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Arduino + RF to create item/finder? Answered

1. I've got the idea to create this kind of project where people nowadays being careless and misplace their item. So to counter this problem, i want to create a device which can detect the object/item within an area/radius of the receiver and transmitter.
2. This is not only for item/object but also can be placed on your children just in case they are away from you thus this device can alert you in sound, sight ( blinking LED ) , and vibration.

1. Is it possible to only use 1 transmitter and receiver?
2. Just in case for future uses, can compass be implanted in this device where it will always shows to the transmitter?
3. Currently programming are very hard for me, where can i get reference for programming this kind of device?


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5 years ago

By the time you have added a reasonable battery you have something that is so big it becomes impractical.

There are many key locators out there


that are really cheap.

Sometimes the idea is good but the practical implementation isn't going to make it worth while.

OR you could add an LED throwie type of thing to your key ring You would need to arrange for some kind of set/reset system though at that point it starts to get big.


5 years ago

No offense but I can only suggest that you create easier projects first with success.
If you say you have problems writing code I see little to no chance that you are able to program something like this.
And it is of no use to provide example code if you can't understand and modify it.