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Build a device to remotely manipulate news in other people's browsers. Answered

Hi all.

We have written a HOWTO for building a small innocuous wall-plug that gives you the ability to remotely manipulate news read by other people on wireless hotspots. Devices affected include laptops, tablet computers (iPads etc) and smartphones. It can be built for under 50 euro.

How to Build a Newstweek Device.

The device consists of small Atheros based router and wall plug enclosure. We have made OpenWrt based firmware that can be easily flashed onto the router's 4Mb memory. Once plugged into the wall it can be configured using the browser and then remotely controlled using a browser interface. Tweekers can easily add text from a news site they wish to change and provide their substitution. It then sits on the server waiting for retrieval by the Newstweek device.

When the device has retrieved the filter it then modifies the LAN, ensuring all wireless packets pass through itself before going to their destination. This is done using a well known 'attack' that rewrites the ARP table on both router and clients. If text in a payload matches the filter, it is changed before being passed onto the client.

Sites currently affected include:

Le Monde
Lenta Ru
Le Figaro
Der Spiegel
Il Tempo
El Mundo
The Guardian

(with many more to come)

Here's a video about the project in general:


Here is a detailed demonstration of a Newstweek in action. It is intended for the networking enthusiast.

The Newstweek project page is here. I has links to articles, interviews and other information hidden throughout the



The Newstweek Team.