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Automated lighting inside wardrobe? Answered

I'm in the middle of custom building a fitted wardrobe.  So far, I have hacked an Ikea PAX Wardrobe to fit into a wall with a custom shape. 

The issue I am now facing is how to do the lighting.  On the right side, I have 3 shelves which I want to underlight, and on the left side, there are 2 rails.
I had a look at the Ikea wardrobe lights, however they are motion activated, which is no use since the motion sensor would be blocked.

Does anyone know how I can rig up some LED strips to maybe some sort of reversible magnetic switch that can be mounted on the doors, or some sort of other solution.  I would need all the parts though, and don't even know where to start.

Any suggestions?



4 years ago

Hit you local home improvement store and buy some Warm White Led light strips, Or some Led light bars. You may need to do some soldering. Power it with a simple 12v power adapter that can supply at least 2 amps ( depends on how many lights you have) Hopefully you can get a kit.

For the switch use something like this. If you have some good electronic experience, You could use a hall effect sensor or a reed switch to detect a magnetic field, from a magnet on the door. Then use that signal to trigger a transistor or relay that can handle the larger current the Lights will require.


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks. I've located a 12V DC 8.5A Driver, which connects to some 12V DC 7.2A LED strips. The issue I am having is that I need a N/C Reed Switch that is compatible with the system.

Everywhere I have called can only offer a maximum of a 1.2A N/C Switch. How do I know what rating I need for my switch. This is where my electronics falls down :(


Answer 4 years ago

Perfect; If you wanted to drive this simply off a switch then you would need one that will handle the maximum current(Amps) that your LED strip will use. at 7.2A for the strips, there are "limit switches" out there that can handle it. but you will most likely have to go online to find them. You could throw a relay setup together in an afternoon with minimal experience. you shouldn't have a problem at all :)

use whatever 12v rated switch you like and have it trigger the coil of a relay. The switch will only need to handle about 100-150ma, the relay can handle a good 10A

Check out the schematic. because I assume you want the light to turn on when you open the door. Wire the Led strip through the Normally Open end of the Relay. It will turn on when the coil in energized.

as per the switch, when it is just sitting there you want it to turn the relay on. so wire the relay's Coil through the normally closed side of the switch. When the switch is activated, it will stop current to the relay's coil and you LEDs will turn off.