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Can anyone come up with a methane digester and a way to run a house on the gas? Answered

I saw a program on TV about the use of methane gas in rural Chinese homes. They had a digester under the floor of the pig pen which was attached to the house ? The pen was cleaned each day and the waste was washed down a drain which was the waste holder for the digester. The whole house was heated by methane gas and all the lighting and cooking as well. It sure looked like a good idea for someone off-grid . The way fuel prices are going, it my be a pretty good idea for people who are held hostage by the fuel providers. I am of the opinion that there are a lot of very smart people on this site, so if anyone can think of a way to do this, let's hear from you.



Best Answer 10 years ago

I'm not real sure, but here's my best guess:

In the landfills, they sometimes use pumps to take the liquid whatever on the bottom (lets not think about what that is) and bring it to the top. This precipitates down back to the bottom, and increases the speed of the digestion process. the byproduct of this digestion is methane, and is piped out of the top of the landfill.

to design one, you will need a closed system, preferably underground. the way to add trash is to make a door to the top, similar to a septic tank. if you really want to go green, make wind-powered pumps. Make sure it is large enough to handle the volume of trash you are producing.

I don't know whether or not this is going to be enough gas to do anything with. however, as a bonus, here is another Idea!

gather 2 transparent plastic jars, a bowl, 2 10-gauge wires, a gas pipe, and a power source (car battery, windmill generator, etc.) place the jars in the bowl. place the wires under the jars, one wire under each. Drill a hole in one of the jars, and securely fasten the gas pipe to it. WARNING: Make sure you have a tight seal! otherwise, you are going to have a dangerous gas leak. finally, pour water into the bowl and connect the wires to the battery. you want the jar with the gas pipe to have double the amount of gas, because this is hydrogen. the other is oxygen. switch the jars if you are getting oxygen.

repeat these steps until you have the proper volume of gas.

hope this helps! Best of luck!

hopalong fishwife

9 years ago

The information you want on how to do small (household scale ) methane biogas is out there. China has lots, but so does India, and all of that information is in English. Google terms like "food waste biogas"and "making biogas". There's also an old book out there called "The Humanure Handbook" which is just what it sounds like, a way of using the process of cleaning up your own sewage (and yard waste and/or livestock manure) to provide all the energy you need. There is no shortage of clean energy. We make it inside our own bodies. Be careful to follow any laws in your local area around the handling of manure or sewage, or production and storage of flammable gases. Many modern biogas systems burn the gas as it is produced and store the energy to reduce risks to public safety.


10 years ago

Check out how the Chinese do it for cooking and heating.