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Bridge rectifier max current Answered

I have 12V 1,8A transformer and few 1N4007 diodes that should rectify only 1A. But if i connect them in Bridge configuration will current pass through 2 diodes at each cycle and be Safe to use Up to 2A?



1 year ago

NO. In bridge rectifier there is no sharing of current between the two diodes. For a half cycle of AC mains, One diode conduct the positive terminal to the load and the other diode conduct from the negative terminal of the load. I.e the full current passes through both the diodes since they are in series. Since 1N4007 diode is rated to a max of 1A, it cant be used for your purpose. So to be safe up to 2A then move on to a diode with a higher current rating. you could use1N5400 diode family, which is rated for 3A.

Jack A Lopezadhith94

Answer 1 year ago

Is is peak current that you need to worry about? Or is it RMS current?

I mean, for any diode in a bridge rectifier, that is rectifying AC, the current in that diode is zero, almost exactly half of the time. As a consequence of this, the RMS current in each diode is only half the RMS current in the transformer winding.