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Arduino + Timing Device used in Profession Rugby Answered


Patrick here. I am building a scrum sled training device and hope to use an Arduino MEGA to do the thinking! Basically the idea is simple enough. I want the Processor to start a timing sequence once a start button is pushed.

I want the processor to then activate a voice saying, 'Touch, Pause....Engage' Much like you hear the ref saying in professtional rugby.
Once the word 'engage is said by the processor through a speaker or buzzer, a timing sequence would start, and ending when the player makes contact with the pads on the scrum sled. This conact will bge made by limit switches feediong back into the processor ending the sequence.

I have attached a PDF of the sled design.

Can Anyone help me with the programming!? ANY HELP at all, is very much appreciated.
Thanks again,


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6 years ago

Hello, could you email me your sled design?

bernardo72 at hotmail.com

how did your system work out?