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Cargo Shipping Container (steel) 8' x 8' x 20' I would like to convert to living quarters. Any info on the conversion? Answered

For the conversion I would need information on installing an entry door, windows, insulation, electricity, heating, wall board, plumbing ~~ sink, toilet, shower ect.
 Any information would be helpfull. Thank you. 


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9 years ago

I spent about a month living in a converted container on a construction site in Angola. I didnt convert it myself but it seems pretty straight forward. The standard container doors were welded shut and new door and window holes cut (1 window in the living area and 1 window in the bathroom area). Assorted holes are cut for water, power and air conditioning. The interior is covered with particle board with the exception of the bathroom area. Toilet, shower and sink are installed with water lines cut straight across on the inside of the inner lining rather than being hidden away. Sandwich panel wall and electronics such as lighting, plugs and aircon. Finishing touches with a lick of paint and basic furniture.
Several of these container rooms were bunched under a larger roof structure to protect from the brunt of the sun's heat.

Try looking up portacabins for ideas.