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Build Night at the Banjarapalya Makerspace with Chibitronics Answered

Greetings from the Banjaraplaya Makerspace!

We are a small makerspace located in the outskirts of Bangalore (India), in the village of Banjarapalya - https://goo.gl/maps/qz0BX . The space serves as a building as well as an alternative learning space where the local villagers can come and develop various skills in a very self-customised manner. Our participants generally belong to the under-served sections of society and have very limited exposure to technology. We help them develop skills in technology and to get into the habit of making while finding great projects online and using the low-cost equipment available at the space.

The build night was a great experience. Almost everyone at the center got involved with the stickers and made greeting cards, wall designs etc. Also, this has helped us to get into the habit of writing more instructables. I feel build nights create great interest very quickly and also give a breather from the regular project work. 

We are looking forward to hosting more build nights at our space.

Happy Building,
Co-founder and Makerspace Developer, E4D