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Can you use hydroelectric power for a water filter? Answered

 I'm surprised this hasn't come up before..

Hydroelectric power is great! could you use it to filter water into a jug on the bank?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Sure. Build a water wheel, use it to power a pump to lift water into the filter.


Answer 8 years ago

so you don't see any reason why this wouldn't work or hasn't been done before?


Answer 8 years ago

In fact, I'm sure it _has_ been done before.

But note that you can't create perpetual motion this way; there's a lot of energy lost in the process. It works because you're using a larger amount of water to move a smaller amount.


8 years ago

  • You could power a centrifuge to filter water container- no physical filter needed, but huge hydro-mechanical power needed...
  • You can use upstream water-weight to create pressure and push water through physical filter mediums- need lot of water weight...

Actually, think abut how spring water is filtered
  1. Water seeps down through MUCH, MUCH porous material (stone, sand, ...)
  2. possibly chemically interacts with trace minerals
  3. exits, "cleaner" than original.
Gravity fundamentally powers this process, but gravity fundamentally powers "hydro-electric" power.