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Can I charge an Electric Scooter with a portable battery? Answered

Okay so the first question is, could I charge an Electric Scooter while it's in use. The Scooter in question is a Bullet XCT 85, which from what I can tell is a Xiaomi M365/Pro Knock off.

While I have it plugged in and charging to the wall, I can still turn it on and use the throttle, whether it's still charging (as the wall charger would indicate) or the scooter has safe guards to stop the charging from happening while it's powered on, I got no clue.

Second part of the question is, the scooter supposedly (I haven't and don't want open it up to check) has a 36V 7.8Ah Battery. So with that info would I thearetically be able to put together a battery of also 36V and different Amps to either 1. Charge the scooter on the go or 2. Have a battery back up, for when I haven't got access to a wall charging option.

As for the extra battery, the current idea for cost vs. capacity is get 3x 12V 9.8Ah Li-ion Batteries in series to make a single 36V battery, with the right plug on the end to plug into the scooter. And possibly some sort of battery meter to be able to read the battery level.

Side Note - I don't have any electrical knowledege, besides the basics. But I'm a quick learner.


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