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And the winners are... Answered

It's over - the International Go Pro Challenge has been judged, and all entries have received something.

(Will those entrants who received codes please redeem them quickly, so that I don't accidentally give them to somebody else?)

If you have an idea for another, similar challenge, please comment or PM me.



Dream Dragon

8 years ago

I guess here is as valid a place as any to thank the subscriber who gave ME a "Pro Code" just for my comments and support of other makers. I simply cannot justify the expense of a full pro account myself, but there are some advantages to having one, and I'm exploring those options for a little while.

I'm a bit more of a "Thinker" than a "doer" which means that I can often spot alternative ways of doing things and I am very happy to make such suggestions. I also appreciate the effort that goes into DOCUMENTING your projects, that adds a whole other level to the process.

I enjoy reading the site and looking at the projects, so I do try to encourage people to continue to make good content.

KitemanDream Dragon

Reply 8 years ago

Now that you're pro, you can send them a patch to say "thank you!"


8 years ago

Thank you for the Honorable Mention. Life is so Great.