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Anyone know of some professional DSP Software for mac os x? Answered

Does anyone know of really good dsp software for mac os x? I tried iwow plugin for itunes but it added a nasty crackly sound in the music, almost like it was lower bit rate (Resampleing it?). I've got a nice stereo, a decent mac, and good cables, so I wanna be able to tweak my sound. Any ideas? -Punk


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13 years ago

This might be more than you want, but [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ardour_(audio_processor) Ardour (wiki)] / Ardour Hm page is a DAW (digital audio workstation) that works with Mac OS.

To make it work, they must have ported JACK, too. With JACK you can alter audio streams realtime, and probably don't need Ardour. Use JACKrack or something similar to filter the streams, not the audio file...

JAMin is an audio mastering/mixdown tool for JACK, and that might be ported to MAC, also...