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Brushless Motor from Photocopier, what to do with them? Answered


I salvaged these motors from one old Photocopier and i honestly dont know how to use them. Actually, my knowleadge about motors (and electronics in general) is really limited, my last achivement was building my own 3d printer from scrap materials and by doing that I learned a lot about arduino, NEMA stepper motors and associated drivers, all thanks to the awesome people who shares knoledge in this and other websites, but i am still struggling with electronics in general.

So now, my question is... what can i do with these motors? Is there a way to control them with Arduino?
Any kind of imput would be appreciated. I found the datasheets online but i really dont know what to do with a datasheet...

Thanks in advance and sorry if my english is a bit weird, it's not my native languaje!


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5 years ago

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