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Can't open (unscrew) my maglite flashlight. Answered

So far, i've used wd40, soaked in Coke, boiled in water and submerged in ice water. No Movement.



9 years ago

First, don't use coke. it will create a sticky mess which will prevent the lube from getting to the threads.  Next if you can, lightly tap it with a hammer.  If that doesn't loosen it, hit it a little harder.  These maglites are shockproof!  Now try getting a pair of pliers and turning it.  If that doesn't work, put it ino a vice and turn.  Make sure you are turning it the right way or it will make it worse.  :)


Reply 5 months ago

The hammer tap worked!!!! Except I didn’t exactly tap it lightly


10 years ago

What are you applying twist with ?


2 years ago

If you know a machinist, bribe him to have a go at it. Also, you could try a strapwrench on the barrel and pipe wrench on the cap. And a friend ro help.

Last resort may be to start by removing the head and switch assemblies, then the batteries. Then some vinegar for cleaning, and finally some PB Blaster.


7 years ago

Your batteries are corroded and melted the threads. It's most likely a silver Maglite right? I have had this problem before and again on another silver light. So I won't be buying any more silver maglites. They tend to have less protection then the other colors. I use the same brand and date of batteries so that's not the reason. I even store all of them in safe places.


10 years ago

When aluminum seizes or cross-threads it can be a nightmare to unscrew. Best bet is to use a penetrating lubricant, and LOTS of force. Heat up the outer portion, and chill the inner portion (At the same time if possible. Trouble with mag-lites are the weatherproofing o-ring...it prevents lube getting in on the threads where you need it. To help loosen, perhaps try tightening the cap a very slight amount before loosening.