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Cleaning House....by house I mean machine shop Answered

Ok...finally compiled a list of everything that's going so I don't have to make multiple posts... this is it:

Water Heater 10 gal. Electric 22x24" $100
CRT Monitors Qty. 4 Free
Toledo Scale Vintage Counting Scale $100
Electrical Boxes Various sizes, shapes $10ea
Dayton Right Angle Motors (Davit motors) qty2 (L&R) 1/35hp from a boat model 5K5355 RPM 1725 $300 for both or $200ea
Extrusion Various sizes, shapes, qty. $1/lb
Cable winch from boat trailer $20
Time Clocks Mechanical, broken $20 for both
Brewmatic Junior Industrial Coffee Pot $60
Baseboard Heater $15
Matsuura tool holders *NEW* (qty2) setting/changing fixtures fits BT40 $470 for both or $275ea
2 Spring Testers 1 torsion $Price unknown at this time
1BridgePort DRO +Scales Scales OK, DRO broken $100
Mitutoyo Touch Signal Probe 192-001 $115
Micrometers Mitutoyo 8-9" part# 103-223 $125 & 10-11" part# 103-225 $135 or $200 for both
Garnet Hopper Jet Edge new this runs $8700! $800
Spring Wire Various sizes, stainless (17-7, 302) and music wire $1/lb - large coils (pm/email for list)
Drill Sharpener Darex M4 w/ accessories $500
Drill Sharpener SRD 80-M $400
Garmin GPS Old, still works! $10
Briggs & Stratton Motor NEW. 18hp cast iron, twin cyl. 964cc $999
Metal Desk 60" wide, seafoam green metal $60
Hose Clamps 5.25" in diameter $.25/ea
Coffing Hoist 1/2 Ton 3 phase hoist. Works, but is dirty. Has controls $450
Pepsi Machines 2 older can machines. They work & we have keys $100
Lip Cutter/Grinder Alexander 2CG (for engraving tools)w/accessories $600
Capacitance Meter Emco Capacitance Meter, old, good condition. $20

All prices are obo. It can be shipped UPS (sometimes USPS). I have pictures for most of the things on the list.

Email garagesale@pittraffic.com if you are interested. I don't check PMs very often, but PMs ok too!




10 years ago

is the Garnet Hopper Jet Edge a full waterjet table? if so...i must find $2k


Reply 10 years ago

No it's a jet edge "fluidized abrasive delivery system." It holds the garnet and feeds it to the waterjet. I can forward you the sales e-mail I have if anyone wants to look at the "brochure." It's got a new price too :$800