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Arduino/Lilypad to play sound effects? Answered

Hi there. I am looking to turn myself into a living cartoon. What the hell am I talking about you say? I want to use various accelerometers, bend sensors, and the like to detect certain movements/actions and play a certain accompanying cartoon sound effects (think Johnny Bravos whip noises when he poses. etc.) How would I go about using either lilypad or a regular ol arduino unit to control sounds? I would obviously need mp3/wav capability. 


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10 years ago

Search for all the "soft circuit" instructables to get an idea on how to build soft switches/pads/sensors to attach to your garment. You'll also find the instructables on integrating accelerometers and directional GPS, also using lilypad to trigger turn signal LEDs, etc. Search for all the "easy button" hacks and use the lilypad to trigger the sound modules. There are so many things you can do. Good luck.