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Can I create a quadrocopter RC transmitter using an Arduino? Answered

I recently started playing with a quadrocopter. I love it, but I am not a fan of the traditional RC transmitters. I believe that they were designed for older RC airplanes and I think the design could be improved upon. I have also recently started experimenting with Arduino. I bought a USB shield and downloaded a fancy library and I can now control my more simple robotics projects using my wireless Xbox controller. 

What I really want to do is send radio signals from my Arduino to my quad without altering the quad in any way. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to cannibalize my current transmitter, but I wonder if there is another way. I'm new at electronics but I'd really like get things going.

Maybe a few more detailed questions would be helpful.
1. Can a custom built RC transmitter be paired with any RC receiver?
2. What sort of Arduino parts would I want to look for to accomplish RC transmission? I've seen a couple of 2-6 channel transmitters, but would like more resources to understand how they interact with receivers.

Any other information/links would be greatly appreciated.  


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4 years ago

Hard to tell as we don't know how skilled you are.

i tend to lean towards No because you asked the question, if you had the skills you would know the answer.

There are also issues with the law and operating a free flying machine.

What exactly do you think the micro computer will that is better than what you have?

As with anything flying


has many answers