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Can I wire two speakers (big) directly into my computer audio out port? Answered

I have an old amp which i no longer want. I wondered if I could wire my two old speakers from this into my computer directly, without an amp!!



10 years ago

A line out or headphone out expects usually a ohmic resistance of 60 or more and delivers low voltage/current, that is called pre-amplifier level.

A speaker usually has a 4 to 8 ohm resistance, wich could look to your soundcard like a short circuit, forcing it to deliver higher current and eventually destroying it. A speaker needs power amplifier level.

At the same time, since the current/voltage is so low, your speaker would be extreme quiet. There are speakers that have a very high efficiency, but they don't come cheap and would still need a bit more than a line out/phone out can deliver. Here is a forum for high efficiency speakers:


I had a terratec soundcard years ago that could be jumpered to a higher output, it was useable, but todays computers only have line out/phone out.

What you can do is this: get yourself some cheap computer speakers with builtin power amplifier, the cheap ones go for 10 euros or less here. Open them, cut the cables to the builtin speakers wich are usually crap, and solder your own speakers on it. If you have a pair that has a 12 volt power supply you could hack it into your computer and use your computers power supply.


10 years ago

You could, but the audio card won't have enough power to drive them, and you may break it trying. The stereo should have an aux-in / cd-in or similar which you can connect to your computer's line-out. You can take the stereo apart and repackage the insides into something smaller. Would make a good Instructable. L