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Best power saw for cutting wooden gears? Answered

Would I be better off trying to cut very small wooden gears with a scroll saw or jigsaw?

My goal is to be able to make wooden gears perhaps as small as half an inch in diameter.

Would I better off even skipping the power options and just do it by hand with a file?



3 years ago

Thickness. What's the thickness of the wood. That matters...

Nate Cougill

8 years ago

If you're doing something 1/2" in dia., you'd best be using some very hard hardwoods, like paduk, or the grain will split. Check out the precision saws from Proxxon, like the 37088 MICROMOT Scroll Reciprocating Saw. Otherwise, cut with a jeweler's saw by hand.


8 years ago

1/2" OD probably means teeth no more than 1/8", maybe 3/32". That's too small for just about any saw to do reliably. You're probably best off using a file or small diameter rasp by hand, or you could use a Dremel (rotary tool).


8 years ago

A scroll saw to be sure. I don't think you could cut wooden gears at all with a Jigsaw (sabre).

I just started this wooden clock and would not consider it without my scroll saw.

Even with the scroll saw I'm going to need a different sanding machine than I have.

You could cut them using a coping saw using arm power but you'll have to have way more patience than I have.

What are you trying to build?


8 years ago

Generally i would say a scroll saw, but 1/2 inch diameter is going to be difficult. You should be sure to use some form of hobby plywood so your grains go both ways.