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Another tool question. Answered

Hi all,

Is there anyone who can tell me what this antique tool is used for. It is spring loaded and adjustable and maybe a clamp to hold a mitre join when fixing the two pieces together. Well at least that's what i think it may have been used for.

No brand for me to Google.



5 weeks ago

looks like a picture frame clamp to keep corners tight while glueing.


Reply 5 weeks ago

Could also be more for general purpose of that kind.
Thinking in the region of attaching legs to table frames.
The indentations on the top part line up too good with the notches or claws on the bottom part...
Almost like a purpose made clamp or similar goes in there to join the other pieces.
These indentations are not identical either.
Means it was wear and tear or the different shape is part of the design.
I guess we need to figure out what could fit with the indentations and claws....