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can i use a 110v inverter connected to a 2000w travel converter to get 220v and power a 220v fridge Answered

I might need to do this when there is an electric outage, can we connect an SLA to inverter (110v) to a converter people use when they travel to 220 v countries?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

I'm not following the question. When folks from the US travel to 220V countries, they use a converter that drops the 220V to 110V. (And sometimes also converts 50Hz to 60Hz). So, no, that kind of travel converter won't help you.

The opposite kind -- one for folks from 220V countries visiting the US -- might. But that's usually just a transformer, and  unless it's a true sine-wave inverter (very uncommon unless you're willing to pay considerably more!), there will probably be a lot of wasted energy and the transformer may be at risk of overheating. There's also the question of whether the inverter can supply the necessary wattage for the fridge, and whether whatever power source you're using to feed the inverter can provide the necessary input power long enough to be useful.

I'd toss the inverter or the fridge and get a combination made to work with each other. Or toss both and get a 12V fridge.


10 years ago

Both the inverter and the transformer will have to be rated for the power requirements of the fridge.  That information should be on the fridge somewhere or in the manual.

But yeah, I guess that could work.

12V SLA -> inverter -> 110VAC -> transformer -> 220VAC