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Charging a 8kj capacitor bank Answered

Hello I have a 8 kj capacitor bank and am looking to charge it with dc power I was wondering if I could use a power supply such as this: http://my.rs-online.com/web/p/embedded-switch-mode-power-supplies-smps/8399698/
Any feedback will be helpful Thank You-TDC


360V is quite specific and not very common for commercial power supplies.

The best option I could think of would be a home made power supply of the simple kind.

Rectify the mains power, chop it and transform it up.

Of course a simple hand made transformer can do the same with less parts and efford.

I assume US 120V mains.

A transformer with a ration of 1:3 should give you enough output to rectify to 360V, exact values depend on the type of core and transformer design, so you might have to start with some secondary winding and adjust the number of turns after testing with a rectifier.

I have done similar convertions with old microwave transformers.

They can be quite easily opened with an angle grinder over the welds and used in reverse if necessary.

I knew they have a standard output of around 1.8-2kV, so I marked the 1/3 area on the plastic and removed the primary windings till this point.

Checked the output with a multimeter and removed some more until I got to the 500V I needed for my project.

LOL, just a rectifier ;)
Or do you mean you need to push up a low voltage DC to 360V?

For that you need to build a little inverter.
The circuits from disposable flash cameras give you the output you need, maybe not the amps from a single circuit but you can use them in parallel if you add diodes on the output so they can't feed the HV back to each other.

It will charge the caps, but can't really tell you how long it will take to fully charge them as it depends on the current draw when charging.

Similar for the discharge, in a short circuit situation you are looking at quite serious power levels.

Can't access the datasheet for the cap but if it is rated for such applications you have some dangerous toys once charged.

You can calculate the amps on discharge, but for this you need to know the exact charge and time it takes to discharge, in shot circuit you are looking at a few kAmps...

what would you recommend I use to up the voltage from this power supply 17x? I think it will be able to supply the energy I need.