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Camoflauged Cage Answered

Hey, I'm guessing this isn't a problem something that is only troublesome to me. You see, I am not allowed any pets, but you know, I am planning on adopting a couple of rats. (yea rats!) I need to make a cage which is hidden/camoflauged. It will already slightly be hidden and I'm sure I can arrange furniture in a way to conceal further. The cage needs to have air flow freely, made of plastic or coated metal, have a way to easily clean it, and it has to be escape proof! (no wire floors though, how ghastly) The rats I will aquire will be babies, about 4 weeks old. If they are males they'll get to be about 2 pounds and about three feet (including that wonderful tail xD) In a year. I live in an efficiency apartment, so I can't hide them in a closet (and if you ever seen a rat reaching out to grab the rapidly diaspearing light you wouldn't want to anyway) My best bet is "walling" off my room (which has the only bathroom) with a curtain, rearranging the furniture, and of course have a clever disguise! My first attempt (I was merely fostering these guys, their owner got evicted) was a storage drawer bin, I sawed off the back of the first drawer (and was planning on expanding throughout the set) and stapled in chicken wire to help with airflow. The fact that it was a mostly plastic drawer made it easy to remove and hose down quickly. I also sawed a little hole to hold up their water bottle which is an absolute MUST. They will knock over water bowls, sit in it, and most crazy of all, stuff bedding in it to absorb it. The main problem with this set up is that of course, you can see through it and see the little guys running amuk. I placed a blanket halfway covering the front and covering the sides, but Jackie decided that he was bored and pulled it all in, thusly exposing him and getting him caught `_` It lasted 2 months and I got them into a new home anyway. So! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has to hide a pet/pets dwelling! Does anyone have ideas??


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Hm well, normally cabinets are made of wood, and I don't wish to coat it heavily with anything because I am sure that is not good for their health.
Howeever If I got something like a plastic stand hmn..Well right now I just have a tiny t.v on my desk its on top of a paper organizer, but I'm planing on a new t.v (although I was hoping to mount it) But I plan to refurnish and arrange anyway.
Thanks for your help =)


12 years ago

How do you prop up your TV? If you have something more normal than cinderblocks, a milk crate, or jackstands, all of which are my personal acomplishments, put the little fellas in that cabinet. Remove the thin backplate they put on most TV-type cabinets and replace with a mesh. Then fix the drawers so it's one continuous space, and outfit to suit your rats. At least that's what I would do.