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Can someone give me a little more detailed instructions for making a simple firefly jar? Answered

I want to make this:  https://www.instructables.com/id/simplified-firefly-jar/?ALLSTEPS

but the instructions are quite vague for someone with little experience so could someone please help me make this great gift for my special lady friend?

I'm new to soldering and electronics so I need a little better instructions for this project.  I have all the parts and supplies but can't figure out out to implement in the transistor and capacitor. 


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Best Answer 11 years ago

It's a simple diagram but I can see where it would be confusing if you're just starting out.


1.  The open arrows at the bottom of the page are connected together and then connect to the neg. pole of the battery.

2.  The capacitor is an electrolytic cap. and must be connected right.  THe neg. terminal of the cap. should be connected to the neg term. of the battery.

3.  The transistor has three wires.  You can find out which is which from the back of the package it came in.  The emitter in the symbol is the arrow pointing away from the bar.  The collector is the other connection. And the base is the one not connected.

4.  On the led, the anode is the longer wire if you haven't cut them.  The anode on the symbol is the arrow. And the cathode, shorter wire, is the bar.

This should explain most of it.  Ask again if it doesn't.