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Can you push the neck of a ballon into its self, thus plugging the balloon and preventing any air to come out? Answered

What is(if there is any) the method to do this? I've always wondered this and want an answer. (i don't even know if it WOULD plug the balloon when it was pushed inside.)



Best Answer 10 years ago

It can be done with some balloons, not all. The neck needs to be pretty long. Roll it up from the end, tightly, "zig zagging" it in such a way that the lump of rubber you've created is wider than the neck. Don't roll it *quite* up to the balloon. Then just work it inside the balloon. Since the rolled-up neck is wider than the hole it went into, it won't come out. Or at least not too easily.

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10 years ago

It did not work for me, but you can with some balloons.


Answer 10 years ago

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10 years ago

It wouldn't plug the balloon.