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Charge 2x AA batteries via USB - Voltage Question? Answered

Hi there, 

I guess I didn't pay much attention, especially in some classes when I should have too :)

I am DIY-ing a little project, and I need to charge two AA batteries (2450 mAh) via a PCB that get's charged via USB (5V), 
here are the specs of the PCB: 

Input voltage DC5V
Input Current 2A
Transmit power 5W
Charging voltage 5V
Charge Current 500-1000MmA

My dilemma is - can I charge (both batteries together) safely with this voltage and current? I looked of course at some "usb aa chargers",but the problem is that i have no space for an extra pcb in the battery department.

Thanks a lot if anyone answers,



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Best Answer 6 years ago

If it's made to charge only a single cell at a time, the answer is pretty simple. No.

If, on the other hand, it's made to charge a pair, then yes.

If the former (single cell) you could try, but you may end up with a dead charging PCB and a pair of dead batteries


Answer 6 years ago

thanks a lot!