hasn't posted any comments yet. I've seen this bug before, but seriously, now it's affecting the highest levels of instructables brass! EDIT: I've checked. It's global. Everyone is affected. =O

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Has there been a duct tape contest yet? Answered

There are so many things to do with duct tape, so a contest would be really interesting to see what shows up.

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Moldable, non-permanent, yet hard substance?

I'm trying to create an emerson wave for my knife, so I need some kind of thing that can be molded onto the blade, will become hard, and hopefully removable. Anything exists? 

Question by Batryn    |  last reply

Yet another reason to avoid Call of Duty

So I borrowed Cod 4 from my brother, and played a game. The points started to go into the negative millions MILLIONS! I left the game, and found something annoying...

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Yet Another Sound Reactive LED Thread!!!!

First of all caution with the diagrams available on the internet I just fried a perfectly good and expensive car amplifier.  Can someone please drawn me a sound reactive led strip circuit (as simple as possible) that will work on my car RCA or Speaker Outputs. without frying anything, I can't afford more damage.

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I paid, and they charged... but no Pro account yet..

I have paid the annual fee to have an Instructables account for a year, I have checked and theres not a link to redeem and start my membership, I had emailed instructables with no answer, my bank account is already charged and Instructables is not giving me what I paid for.... how can I make this right or go with the right autorities and complain about Instructables...

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Has anyone done a Tofu instructable yet?

Has anyone done an instructable on how to make tofu? I found a bunch on recipes using tofu but nothing on making it from scratch. I make tofu from dried soy beans at least twice a week. The only other ingredient is epsom salt and water. Half way through you can stop and you've got yourself soy milk. It would take me some time to put one together as I would want to make sure it was perfect with nice photos. Unless of course this has been done. Is there anyway to check for sure?

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What is the simplest yet reliable inverter (NOT) gate setup?

What is the simplest yet reliable inverter (NOT) gate setup, in your opinion, for feeding its output to a 555 timer's trigger input?

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K'nex Weapons That We Haven't Yet Seen On Instructables

Hey everyone, just bring you a list of weapons that I quickly came up with from Call Of Duty that haven't yet been made out of K'nex and posted onto instructables. If there is anything in the list that you might be interested in at attempting to built it please leave a comment in the box below. I know there are some in the list that have been made before, but we need to see more of that kind on instructables since they are a good starter to work with, they just need a few improvements to it make it really stand out.

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Has Anyone Here Installed Windows 7 Yet?

Has Anyone Here installed Windows 7 On their PC Yet? I Have,and if you Have,Post a screenshot,and Tell Us what you think about it(No,I am not a microsoft employee :P). Here is My Screenshot And My Specs: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino Processor 768Mb of RAM(Note that this is within an EMUlator,Virtual Box,I gave 7 400 MB of RAM) Post your Specs Too! Also,It runs Pretty Well On my Laptop Through Virtual Box,It Runs OK On virtual Pc,But it gets Slow And VPC additions Cause it to Blue screen.

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Has anybody tried these Call Of Duty mods yet?

Hi guy's i am new to the forums and would like to ask a question' Has any body tried and tested the call of duty mods on this site? Here i know the site is quite well known but would like some reviews if possible, Thank you in advance.

Topic by Crystalgaze