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Can I use a dpdt center off? Answered

I recently tried out this project https://www.instructables.com/id/Fuzz-Pedal/#step1

Now I dont have any idea how to read a schematic, but looking at the various photos, and a diagram that someone posted, I did a pretty good job of putting it together. I didn't realize that I had bought a dpdt center off switch until the the store I bought it from closed. 

So, I wired the center off switch just like the regular dpdt switch is wired in this diagram.

Im guessing that I need to wire it differently, because Im getting unexpected results. Any advice would be golden, thanks a lot.


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7 years ago

The center pins are the main pis. When the switch is out the center pins are connected to the front pins. When the switch is pushed in the center pins are connected to the back pins. Also the right side is independent from the left.