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Contests and Getting Featured.... Answered

I don't know what to think of this, but there has to be a better way....

My instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-Laser-Etched-Wedding-Invitations-With-Victo/#) was featured. That's great! I got over 1,700 views!  Unfortunately, I hadn't been "approved" for the 3 contests that I entered it in, so of all those potential votes, I got none. Naturally, my 'ible is no longer on the home page.

There has got to be a better way.  Perhaps allowing people to vote, but caching the votes until the Instructable is approved?  What are your thoughts?


It's entered now, sorry for the delay!

We have to go through and evaluate each contest entry individually to make sure it qualifies for the rules of the contest and you can probably imagine how many entries we get so it can take a little bit of time. We also don't moderate contests on weekends (we need a weekend too! haha) so if you enter something later in the day on a Friday, for example, we probably won't approve it until Monday morning.

I'm sorry we didn't see your contest entry in time to approve it while it was featured, but your project is really good and it's in the top 5 most popular projects entered in the contest right now, and in the top 6 most viewed projects in the contest! I think you will still do well!

I appreciate the response and I completely understand where you're coming from (in fact, I was thinking about all the entries you must receive while I was writing that).

I was posting this here not so much to complain, but to suggest a better way for contest applicants to take advantage of being featured.

Caching the votes or possibly delaying featuring something until it's approved (which would probably be a giant headache for you folks) would allow people to take full advantage of exposure, while at the same time allowing you plenty of time to vet contest entries.

Just a thought. (Also, I was approved for all three contests that I entered it in; which one were you moderating? I really appreciate the quick response.)


5 years ago

You're right: our present moderated contest/user-voting structure systematically punishes late-week publishers. If an enthusiastic editor features the project without also letting it into contests, it may clear the homepage without racking up votes. That is an incredibly annoying experience, and I'm glad you brought it up. Two things:

First, the bad news. We're probably not going to add the "vote" feature to every new project to cache votes. That's a HUGE feature (every new project gets the vote button, database space allocated to all those cached votes, change votes to a contest-agnostic system) that solves a problem that relatively few authors experience. "Relatively few" probably comes out to a few thousand people over several years, which makes it an unlikely candidate for an engineered solution.

Second, the good news. The contest team understands this particular limitation of the voting system. That's why community votes only count for half of the finalists; the rest are hand-picked by HQ staff with an eye towards finding projects that might have been overlooked by voters or viewers. We pay EXTRA close attention to featured projects in this process, but we're also looking for totally overlooked projects as well.


Reply 5 years ago

I'm glad to hear that these things are at least taken into account at some stage.

I really appreciate the thoughtful and detailed reply.