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Bass Guitar shape suggestions Answered

Hello there
I am planing on making a bass guitar, it is going to be fret-less, most likely have 5-strings, and will probably have a partially hollow body for effect :).
but anyway, I am wondering if anyone has a good body shape for it. to keep the results to somewhat my liking, I want you to know that I play a lot of jazz and the like, not any heavy metal, so before you come here and tell me to make it look like a warlock, that will most defiantly not happen ( not to down anyone who likes that kind of thing, its just not me)

(note: The picture is not one of the ideas that I came up with, I found it on-line for an example photo. though, i do like it)


pie R []ed

7 years ago

the most important thing about the body shape of an electric guitar/bass is that it is comfortable for you. i would recommend going to a store like guitar center, and trying out differently shaped instruments until you find one that feels right.


8 years ago

you should take a look at these. http://denismalnar.blogspot.com/2011/02/top-10-bass-guitars.html


Answer 8 years ago

i actually have one that is like the second one on that site, thanks for the ideas as well.