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Bug Report Answered

when i login to the instructable app (version:2.0.4) from my android phone of jelly bean version 4.2.1, It shows I haven't published any article, But i have already published 2 articles. And another problem is, in the side bar of the app, it shows both login and logout option. I have attached the screen shot, see it below.
It is showing 0 favourites, 0 following only in app.
But when I login in browser it shows correctly. I have around 30 favourites and I am following some authors. But in the app it is not showing correctly.



4 years ago

I find it much more useful at this stage to use a good browser and the desktop view for Instructables.
There is no consistency between PC( desktop view), mobile view and the apps.
Everything is different, in different places and works differently.
Would be good if the developers put more attention in providing a look and feel that is uniform over all platforms.


4 years ago

I see your projects on your profile.

Looking at them, it seems likely that the reason your projects aren't showing up properly is that they have probably been flagged for removal, because both of them use images that have been taken from other websites.

The site terms of service state that the images you use should be your own original images, or you should have permission from the owner of the images, and give credit to the owner.

If you replace the googled images with ones you take yourself (especially of the cookies) then email service@instructables.com and they can make your projects public again.

KitemanInvento Guy

Reply 4 years ago

I see it, but this isn't a bug, your projects got flagged.