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Big Mouth Billy Bass Mod? Answered

hey guys i just found an unused "Big Mouth Billy Bass" singing fish thing in my attic and i was just wondering if anyone has/knows how to mod it to possibly play a pre-recorded message, possibly off an mp3 player? i want to make like a security device out of it, utilizing its motion-sensitive singing i figured someone out there might know how to hack it to play something other than the horribly obnoxious music it comes programmed with.

thanks in advance!



8 years ago

The "voice" module will most likely be found under a blob of black tar like plastic material.....making it inaccessible. You COULD take the rest of it and attach it to a digital recording module of your own (warning, if you get the "module" that some Radio Shacks sell, you will need an AMP after the output in order to hear it, and it will not be very clear unless  you can avoid "recording overload". 

It'd be as easy or easier to get a digital recorder module from a gift card (if you don't need more then a few seconds) or one from DigiKey or the like, and build your own.


8 years ago

do you really need to include "unused" in the description? aren't all of those things unused these days? hehe

i think all of the "really fun" BMBB hacks (like the ones that make it say things other than what it's programmed to say) involve gutting the thing and rebuilding all of the electronics on your own. usually getting a microcontroller of some kind to drive the motors and play the sounds.

all of it's current electronics are hard coded into what they're supposed to do so hacking the stock bits usually involves pitch bending, speeding things up, slowing things down, or adding analog circuitry to modify the sounds that it's already making (i think i saw an autotune billy bass the other day somewhere...)