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Can I add aux input into my portable bluetooth speaker? if possible how. Answered

my name is anirban and I am from India i purchased a bluetooth speaker(got it in a very cheap price ) but it doesnt have any aux input but when i press its different mode it says aux inputmode on .Can u help me add a aux input feature in my bluetooth speaker so that  i can also play it with my pc or anything else and i also want to create an easy function by which i can switch off using its own battery and play it by direct connecting it to adapter(basicmobilephoneadapter) so that my battery stays ok for long time. I have added the image of the circuit also.


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4 years ago

You need to find the input to the audio amplifier.

i can't tell from the photograph where that may be but the speaker is connected to the audio chip so you can see the number and look up the data sheet to find the input pin.

As for running from a 5 volt adaptor just keep the charger plugged in.