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what is it?????Im a beginer , i want to make video games HELP



Best Answer 7 years ago

Platform studios is the one that I first used. Offers a free version and makes you really feel like a developer. you can make pretty cool 2d side-scrolling games and lets you have a lot of control over the environment. Only for the computer
I have used the Lua programming language in Roblox, but you can only play Robloxian games ether online on Robloxes website or with Roblox downloaded on the device. This is the first I have used and it has a great wiki, support group, and many, many, many, many already made codes free for the taking. The 3d environment is dead easy to build, not easy to make it look nice, but very easy to build, like playing with legos. Only for the computer.

I have used Alice, which is incredible for animating, storytelling and good for simple games. I really like Alice because it gets you into Java and is all drag and drop, getting rid of a lot of the syntax errors so common in programming. also very easy to use and learn. Again only works on a computer.

By far for me the best has been Game Maker. The free version gives you the ability to make 2d games and gives you enough available code to do almost everything a beginner would want to do (except 3d games). This engine has a good forum, and some (note the "some") already created games. I really like this because it offers a drag and drop (for absolute newbies) plus a typing version (for the more experienced users) of its code. Sadly, once again, only works on a computer

Remember, for all of these you need to have a desire to learn and and the time to do so. Don't expect to be able to go straight into one of these and make your dream game in an hour. You sound like you really want to learn so this shouldn't be any problem.


8 years ago

Why don't you check out Blender? Blender is free and open source and has a game engine. You can make basic games without any programming at all.