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Can somebody design a 5V 1A to 9V 600mA dc to dc boost converter? Answered




3 years ago

How long ? and how often ?

Do you expect to use the 9V 600ma ??

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

None can do it.

You are asking for over 100% form a device that can at best deliver 90%.

5 volts 1 amp is 5 watts, 9 volts 600 mA is 5.4 watts you cannot get more out of a device then you put into it.


3 years ago

Just find a boost converter chip that suits your needs. There are a LOT of them on the market, at places like Mouser, Digikey, Jameco, etc. You can easily get < $5 pre made boards using the Texas Instruments "Simple Switcher" line of products, those are pretty nice and (as far as switchmode stuff is concerned) easy to make.

Once you find the perfect chip for your needs, you can look at the datasheet or application note to find some schematics to help you wire it up. Avoid wiring up switchmode converters on breadboards if you can, the parasitic capacitance between the slots may cause issues.


Answer 3 years ago

Also, as a BS check, you should always make sure that the power output is less than the power input. Switchmode converters in general can get as efficiencies high as 90%, but that's only under ideal conditions with the right type of load, with the ideal input voltage, low temps, good quality passives, etc.

In this case, with 5V 1A, that is 5W of power, and you are requesting 9V 0.6A, which is 5.4W of power. That is not possible, and assuming that the regulator you pick is 80% efficient under your conditions, you will overload the power supply when drawing 444mA or more from the boost converter.