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Battery Powered Water Heater Answered

I want to make a portable steam generator for my school project.

So I want to know if there's any battery powered water heater (that can be used to generate the steam)
The steam generator device will be used to help you unwrinkle your clothes without ironing them (in case of no electricity or laziness) so I need any battery powered water heater that is strong enough to generate a lot of steam.

Please help or give suggestions. Thank you


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3 years ago

So you asking if there is something off the shelf to heat water with battery power?
Or are you asking how many people you need to carry the batteries you might need?
You can get gas powered camping showers and coffee machines but I doubt you find an off the shelf steam generator.
For clothes you need lots of steam, a mains powered device for such a task is in the range of 1600 to 2500W.
Assuming you need similar amounts of steam means DIY and really big batteries....