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Any advice on making a water pressure reducer set at about 10 psi.? Answered

I know I can get a pressure reducer for an RV at 40-50 psi. But i want to make a pressure reducer that is set at about 10psi. I live on a farm and have about 11 automatic waters and inexpensive auto-waters sometimes get over powered by the 40psi water pressure. I think they would perform better on lower pressure. Can't find any advice on making something like a water pressure reducer set at about 10 psi.?


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11 years ago

Maybe you should look at a volume restrictor. A true pressure reducing valve,(or pressure regulator), actually is way harder make than a volume restrictor. Let me explain. If a pressure reducing valve is in place, and the system is off, both sides of the valve will have different pressures. The supply side will be at full pressure. And the house, or in this case the garden side will only ever be able to recieve what the reducing valve is set to deliver. This is what you said you want to build, but in order to do this properly it will be challenge. I suggest that you might try to restrict the volume instead. This can be as simple as an inline valve partially closed. While the system is operating, adjust the valve until things are operating the way you want. Here's the draw back. When everything is off, both side of the valve will be at equal pressures. This means that when the system starts up the next time there will be a brief time that everything runs a little more rigorous in the beginning. Things should level out in short order though. You may even need more than one valve to get things balanced the way you want. Simple valves are alot cheaper than pressure regulators. And you may already have the valves, maybe? I hope this helps! plumber_bob